Sunday, November 7, 2010

Puppy Made Cute Noises while Sleeping
I wana share this cute video of a puppy who made adorable noises while he was sleeping! Dreaming of catching rabbits I suppose? xD

So cute!! Bensi got so interested once he heard the first squirm. xD

Shine on,


  1. Hahahahaha....
    What an adorable dog. I wish I can see what its dreaming about. Hehehehehe....

  2. Hey Zezebel! Thank you for the visit! =D Ya very cute the puppy kan..

  3. luking 4 ur shoutbox to tinggal2 jejak.. un4tunately i didnt find it.. salam kenal wasaberr..^^

  4. Hi C3kz h!kmah! Sorii belum ada.. thank u thank u. =)


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