Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Convocation at Promenade Hotel
Last Saturday I had my convocation and it was pretty much not it if you ask me. I don't see any of my batch members there! All I saw were juniors whom I seriously don't know. Okay maybe there were some of my batch but some are the ones who seldom appeared in class and guess how many only? Let's see...four. 4 people only from my 20-people-group. I think it's because the academy relies on the stupidest method ever in the history of mankind- facebook ONLY. I got a call from Cher but it was last minute- 3 days before. I don't think the academy told Cher to call the rest. Geez.

Anyhuuuu...I met a friend! My cicit to be exact. xD She's in the batch after-after-after me. So that makes me a great grandmama. xD Elvynia's the name!

beauty convocation at promenade hotel kota kinabalu sabah

Kak Nadia was seated at the center- obviously, and her pretty sister whom I adore was just next to my table! xD I'm not gay, believe me, but I just love her face! Can't get my eyes off her and I bet you too, ever experienced that kind of thing.

I was told to be there at 10 am and there'll be rehearsal. The rehearsal was super easy, they just talk among themselves (the organizers, whatever)- the emcee said the VIP guest to give a speech and only 1 out of the 9 tables were told to rehearse, itu pun not till all of use get to rehearse. These, I think, took less than 20 minutes. And the REAL EVENT was at 12pm+.

beauty convocation at promenade hotel kota kinabalu sabah

Everybody was like, taking pictures, seizing the moment and I on the other hand, was pretty much bummed. I had nobody to take pictures with and the academy was so nice to seat my with most of it, unknown juniors. Did I meantion I paid RM95 for this convo? I tried to be happy, I really did.

beauty convocation at promenade hotel kota kinabalu sabah
Before the event started...

Finally Started

My juniors, whom I got to know before I finished studying at the academy, danced "Nobody" by Wondergirls! I told Womb about it and she straightaway knew what song they danced to. xD

Turned out we were to eat while the event goes, so I was barely listening to those who gave the speeches. xD It was probably because of the Cream of Mushroom Soup we was really loaded with fresh, real mushrooms but there was utterly bitterness in it! I don't know what it was, I asked the waitress about it and she clearly didn't know what to answer. If only it wasn't bitter, most of us would've finished it.

beauty convocation at promenade hotel kota kinabalu sabah

After the soup, our main course were served at once- Deep Fried Fish Fillet with Sweet & Sour Sauce, Chicken Curry, Braised Beancurd with Minced Seafood Sauce, Mixed Vegetables, Fried Mee Mamak and Steamed White Rice.

beauty convocation at promenade hotel kota kinabalu sabah

Food Tasted...
The food was all cold, despite the heater beneath the thingy that holds all the food.

Deep Fried Fish Fillet with Sweet & Sour Sauce: It wasn't nice. I've tasted so much better and if I can give it a comparison, 20-80. The coating wasn't crispy and the fish fillet was thinner than I expected and the fish taste was 50-50.

Chicken Curry: I didn't taste it because I was loving the Beancurd! xD But my friend said the chicken curry was just nice, not too salty nor spicy like how the keling's do.

Braised Beancurd with Minced Seafood Sauce: I looooove this one! Because it was different than normal and the only one that I love out of the 4 dishes. 7/10!
Mixed Vegetables: This one was nice too! Loads of mushroom buttons, green cauliflower and slices of carrots!

Fried Mee Mamak: Urgh. Yuck. More wet than normal mee mamak, and I hate the over-loaded tauge's. xD

Steamed White Rice: Okay. Smelt no fragrance on it tho.

Dirty Water

When I got there I already started to have my glass of water emptied and filled again. On my second round, as I was already at the last quarter of it, I saw dust in it. Habuk, and several strands of the finest threads. If I wasn't in a place where I should behave like a lady I would've puke all my innards out on the freaking table! Gracefully asked the waitress to replace them and more girls followed my act. xD

I Nearly Missed It!

So with the Dirty Water mishap, I somehow wanted to go to the ladies's. When I got back, my table was empty and the principle shrieked at me to go line up as my turn was up. I smiled and rushed to the scene *uisyemen macam wayang heor*. I was just a person away from receiving the fake certificate on stage. Lucky I didn't take more time to adjust my lipgloss. xD


We all were told to go on stage to take picture of the whole group and boy was it super hot with the thick robe and loads of carbon dioxide around me. Sang "The Climb" by Miley Cyrus, kak Nadia did the opening. Event ended around 2.30pm. Gee I love this convo! Fast-ending! xD

Recognize my new haircut? xD

beauty convocation at promenade hotel kota kinabalu sabah

My Make Up

I did it all myself, nobody else. Super fast really, nothing much to do. =) I forgot to take a picture during the morning, here's my pic when I got home. And no touch ups. xD Proud to say that my make up didn't crumble!

beauty convocation at promenade hotel kota kinabalu sabah

I added some navy blue on my outer corners to play it up. =)

beauty convocation at promenade hotel kota kinabalu sabah

The end.

Shine on,


  1. I didn't know going to convo have to pay also XDD

    Congratzzz!!! plus creative make up, but love ur eye brown more though...

  2. I knoooowww....stunning I must say.

    Thanks! =) I never got them trimmed= till now. xD -have to, it's going to be new year soon!


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