Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Brotherly Love or Gay Here?
brother love cat snowy and bensi

Haha! They're doing this pose right now. Snowy and Bensi are cuddling together! First I saw Snowy putting his hands on Bensi like he was hugging him, then I was like, 'Awwww bb...' (I tend to speak that term a lot with them), then Snowy stretched and put his hand away. Bensi returned the favour and I silently snapped their picture! This is sooo going to be framed!

Snowy looks so in-heaven with Bensi's touch and ouh, Bensi's foot is pushing on Snowy's tummy! xD Guess Bensi's having a playful fight with Snowy in his dreams.

To think that they're now as big as my thigh...okay, I admit my thigh's big xD, it's such an awe that I seem to reminiscent those days they were just as big as my palm...my very graceful palm that hold them at night and kept them warm...and now they're already 8+ months old and it's 10 years in human life...oh I'm getting teary here. I should stop.

Shine on,

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