Thursday, November 11, 2010

Review: Fashion Fits game
I've finished playing Fashion Fits so now I'm going to make a review on it! I'll share tips and tricks for you too!

review fashion fits game tips and tricks
This game is from Big Fish Games and they're well known for games like Cooking Dash. =D

Fashion Fits Storyline
The game is about Francie Fitzgerald, a successful businesswoman who told her success story to an applicant who's looking for a job at her company. She started at a giant retail store called Uber-Mart with a manager who gets all credit from the big boss for her hard work. Thinking this isn't benefiting her, she decided to drop out and make her own business of clothing line!

How To Play Fashion Fits game

There'll be 5 places for you to play and two bonus round of selecting clothes for store display- you have seconds to memorize the clothes on the mannequins and then drag and drop clothes from the bottom to them.

review fashion fits game tips and tricks

review fashion fits game tips and tricks

There are no specific, constant sequence to play the game as the sequence varies, depending on what type of customer you're having. But the constant thing I can tell you is to refill any empty slots on the display rack and at the counter to take payments.

review fashion fits game tips and tricks

Each character have different traits in terms of their favourite clothing, patience level, whether they leave 1 or more clothes in the fitting room, need assistance at the fitting room or ask for customer service (they ask for it at the counter and you have to give the clothe they want there).

Fashion Fits Tips and Tricks
When you get to the shopping screen, just buy anything that will cost the most to that particular customer that will be shopping at your store next. Don't purchase something that the customer on the next level won't buy/ irrelevant.
I upgrade the clothes first before going to upgrade the tit-bits/music/book or anything at the counter, then adding more fitting rooms and my speed. But this can change if in the previous game, there weren't enough rooms and there were a long line of customer. I'd buy the upgrade at the counter if I don't have enough money to buy any upgrade for the clothes.

review fashion fits game tips and tricks

Always serve the least impatient customers as fast as you can.
Never leave the counter line more than 5 person as their happiness will go down and you'll get less revenue from the counter purchase.
My sequence (on higher levels) are to fill the empty racks, get clothes from fitting rooms (if 2 or more), to the counter, put the clothes away (discard them) or put them back on the racks (or get clothes from fitting rooms first then put them back), then entertain anybody at the customer service counter, go to take stock to fill the people in fitting rooms's request or fill in empty racks, then the cycle goes on. =D Notice I'm going in circles, right to left? =D That's the point, because I'd be wasting more time if I don't.
When shopping, just spend the most amount of your money to upgrade- you'd get a lot more money when you finish the next level.

My rate is 8 for Fashion Fits game. =D The game is challenging in terms of the memory bonus round and the different characters on the game makes playing a whole lot interesting and engaging.

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