Friday, December 24, 2010

Paris Hilton Adopts a New Dog!
I feared she'll get the same type of dog- Chihuahua. And yes, turned out she did get the same type of breed!


Paris went back to Los Angeles, New York last Friday to serve some 200 hours community service as ordered by the court for her conviction of possessing cocaine. She asked to serve her time at The Animal Foundation and got herself a new pooch! His name was Skeet, a 3 year-old chihuahua and got his name turned to Sid Vicious by Paris after adoption. xD

paris hilton adopt new dog sid vicious

Different Paris

Paris was different type of person at the animal center. She asked for no special treatments or favors. She cleaned up after the dogs and carried their pooper-scooper droppings- on her knees! She ditched her stilettos for sneakers and the director of The Animal Foundation is certainly pleased with her presence at the centre.

“We were thrilled. We are so excited that Paris decided to perform some of her 200 hours of community service with our shelter,” said Andy Bischel, director of development at The Animal Foundation. “She loves animals, and after she toured our facility and learned about some of the shocking animal statistics, she was inspired and motivated to help make a difference. She had tears in her eyes”

“With such stars as Paris and Holly Madison backing our mission and supporting our programs, we have an amazing opportunity to save unwanted animals and reduce their numbers.”

It looks like Paris is turning over a new leaf, hopefully. I think we here, in Sabah, should do the same for animals. Why buy pets when you can easily adopt one and reduce one less number of sick and needy pets?

Source from Pink is The New Blog

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