Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Marion Caunter Weds Nasarudin at Mandarin Oriental Hotel
Marion Caunter has finally wed! The host of E! News Asia (Astro Channel 712) has finally tied the knot with boyfriend SM Nasarudin SM Nasimuddin! She was told to look “angelic” in an all-white traditional Malay baju kurung during the ceremony dubbed to be the "Wedding of The Year".

The wedding (akad nikah) was held at Bukit Tunku residence of Nasa rudin, Naza’s joint group executive chairman last Thursday.

marion caunter wedding of the year 2010 nasarudin nasimuddin at mandarin otiental hotel kuala lumpur malaysia

Who Attended?
The event was a closed one with family members, relatives and a few celebrities.

Wedding Reception

There were two receptions. A private wedding reception at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel on Friday and another on Saturday night, the same day as my convo! xD

She wore a custom-made wedding gown by Vera Wang, of course.

Who Was There?
Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, celebrities like Elaine Daly, Deborah Henry, Tom Abang Saufi and Khoon Hooi. Local artists Ning Baizura and Sean Ghazi performed with the Russell Curtis band. Wow wow wow!


Probably a honeymoon, but it was said that the newlyweds will continue their wedding celebration at the island of Maldives. E!News Asia will air exclusive footage of it from 26 December 2010 to 2 January 2011.

Marion's a muslim or a christian? I think it's converts or...? If she did, what's her muslim name? I want to know~

Anyhow, congratulations to Mr and Mrs Nasarudin!

Source from The Star

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  1. Her Islam name is Marion Rose Caunter Abdullah. ^^

  2. Hi there! Seriously?? I mean, some people keep their christian name or get a whole new muslim name..

  3. Hi! It's actually up to an individual. You can get another muslim's name and keep your surname with and added of Bin/Binti Abdullah at the back. Yeah, converting to Islam is like a new spiritual journey to an individual, you might want to get a good muslim name with good meanings. Like hers, she keeps her full name with added Abdullah at the back. So it's up to individuals to interpret the meaning of his/her conversion itself. Hopefully, this enlightens your thoughts.
    Have a great day! Happy new Year!

    p/s: "Abdullah" is a 'parent' name you must put when you convert to Islam.

  4. Hey anonymous! xD i see...thanks for explaining! Appreciate it.


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