Friday, December 10, 2010

Disable Highlight Text Code
Here's a tutorial on how to disable highlight and it's code. This works for Blogger, don't know about other blogging platforms. You can try and give your feedback here. =)

What do you feel when somebody sees your article and just practically copies out everything that you've typed out by yourself for hours? It's something like stealing right? Stealing and cheating, that's what I like to call it. Call it cheating, stealing, copycat-ing, whatever, if you don't like it, I have a solution for you. A nice, simple one. And no more anger towards people who just copy & paste your contents. =)

All you need to do is just disable highlight ability on your website. Try to copy & paste any content on this page here, you can't, right? It's because I'v put the code in this article. Muhuhahahahaa~ xD


On your blogger dashboard, go to 'Design' -> 'Page Elements'
Click 'Add a Gadget' ->'HTML/JavaScript'. You can add this code anywhere on any section of your site.
Add the code below. Click Ctrl+A to highlight all, just to be safe.

Click 'Save'.
Presto! Done. Check your site and you can't highlight no more can you? Enjoy laughing up till your gigi terlepas now. xD

This won't prevent the thief to see your content, but at least he'll be typing out from now instead of just doing the shortcut copy & paste crap.

Thank you so much Blogger Tips & Tricks!

Shine on,


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