Chihuahua Momo (Japan) Joins Police Rescue Squad!

November 19, 2010

momo peach the chihuahua dog who passed the canine rescue test in japan 2010
This is a cute, motivational, amazing story about Momo (means Peach for Japanese) when it passed a canine rescue test last week and is set to join the force in January! -Nara Police Department in western Japan reported.

How was the Test?

The dog was given the scent of a human "survivor" in a disaster simulation and took under five minutes to sniff out the target person in a 100 square metre (1,100 square foot) area.

Amazing! That's quite a large area for a seven-pound dog like Momo!

"It's quite rare for us to have a chihuahua work as a police dog," the spokeswoman said.

"We would like it to work hard by taking advantage of its small size," a Nara police department official told the Sankei Shimbun daily.

Hope there will be more amazing, good news about animals around the world that can be learned and motivate others. Congrats Momo!

Shine on,

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