Monday, November 29, 2010

Review: Beautician Pinky at Yin Yin Natural Beauty Centre, Centre Point
I want to review on my beautician for my facial yesterday at Yin Yin 3 Natural Beauty Centre. Her name was Pinky .

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She was late than my appointment time, I asked her at 1pm and she served me around 2pm. I think it was because I wasn't there 3 minutes before 1pm and another customer came for a treatment. Nevermind, that won't influence her review because I believe it's the management's fault.

She was friendly, nice, polite, sweet and soft spoken. Talks only when it is needed- when I ask her something, about my acne (after extraction) or when she's going to do something like telling me she's going to massage now or wait a while before she leaves.

Rate: 9/10

Her work was nice, fingering and touching at just the right pressure and I believe she can press more if asked. She may have small hands but she has great handwork. This means she's great at massage and touching the face at the right pressure.

Extraction time, she used mostly the metal tool and it was painful. Of course it was. But I know this tool will get the acne out of my face effectively without leaving teeny tiny bit of it behind. She uses tissue when needed and works anti-clockwise on my face, then on my nose. She even did pimples that have no holes on it. Most of the beauticians that I've tried on, rarely do that or will do it, with my request. Pinky, doesn't need any telling to do that. She automatically does it! She was kind to my skin during this process too. She would put soothing lotion onto my face first before pressing hard on it. Though sometimes she can cause superficial wrinkles under my eyes...but nevermind. I love her so much!

Can't see how neat she was, but what da heck. She's great at service!

Rate: 8/10

What I love About
Great, friendly attitude- customers love this
Good work etiquette
Relates to the customer - she understands
Great at extraction (pressing out pimples)
Great massage (she has the power, despite her small, slim hands)

I'd give her 9/10! I have about 2-3 more beauticians that I never tried yet. I think she's the best one, so far. =)

Shine on,


  1. Hey very nice blog!! Man .. Beautiful .. Amazing .. I will bookmark your blog and take the feeds also….

  2. Aww thanks there friend! Hope you'll continue enjoying my posts! =)

  3. Thanks for summing it up so well. I think I’ll be returning here often. Best Regards.

  4. Awesome information, stort tack till artikeln författare. Det är förståeligt för mig nu, är effektiviteten och betydelsen hallucinatoriskt. Tack än en gång och lycka till!

  5. Hi Del..
    im oso one of Yin2
    regular cstmer..
    y din u try go at Yin2 other Karamunsing,City Mall or Asia City?..
    Normally i go at Asia City one..
    dat brach was the Yin2 Head Office and gt 16 beds..the staffs there oso nice..beautician at Karamunsing u can ask 4 Joey, City Mall-Linda and Asia City-Ally..XD

    Ur blog really awesome..
    keep up a gud work..;)

  6. Hey Anonymous! Thanks for the visit. I ever go to the Karamunsing and Asia City already...City Mall haven't cuz ngam2 I go KL already when it started. Will do once I get back to KK. =D

    Wah is it? Then great la, I had my consultation there also when I came fist time.

    Thanks! =D

  7. Just thought I would comment and say great theme, did you code it for yourself? Really looks excellent!

  8. Hey! Thanks...I got it from one website, I think it's from The part from the top till the slideshow was all original setting, downpart till the bottom I changed already, like the colors, the spaces, the widths, widget codes had to be changed again to fit this layout's...xD Hard work, but it was all worth it doesn't it.

  9. Nice blog...very hard to get a blogger to blog about beauty tips in KK. I wonder whether Yin Yin's treatment expensive or not...need to look for a good beauty salon. I hate those keep on pushing us to buy their products..
    Any good recommendation?


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