Fish to Cost More Than Crab, Shrimp, Shellfish, Prawn

November 09, 2010

People, be prepared for the expected rise of fish cost soon, according to Sabahan fishmongers.

Mohd Azman Usman, a middleman told, “This year, the sea conditions are not that bad but we never know until the end of the year because it is always raining in December. That is the time we will increase our tuna price from RM5 to RM5.50 or RM6.00 per kilo, depending on the price we pay to the suppliers,” he said".

Roni Abdul Halim who is selling prawns, said the rainy season is the best time to buy prawns due to plentiful supplies and lower price. "For example, the price of shrimps could fall to RM5 a kilo. So far the weather is still OK and we are selling at the normal price," he said.

Crab seller Rosli Talib said the suppliers are still charging the same price, but it could drop when the supplies increase. “My crab supplies are enough for my customers and I am still selling Ketam Suri at RM15 a kilo and Ketam Bunga RM14,” he said.

Seeing the weather nowadays...I think it's best to enjoy fish a lot, lots of it, while we can. xD

Shine on,

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