Friday, December 10, 2010

PCRM 7 December 2010 Newsletter: Body Fat Increases Risk of Death
PCRM stands for Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine and I'm subscribed to their mailing list! =) Yay for me reading healthy news updates!

Overweight adults are more likely to die at any given point in time, compared with their normal-weight friends, according to a new study that looked at 1.46 million white adults in the National Cancer Institute Cohort Consortium studies.

I agree on fat will give you health problems. May not be now since you're young-ER but later on when you're 40 or so. I rarely eat veggies...I'm such a carnivorous Lioness. >.< Heheyyy why did I use Lioness instead of Tigress? Because I don't want to be the Lion's nanny! xD I'm the Queen of Jungle! Okay back to the story.

Overweight women were 13% more likely to die over a 10-year follow-up, while obese women had a 44%R to 151% increased risk of dying, compared with those of normal weight. Men had similar increased risks.

Hoooolllyyyy cow! I am so going to start using those dumbells.

Prior studies have shown nonvegetarians have higher BMIs than those who consume plant-based diets, putting them at greater risk.

Guess I need to start having carrot-broccoli-celery-tomato type of juice every morning now huh? >.< Being a human's tough man. xD

I'm not fat, I'm just fluffy! xD rrRRawwR!

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