Monday, November 29, 2010

I Am to Stay in Kota Kinabalu to Work
Well, today I got an email from Mr Neal confirming my mom's wishes- Snowy and Bensi's too, I think. I can't be million miles away from home, much to my fear. My mission since high school. To see the world and not missing home. xD Kidding.

I Knew It

Well, I kinda had no confidence on winning the job application tho, because I know there would be experienced spa therapists, at least a month of experience. I on the other hand, none. Just a graduate. So yeah, kinda anticipated that reply from Neal. It was the opposite feeling on my City & Guilds Beauty Therapy exam where I was confident, self-assured and not worried. Though I was hoping. No harm on being positive eyh?

Mom as I know, are very relieved that her baby girl's not wanting to wait for another application outside and get to keep her at home, safe and sound. xD Snowy and Bensi would be very glad because without me, nobody will give them food (3 times a day) and hug them at night to sleep.


I think this is the best, to work here and still stay at home. Like, I get to be in the 'real world' but still get to go back to my bird's nest. You know? Like if I'm in trouble or I have questions, parents will be there, friends and....cats? xD

Wish Me Luck

I think I'll wait for my dental on 6th then I get a job here in KK. Wish me luck! =)

Shine on,


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