Saturday, November 13, 2010

Review: Kebab From Desa Fresh Mart, Damai Kota Kinabalu
Hey all! I want to do a review on the Desa Fresh Mart Kebab that I bought at it's branch at Damai yesterday. It was just a coincidence that I wanted to eat it as I heard from an old friend they sell kebabs there and it tastes real good.

Step into the doorway and I can already smell the chicken roasting! I'm not sure if it's all just chicken or anything else for it seemed like there were cheese too.

Thought I would get meat stuck in sticks, but then I got the burger version! xD Didn't know there's a burger version either till that moment. Haha! xD Baru aku tau~ The size of this kebab is like the average size of burgers, like Ramli burger dat.

The lady asked if I want chili or tomato ketchup, I said ketchup for hun wanted ketchup. xD It tasted real good! I can taste the chicken which I believe was prepped with blackpepper and some really tasty sauce, mayonnaise-like and some chopped cabbages. (I hate cabbages in my burger/sandwich. Why can't they put lettuces?? I'm just used to lettuces since I was small)

review kebab from desa fresh mart damai kota kinabalu

The extra goodness about this kebab is that you can have it hot! Straight from the oven! I mean from the...rotating thingy! Once in the car I couldn't wait to get my hands on it, hun practically finished the kebab in 2 minutes. xD He has such a wide mouth.

Good Points
The patty is a pita bread, so it's healthier than the normal burger patty.
It tastes good, juicy chicken indeed.
Worth the money- RM2.8

Bad Points
This may not be a healthy meal. The use of ketchup sauce/ chili sauce isn't a healthy option. It may contain preservatives, colouring and maybe even flavourings.
People who can just spend RM4 for lunch won't go for this one as this won't fill the tummy up to 6pm.

So I think I'd buy this again if I'm in a hurry like that day or as a snack (maybe share it).

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