Friday, November 12, 2010

HSBC Embarrassing Moment
I wana complaint. Although I'm not the customer of that bank or have nothing to do with it in any kind of way, except my mom and my brother, I want to complaint. Yes, banks, complaints they get are usually, customer service ones. What else? This was on the day I saw sharks at Green Connection, which was totally fun and made me forgot about it. Now ingat balik I.

You know on that Sunday I went to Gaya Street Sunday Market first before going to Green Conection and I was heading to the market from Tong Hing's way, by foot. Passed by HSBC Bank and there were two people standing on the passageway with pamphlets, brochures, whatever.

Of course, you'd be thinking it's about promoting something and yes they were. I didn't know they were from HSBC at first. One of them, a Malay woman dressed with tudung, approached me. Usually I'd just say no and head on, but I felt like stopping that day. So I stopped. She had such a smile on her face and looked interested on talking to me.

Here's the fun, crazily annoying part. She asked me whether I'm studying or working with this wanting-to-know-me attitude. I said no, I'm not doing neither, her expressions changed drastically. It was obvious she wasn't okay with my answer because her smile, that bright smile, was gone, making my smiley face that time, look like a dumbo (a lady won't swear xD) who smiled for nothing. Like this somebody who got a news that she actually didn't win the 4D ticket that she was really certain she would win, you know?

After that drastic change on her face, guess what she said? She said, "Ok, bye". Wut da fish??? I was shocked and embarrassed for I felt rejection there. Like I was told my panties were shown in public by my ex who just dumped my seconds ago. So like Del always do, smile, laugh about it then walked upfront. Then we saw a small table next to the bank with brochures and pamphlets and there were banner stands in the ATM area of HSBC bank with the same thing. So then I knew they were from HSBC Bank.

Just imagine ba, these kind of people whom I usually turn down their request to actually stop and give minutes of my life, I actually stopped for them. I actually wanted to hear what they have to say, what they want to tell me, what they have to offer. Then all I get are just bye? Her oh-okay-I-don't-need-you-here-anymore tone, plastic smile on her face and dropping her hands that were holding the brochures down added to my embarrassment. I felt so humiliated!! What people with no job and no study don't have money ka kau ingat?

The least she can do, (obviously she needs intensive training on customer service) is tell me what the fruit the bank is offering, TELL ME WHY YOU ASKED ME TO STOP, GENIUS.

If I'm going to open an account in that bank in the future, I'd make sure I won't go to her. Oooh yes I still do remember her pretty face. I've already lodged a complaint at Hope give her training or whatever. She was so lucky to make Del stop that day, not anybody else.

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