Thursday, November 18, 2010

78 Year-Old Montreal Woman Died after 6 Hours Waiting in Hospital
This is a shocking news to me, I mean, hospitals can have this kind of reputation, this kind of treatment. No wonder President Barrack Obama wanted to improve the medical care in the US first of all. A 78 year-old woman died after waiting for 6 hours to see a doctor. Imagine that. Late Therese de Repentigny was told to wait after being checked by a nurse and she had to got up from her stretcher several times to ask again for the doctor. Her daughter, Fernande Blais, at one point had to leave her mother several times to get a doctor.

montreal 78 year old woman died after waiting for 6 hours in the hospital 2010

Can't imagine man, suffering for 6 hours in pain and die after that. Imagine how she must've felt seconds before she passed away. Frustration most probably, disappointment, sad, grieve for her health, pity her daughter, all mixed.

She wanted to go to the bathroom first. When she got up she said she wasn't feeling well and collapsed. When doctors finally treated Theres de Repentigny, Blais stepped outside to wait. Shortly after staff asked her about her mother's last wishes. It was at this point that she realized her mother was dead.

In 2008 a man in a wheelchair at Winnipeg's Health Sciences Centre, who had a bladder infection, died after waiting 34 hours in the ER.

Can't believe this. It's insane man, over a day waiting in the hospital, with pain in the belly. Oh lord. I hope everything will be better for Canada soon. Prayers to the deceased.

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