Thursday, December 2, 2010

Jodie Sweetin's New Baby Picture
Full House actress Jodie Sweetin is finally showing her baby girl! The baby girl was named Beatrix.

Pictured above is Jodie with boyfriend Morty Coyle on 31 August 2010. Yeap, Beatrix's birthday is on 31st August and so there will be not just the Malaysia Independence Day, Beatrix's birthday too!

She definitely looks like me,” Sweetin said of Beatrix.

“She came out with blonde, fuzzy hair, and when I look at my own baby pictures it’s like she is me!”

Jodie has 2 year-old daughter, Zoie with ex-husband Cody Herpin.

The first time Zoie met Bea, she looked at her and went, ‘Beatwix? She was in mommy’s belly?’ We said, ‘Yes,’ and then it was, ‘Look at my Thomas the Train balloon!’” Jodie recalled

She’s been really sweet with her, but it’s also like, ‘Okay, a baby. What’s in this for me?’”

Haha! I'm sure she's feeling a bit left out of the attention span now since the couple has the baby. But I'm sure they both love Zoie just the same as newborn Beatrix.

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