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Review: Skyline Movie 2010
review on skyline movie 2010

Skyline, you're surely to think of the sport car type of skyline. Watching this movie, it wasn't about racing nor skylines. It was about aliens. Turns out skyline means 'the boundary line between earth and sky'. Then the title for this movie, Skyline made some sense. xD

This movie started off really nice, the scenes, the parts, were all captured brilliantly- great job director and cameraman! I love the flashback where they played 15 hours before the incident. It was a great introduction to the characters, who they were and what role they play in the movie.

The movie features Eric Balfour, Scottie Thompson, Brittany Daniel, Donald Faison, David Zayas, Neil Hopkins and many more! The movie centers mostly in Los Angeles where Terry (Donald Faison) stays and brought over his friend Jarrod (Eric Balfour) and girlfriend Elaine (Scottie Thompson).

The terror started when balls of light descended down to earth and struck rays of light throughout the city. Weird thing is, the whoever sees the light will have their veins showing up allover their face and body and soon disappear. It's like alien abduction if you ask me. =p

review on skyline movie 2010

Why They Came to Earth

It was alien and though it wasn't really clear or stated in that movie of why they came, but I think the aliens came to conquer the Earth and make it their own. Because at the end of the movie people who disappeared thru the light was dumped into a dark, slimy place within the spaceship and one by one was beheaded by those alien tentacles. It was scary, yes, so I won't recommend underages to watch this. Then, the brain is pulled out and sucked by the head part of a lifeless alien body. Yes, it was like a factory manufacturing those aliens.

The ending is weird I must say- HERO turned into alien and saved HEROIN. Blame me for being humane. xD I think there might be a Skyline 2 coming up…the way things ended for this movie. I really hope it would or this ending sucks to me. Really sucks because it seemed like the human race are doomed because in the end everybody got sucked into the alien spaceship.

This movie was a joy to the eye, great alien structure- spaceship and the ‘insides’. I would love to watch Skyline 2. Really would, because I'm not okay with this ending here. =p But the way they execute the story is great! Wonderful plot.

I'd rate Skyline movie 7.5/10. I am 50-50 on whether to recommend this just because of the ending where aliens dominate and hero turned to alien. So I guess I'll say "if you're looking for something different." =p

Skyline Movie Trailer

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