Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sabah Have a New TYT on 2011

picture from http://ms.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ahmadshah_Abdullah

Yang Di-Pertua Negeri Sabah, Tuan Yang Terutama Tun Datuk Seri Panglima Ahmadshah Abdullah will no longer be Yand Di-Pertua Negeri Sabah next year.

The tenure of incumbent Tun Ahmadshah Abdullah will end on this Dec 31 2010.

Who Will Replace Him?

Sabah state is pretty strict on who will replace the 64 year-old Ahmadshah who took over the TYT title from Tun Sakaran Dandai in 2002. That's right, he has been the TYT for 8 years now. =)

Whoever it is, I'm sure Sabah will announce the future Sabah Yand Di-Pertua Negeri soon because 31 December is coming super fast! xD

Source from The Star Online.

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