Friday, December 31, 2010

Daily Activity: 30 December 2010, Thursday
Today was fun. I mean, super busy too. xD And lots of rain. =( Yes, it rained in Kota Kinabalu today, about....sometime when I got out of Suria Sabah. xD

Return Books to Library KK

First went to lunch with hun hun at Giant Kolombong, then went downtown to give back my books that I borrowed from Library KK. Finished reading Chocolate Lovers' Club by Carole Matthews and Everything's Eventual (2002) by Stephen King.

review everything's eventual 2002 by stephen king

Letter of Undertaking

Then went to make copies of dad's Letter of Undertaking. Wut undertaker you say? xD It's for a construction project he's lending a licence to. And it's RM15 million, he gets some cash of course. =) The letter's like a warranty that the company whom borrowed his licence to do the project will give him the total agreed sum of money when the whole thing is done. First time I hear about it, from him, yours truly. =p

I just realized, dad is a resourceful, all-rounder man in I've ever known. He has done selling cars, land, construction projects, celcom contracts and even shipping goods for construction, furniture, palm oil- even food or animals. He has lots of contacts- I'm amazed myself.

Claypot Yee Mee Fish at Suria Sabah

I ate Claypot Yee Mee Fish at Clay Pot Delight in Suria Sabah. It's the stall in the Food Court. It's the same one as City Mall's~

review claypot yee mee fish at from claypot delight at suria sabah kota kinabalu
Sa's Back!

My dear friend Sa just got back home on the 28th last Tuesday. =) She'a having her break here in KK and will be year!

Britt's Life Bouncing Back On

Britt gave me a call and her voice is just so sweet! I thought an 8 year-old girl called me! xD She used her mom's number, that was why I don't know it. She told me she'll forget about chasing that boy to own up and be responsible to his fault and just be the strong woman that she'd always been. =) And she's to stay in KK from now on! Her credits from London will be transferred to Open University Malaysia. Too bad no salsa classes there. She said she feels better when she talks to me. =) We talked for nearly an hour man.

City & Guilds Beauty Therapy Cert
I'll take my certificate from the academy probably next week. Woman needs to see what time she'll be free then.

Dental Appointment

Too bad I can't get an appointment before new year. =( I only get on the 3rd, the day before my interview. Well at least I get my look right before then than none at all to impress.

Can't believe it's the day before the day before end of 2010. xD I've finally made it thru the year! Syukur alhamdulillah and may 2011 brings me more happiness and money. xD

I didn't get the time to do my resume and photos- guess I'll do it this weekend. No more outings man, 1 day of busy day is enough to set me back for a few days. xD

I think my bangs need to be trimmed now, it's getting longer! xD

Shine on,


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