Sunday, November 7, 2010

Medicine for Teeth Filling Instead?
medicine for teeth filling at Klinik Pergigian Pantai kota kinabalu sabah
I learnt something at the start of this sentence. Tampal gigi is called 'tooth filling' in English. xD Had to google to find out. So yesterday I went to Klinik Pergigian Pantai (Pantai Dental Clinic & Surgery) at Api-api Centre, just upfront Centre Point to have a teeth filling service. My upper teeth has been itching me at times when I grind crunchy, small stuff since...last month I believe and it still is. So I wondered..

Turns out the pain was due to the broken filling at the back of my mouth, on the last tooth. Oh God. Then the doctor, Dr Abang Abdul Rahman (dont' know why the Abang there) removed the previous filling and applied some medicine/ remedy on my exposed dentin/ maybe even nerve, because it was soooo painful! Like straight to the brain type of pain.

He put something like a filling but it was a simple one, just bite it one time and done. He told me to come back in a month to do the filling because if I were to do it then, my gums would swell up. So the medicine is used so that my gum won't swell when I fill it later on.

I was given 3 types of medicine, ubat tahan sakit, antibiotic and kurang bengkak. I must take antibiotic and kurang bengkak (3 days course) and the tahan sakit is if well, the pain strikes. I haven't take it, yet. Hope not. >.< Paid RM70.

medicine for teeth filling at Klinik Pergigian Pantai kota kinabalu sabah

The medicine tasted like medicine, but totally edible. xD I used my right teeth mostly to eat after that, poor Del. =(

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  1. get well soon darl and dun forget to go the next appointment to teeth filling. me pun 1st time heard this. haha... wow. mahal juga, but, biasalah klinik teeth cost that much is worthy. hehe.

  2. Thanks Syea! Ya ba....this next visit I'll ask em to fill as much as I can endure. xD Yeah..dentists can be super rich this way.


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