Monday, November 29, 2010

Review: The Angel Craved Lobster by Shirley Jump
review on shirley jump the angel craved lobster
The Angel Craved Lobster is really a wonderful, love-comedy type of book. I borrowed this book from Sabah State Libray last week.

First read and you'd feel intrigued. Recipe for "Bongo Boy's Welcome-to-Boston Clam Chowds".

Yes it's a recipe for a dish. Not normally seen on love novels these days, considering this book was 2005. 5 years ago. I felt it was something new and the way Shirley Jump wrote is just a new way for me. It's like she was talking to me directly, like a friend. Like casual conversation.

Meredith Shordon has spent her entire life surrounded by corn and cows in Heavendale, Indiana. Now the Boston-bound girl is ready to ditch her homegrown roots for some big-city flash. Out with the apple fritters, in with the seafood linguine! But exotic food isn't the only new experience Meredith craves. She's ready for an education of the passionate kind, and for that, she needs a man who can show her all the flavors she's been missing- a worldly, no-strings-attached hunk who can really cook up a to speak. A man like Travis Campbell.

Party animal like Travis has just decided to grow up. No more bars, no more parties, no more slaps in the face from scorned 'dates' whose first names were as forgettable as his nights. Travis Campbell is now a man who will not be tempted. No more women. Period. Unless the offer is too good to pass up.

Meredith finally has her challenge: Tempting Travis will force her to shed that Miss Holstein good-girl image and channel her inner sexy siren. But getting a taste of what she craves and Travis needs just might leave them both hungry for more...

Such a wonderful story plot, don't you think? I love to read these type of stuff !

Del Says...
A delightful read. Direct, sexy-naughty and loads of love to share here. I feel like the author, Shirley Jump was reading it to me. Telling the story to me in person instead of the book 'telling' me. I felt personal to it, like a connection. I guess that's what makes Shirley's books great reads.

Who Would Love This?
This book can relate to anybody from teenagers to mothers of 50 year-olds. Young ladies in love, especially. Or those who's been single for quite some time and needs a kickstart to another beautiful relationship. =) Please do read this.

I give 8/10 because this book is just the type that I like and Shirley's an amazing writer !

Shine on,


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