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Review: Go-Go Gourmet: Chef of The Year
I'm never fond of games that needs you to cook like, do each process of that cooking where I need to click so many times to cut the cucumber, put the fries on and make sure to click when the meter's at perfect point or just arrange the food on the platter. Just my personal interest here, not saying it's no fun to play.

review go go gourmet chef of the year by bigfish games

When I had Go-Go Gourmet: Chef of the Year game, I thought it was going to be one of those games too. Decided to give it a try anyway, and boy was I wrong! I turned out to love that game!

Ginger Sanderland, an American girl who dreamt of being the Chef of The Year on her way to New York City. The contest started on a stadium and that was her first start to be recognized as the best chef amongst all participants from all over the world. She'll be competing in many countries such as USA, Italy, France, Russia, Mexico, China and a Tropical Island. Each country will have several levels for her to compete in and along the way stumbled upon several problems. A problem that was causing some chefs to show poor performance and got last place, thus disqualified. Who's that culprit anyway?

review go go gourmet chef of the year by bigfish games

How to Play Go-Go Gourmet: Chef of The Year
The demonstration/ introduction mode of the game is present, which I like on games because that won't make players blurred on stage 1. Here are the directions:
On the right side will be a person above a Dish Title (e.g Tropical Fruit Salad) and Ingredients beneath it (e.g Mangoes, papaya, bananas, kiwi fruit).
In the kitchen, click on the listed ingredients (the scenario's like the mystery game where you have to find items, but just the ingredients now). Your character will go to it and pick it up.
Just follow the direction as stated at the ingredient list. There would be directions like 'Blender', so go to the Mixer and click on it.
When the dish is done, there would be a 'Ting! Ting!' sound. Click on the area below the recipe title.

There will be several people want you to make dishes at once, maximum 3 at a time. You can toggle between the ingredient lists by clicking at their dish titles. This will enable you to not waste time while waiting for current dish doing chopping or sautéing.

review go go gourmet chef of the year by bigfish games

review go go gourmet chef of the year by bigfish games

Tips for Go-Go Gourmet: Chef of The Year
To make dishes as fast as you can, I suggest when you're doing 'Chopping' or anything that takes time, go to the second dish and start preparing it. When the first one's done, go back to it and just continue the process. I usually make 2 or 3 dishes at one go, depends how fast the process for dish 1 takes.
Always click on a finished dish as fast as you can. Your score for that dish starts declining since the person asks for it.


There you go, I love this game! Can't wait to play Go-Go Gourmet 2!

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