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Review: Adele: Rise Of The Mummy Movie
Review Adele: Rise Of The Mummy Movie 2010

This movie's about a young lady named Adele Blanc-Sec who wants to help to cure her twin sister who's in a coma, I believe. She seeks the physician of Pharaoh Ramses' and knows of somebody who can bring out the dead to the living- Professor Menard. So there she got her mummy and at the same time, a 136 million-year-old Pterodactyl egg hatched and out came out....well, a Pterodactyl. xD

Too bad for her, Adele got the wrong mummy- an Astrologist I believe. xD So there goes their journey to reach to the Pharoah's tomb and resurrect them to get to a king's physician. =)

Del Says...
Well....this first, they don't speak in parallel with the audio that I hear, meaning the movie, I think was shot in French, got translated in audio with English. Made it so tacky and I 30% didn't like it already. Then it didn't turn out like I expect it to be, like The Mummy or any American films who got actions, gun shooting, explosions, jumping from cliffs, killing mummies or anything. Nada.

This movie has comedy in it all the way, and I believe most people won't find this worth their money to spend on because I myself feel 50-50 for this one. It looks silly at times and funny at times. I think it's because of the unreal-ness of the characters- mummy coming back to life? Elevating in the air? Mummies talking English? Pterodactyl listening to human beings? All are nonsense really. But it's the storyline, the plot that made this movie an 'okay' for me. Just a bit.

The actress for Adele's a really beautiful woman I believe. And the HATS! Oh lord the hats are just pretty but I think it's just too big! Do all French women wear that on everywhere they go?? It's just that the whole movie's not shot well, not directed well enough. I think. I paid RM 8 I think at Centre Point for this movie. Think it's okay, a bit of regret actually. My rate for this would be 6.5.

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