Love Award Tag from Beaty

Thursday, December 16, 2010

chain love award tag for blog

I got chain love award from blogger friend Beaty. Thanks Beaty! Whoever wants to do this, please do. It seems they encourage people to have it.

I think I'll answer these in Malay, since the questions are so. xD Wah my first Malay sentences in my blog.

1. Siapa orang yang korang paling sayang?
Famili da..walaupun aku nda slalu cakap tu sama diorang. xD Fikir punya fikir, famili la paling utama.

3.Berikan satu kata-kata sayang yang terbaik yang korang nak lafazkan kepada orang yang korang sayang, tapi masih tak mampu lagi untuk dilafazkan.
Pa, ma, lela sayang kamu dua. Thank you selama ni jaga lela sampai besar membulat dan pintar.

Oh gosh I'm crying!!!!! Beaty I hate you. =3

4. Tag 15 person to spread the love
Kamu kena tag. Yes, you, yang tengah baca skarang ni.

I don't feel like tagging people because I think it sort of giving them a task to do. Like a burden, a job, a responsibility. So no tagging other people that I know and if you feel like doing this, do it. =)

Shine on,

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