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Free Clinic for Malaysians, a Noble Cause by a Businessman
I'm amazed at this story. A businessman, Yusof Awang Hitam has funded and built a private medical centre that offers free, i repeat, FREE medical fees to the public. I repeat, PUBLIC, everyone, anybody. Can you believe this?? Read on.

The clinic's name is Pusat Rawatan Percuma Yusof Awang Hitam, located at Kampung Pulau Bahagia, Manir, Kuala Terengganu. God bless the 47-year-old businessman, who's also a resident there. Speaking of a free clinic, the doctors of course, needs to work for free too. That's what charity is about, right?

Probably being the only free clinic in the country, Yusof started the project with RM150,000 earlier this year. People were skeptical at first on doctors who would want to volunteer to work there, but the businessman managed to get some doctors from Universiti Sains Malaysia Hospital in Kubang Kerian, Kelantan.

They new have 10 and 15 doctors, including some specialists in different fields.

Who's Idea?

The idea didn't came from Mr Yusof himself. It was actually from some of the villagers! Most of them are low-income earners and have difficulty to seek medical help in town and the nearest would be about 15km away. Geez that's super far!

Head of Volunteering Doctor Says...

Dr. Rushdan Ismail, head of the group and also an ear, nose and throat surgeon, says, "We have a blog at to tell the world that there are doctors and medical personnel in Malaysia who are willing to help society."

"We have 25 doctors in our group and we hope more will join us as there are many people out there in dire need of our help".

Villagers Speak...

Wook Salleh, aged 77 years old, is a regular at the clinic. She has problems dealing with joint pains and usually used to rely on home remedies to endure it.

"It's just too much of a hassle for an old woman like me to find my way to clinics in town, but now I can just hop on the back of my daughter's motorcycle for a short ride to see a doctor," says the Kampung Padang Ujib villager.

Another one, aged 77 too, Salleh Muda. Says he no longer needs to spend a whole day seeking treatment at a government hospital for diabetes and hypertension.

The resident of Kampung Pulau Bahagia says,"I get to see a specialist for free at the clinic and it doesn't take me a whole day to do so."

I think it's a good thing what they're doing. A noble one too. Especially Yusof Awang Hitam who funded the clinic. I think rich people in Sabah should do the same, set up a clinic in the pedalaman area and help those folks in dire of help.

Source from New Straits Times.

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