Sabah-Born Surgical Oncologist Offers Help to Set Up Sabah Cancer Hospital for Free

November 02, 2010

Dr Christopher Lim, a Kudat-born surgical oncologist who has a private practice in Portland, Oregon (Northwestern United States) said that he help the Malaysian health authorities set up the RM200 million Sabah Cancer Hospital- without any salary! Imagine that! Can you believe this, he is such a generous, kind-hearted man!

"Just accommodation, something to travel and airfare. That's all I need.

It's basically talking about giving back (to Sabah)," he told Daily Express.

His comments on the issue....
It is not easy to start a cancer hospital as you need essentially a lot of things to be put in place. Firstly, you need the infrastructures.
You have to provide the facilities and make them attractive enough. You need a surgical oncologist, a medical oncologist and a radiation oncologist.
You just cannot say, 'Oh, I will hire a surgical oncologist. You need support like nurses specially trained in giving drugs.
You need a research lab and trained lab personnel because when you give results to patients, they (patients) must have 100pc confidence that the lab results are correct.
You need immunologists who can manipulate the immune system to mobilise and fight against cancer. And that is going to be the future of cancer care.

He also talked about the importance of being able to set up a registry to keep track of the incidence of various types of cancer in Sabah.

Other specialists who are working overseas should do the same too, in my opinion.

Shine on,

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