Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I'm Still Alive, Hello New Layout! =D
Hi all! Well well's been.....3 days since my last post. xD I was working on my new template, as you all can see now. =) I worked very hard. Very hard indeed. I didn't sleep till 2am for 2 nights in a row and bust my ass from Good-Morning to Good-Night with no other intention in my heart but to get this layout perfectly superb and still fast-running. xD

The template is just amazing one is it? It has amazing set of layout for entries where I can show more than dobule of my posts on my homepage. =) Just finding the right template took me about 2 days. Guess the first step is the most important eyh? Like finding a job. No. A career where you'd be spending the next 10 or maybe even 30 years of your next life. So take time on searching for a good company before you sign the contract.

I got this baby from Bloggertemplatesblog. Thank you soooo much Musab! =D I love this one the best! The best so far! Wohoo!

blogger template futebol from blogger templates blog

Then I added the 3 columns on my blog. Thought it's the best to be in my blog here. =)

So yeah, what do you think of it? Pretty nice eyh? =)

Can't help but to feel like I was giving birth to a big dinosaur for the last 3 days. xD

Shine on,


  1. I'm so proud of myself. Try clicking the template source and get ready to have your jaw dropped. Low, very low. xD

  2. =D Me too! This one's staying for a longer time.

  3. Awesome!!~

    I'm still having a technical problems here, but I'll manage em somehow.


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