Tuesday, November 30, 2010

How Sabah Gain More Money in 2011
This is just one of the thing that will bring more money to Sabah. That's right, SABAH. =) It's the Korean Tourists.

"We have seen a 26 per cent increase in the number of Korean customers this year and with Sabah Tourism and Tourism Malaysia's active support, we expect another similar growth in 2011," said Malaysia Airlines (MAS) Area manager for Korea, Lee Weng Chi.

sabah have more korean tourist in 2011
Above are a couple of Korean tourist who were enjoying a hot water dip at the Poring Hot Spring, Ranau.

With more than a million ex-patriates from various countries residing in Korea, promotional activities in the country is also aimed at reaching a wider audience to introduce Sabah as an attractive holiday destination offering endless attractions such as serene islands, exotic virgin forest and world class resorts and spas.

Our tourism will be really booming then! So hotels, restaurants, gift shops, craft shops, anybody else, get your best gear up for 2011 and be ready for the attack of the Korean tourists!

sabah have more korean tourist in 2011

Even babies would love more money eyh? xD

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