Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Rihanna's Sexy. So What?
rihanna sexy with red long hair
Rihanna's been getting so many criticisms about herself. Bad ones, about her outfit, about her being sexy, places she'd been to...and here's what she has to say to them.

The pop beauty, who's famous for her flesh-flashing stage outfits and revealing fashion choices — is proud of her body and insists girls who attack her online are “hypocrites”.

People think I’m overly sexy,” she said. “It bothers them for some reason. Girls don’t like to see other girls dressed sexy . It’s a little intimidating, I don’t mean that in a cocky way.

I know this happens here in Malaysia too, what more Kuala Lumpur. I've read about a girl who blogged about her wearing revealing outfit and got stared by 3 other KL women, stared from top to toe of her. Gosh.

More Rantings..
“There’s always going to be somebody not liking what you do. People have a lot of crazy opinions on things. Things I say, things I wear, places I go. It’s just stupid. It’s bulls**t. I’m a 22-year-old human being. It’s fine for me to go to a club."

“People are hypocrites. They can’t wait to say something horrible. Most of them are unhappy with themselves. It’s women who are mad at other women. They should take a look at their own lives. A lot of people don’t have the guts to confront themselves. They don’t have the b***s.”"

I agree. It must've been women....or 'half men' who gave her bad remarks. xD

She Wouldn't Change
Rihanna is determined not to change her behavior or style just to please anyone else. I so agree with her.

Public figures can become annoying,” she said. “They see me a lot and every time they see me my a** is out or my boobs are out, so it can get a little irritating. I get that. But I have to do what makes me happy, what I feel like doing.”

I think her outfits are all super nice! I mean, suits my taste. Even those in her videos. 100% Glamvia approved!

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