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Review: Claypot Yee Mee Fish at Suria Sabah
I tried a Claypot Yee Mee from Clay Pot Delight in Suria Sabah. The shop is actually the same kind from the one in City Mall's food court! =) The right one in the picture is the daughter of the tauke, talking to her employee. Pretty shocked/amused to hear me saying I wanted to take a picture of her stall for my blog. xD Like I'm a fan or something, but yes- I AM a fan of their pan mien and yee mee!

review claypot yee mee fish at from claypot delight at suria sabah kota kinabalu

Clay Pot Delight is on the left side of the Food Court, from the entrance.

Del Says...

The Claypot Yee Mee was served with a hot-to-the-touch claypot on a basket with a coaster in between. I like my mee on the top of the soup surface to be super crunchy but it wasn't. Didn't hear any cracks as I was moving my jaws up and down. I ever told them to separate the mee with the soup at City Mall, but still, the mee was limp, crunchy-free.

review claypot yee mee fish at from claypot delight at suria sabah kota kinabalu

What's Inside?

The soup has the lightest salt ever and it incorporates the flavor part from all the ingredients in it such as mushrooms of two types- shitake my favourite is one of them, chopped cabbages in thin slices, leaves of something like daun kari (tastes sweet!), a bull's eye egg and anchovies to top it off.


The soup has a healthy taste to it- not salty at all, I didn't taste the saltiness due to all of the rich veggies and my fish slices. Just nice for my tongue- and mom's. xD

review claypot yee mee fish at from claypot delight at suria sabah kota kinabalu

I ordered fish and it was plentiful in it. Like, 4-5 slices of thumb-sized fish fillets were in it. I actually finished my mee faster than the fishes! xD

Fish, Chicken, Seafood?
You can have it in any of the choices you can think of. I actually didn't see any Claypot Yee Mee Fish on the menu, they only put out chicken or seafood but they were okay to change their ways. =) So I think they have prawns too. =)


RM6.80. A bit more pricey than the one in City Mall.


7/10. I suggest you have a cold drink next to you when you eat this- or any claypot-based food for that matter. It burns your tongue! xD You'll never escape it for hunger will seduce you everytime- just like me! xD

Who'll Love This?

Those who love a healthy, fulfilling meal (I suggest switching to mee hoon to reduce oil in the soup), has a fever or just love claypots! Children-friendly too, except that they're super hot at first.

Shine on,


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