Monday, November 29, 2010

Daily Activities: Sunday 28 November 2010
I first went for my facial at Yin Yin 3 Natural Beauty Centre. I never knew the real name of that place, I just knew Yin Yin Herbaline. xD Now I know.

sunday activities facial at yin yin natural beauty centre and kota kinabalu rice supplier
I wasn't offered a hot towel. Weird. Usually the therapist would get me a hot towel, served together with the tea. Maybe because it was the 'supervisor' that served me, not any therapist. I think she's the supervisor because I only see her around the counter and never do any customer service. Or have they changed it to no-hot-towels anymore? Oh nooo...what about the germs on my hands??

My therapist was Pinky. As in her name- yes, PINKY. She's a cute girl, a Chinese I think. xD

There was Ngiu Kee sale going on at the Ground Floor of Centre Point, up to 70% I see. =) Mom and Hady went to watch Next Three Days at Growball Cinemax. They praised the movie, saying it's a great one. And Russel Crowe's in it! Oh god I must watch it!

Dinner at De Square Cafe with the family. It was our first time there and the restaurant is Chinese-styled but higher standard than Thien Thien at Jalan Gaya. The food was tasty! Would definitely go there again. =) I would've taken shots of them, but people would be staring at me. xD They serve practically dishes like sweet and sour fish, lemon chicken, pasta- spaghetti, lasagna, garlic breads, french fries, hawker food- wantan ho, noodles, etc.

Kota Kinabalu Rice Supplier

Dad's thinking of supplying rice grains to the restaurants in Kota Kinabalu since he has no attachments on his transportation business. I guess that's a good idea. =) He gets the rice directly from factory and simply supplies to those who wants it. Fast cash, no attachments. That's the point. xD

So if any of you wants rice in a large volume daily/weekly/monthly at cheaper price, feel free to call En. Kassim at 019-810 2228.

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