Saturday, December 11, 2010

Halal Logo Isn't Enough
Minister in the Chief Minister's Department, Datuk Nasir Tun Sakaran said that many muslims aren't aware of the halal concept and their rights to buy and consume halal products. I knew it's not just about the no-pork thing and mom said it's about everything that they use in their kitchen from the sauces, the animals (whether they've been 'sembelih', the islamic way), the chocolate, any wines-added products used and something like that.

Bad People

"As a result, some food traders are taking advantage of the existing situation by placing 'Halal' signages on their non-Muslim premises and hire waitresses and cashiers wearing headscarves to attract Muslim customers."

"Therefore, Muslims must be vigilant and be alert on their rights as consumers so that they would not be hoodwinked into eating at such premises," he said.


There are a sum of 314 premises that have been issued the halal certification by the State-level Committee of Islamic Food Utilisation that are of Jheains, Sabah Health Department, Domestic Trade, Consumerism and Co-operative Ministry, Department of Veterinary Services and Animal Industry, Malaysia Islamic Development Department (Jakim) Sabah branch, Sirim Berhad Sabah branch, City Hall Kota Kinabalu, Chemistry Department Sabah branch and Local Government and Housing Ministry. Holly cow that's a lot of people involved just to issue that sijil.

I think more people should apply for the halal logo, and that includes famous coffee shops like starbucks and san francisco. Must. Though I've cleared the rumour about whether Starbucks is halal or not, but posting that on your website isn't enough.

So What to Do??

So what we muslim consumers have to do about this?? I think the best way is to ask if they're halal or not. If they say yes but actually no, then they've just made a big sin, not us, right? Or at least take a good look at the shop itself. See if they sell alcohol or something haram. Unless they're a hotel or 5-star place, they surely won't do the hassle of using separate glasses right? See who's the owner too. Gives you more confidence to go in, like Kak Nong for instance. =)


Checkout the list of Halal Restaurants and the real Malaysian Halal logo.

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