As an ISTJ-A with a strong penchant for cakes, beaches and cats, I play Debussy to keep me zen.

Balancing between personal and business, I presently work as an Executive Assistant to the Group CEO of a multinational consortium right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Backed with years of experience working with the startup industry, multinational corporations and government agencies, I developed strong Corporate Administration skills whilst practising agile and being data-driven.

Coming from a humble background, I found solace in giving back to the community as a way of paying it forward by dividing my spare time with volunteer work.

Glamiva is the place for me to express my passion and knowledge sharing and I’m happy to spread message of positivity to as many people as possible.


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Manage your calendar, schedule appointments, email liaisons, make reservations and travel planning

Social Media

Setup social media accounts, attend to enquiries, content creation, content planning and posting

Grant Applications

Malaysian grants such as MDEC’s SME Digitalisation and Cradle Fund’s CIP grants. Have secured over RM1.5mil worth of grants as of year 2020.

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Anything else such as staff payroll and statutory contributions, or matters with the bank, tax office, insurance, immigration, customs, etc.

Recent Posts

I Can't Stop Smiling...

I happen to stumble upon this picture when I was doing a previous blog post. I can't stop staring at it! Why? Because...

cutest hamster eating spaghetti happy
Isn't this the cutest, happiest picture that you've ever seen??? I'm in love with this hamster! I can't stop smiling looking at it!

Somebody stop me ! xD

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How Sabah Gain More Money in 2011

This is just one of the thing that will bring more money to Sabah. That's right, SABAH. =) It's the Korean Tourists.

"We have seen a 26 per cent increase in the number of Korean customers this year and with Sabah Tourism and Tourism Malaysia's active support, we expect another similar growth in 2011," said Malaysia Airlines (MAS) Area manager for Korea, Lee Weng Chi.

sabah have more korean tourist in 2011
Above are a couple of Korean tourist who were enjoying a hot water dip at the Poring Hot Spring, Ranau.

With more than a million ex-patriates from various countries residing in Korea, promotional activities in the country is also aimed at reaching a wider audience to introduce Sabah as an attractive holiday destination offering endless attractions such as serene islands, exotic virgin forest and world class resorts and spas.

Our tourism will be really booming then! So hotels, restaurants, gift shops, craft shops, anybody else, get your best gear up for 2011 and be ready for the attack of the Korean tourists!

sabah have more korean tourist in 2011

Even babies would love more money eyh? xD

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Comic Fiesta 2010 at Kuala Lumpur

comic fiesta 2010 at berjaya times square hotel kuala lumpur

Comic Fiesta began as a two-day event in celebration of the ACG culture. We wanted to bring together the Malaysian ACG (Anime, Comics & Games) community, so that fans will be able to get together, interact and help expand the creative pool of the community. At the time, the ACG culture was just beginning to take root in Malaysia, and Comic Fiesta was one of the rare conventions where fans and public alike could come together and celebrate its creative diversity.

So there you have it, if you're into manga, anime, anything comics, head on to Kuala Lumpur this mid December!

Activities Involved

18 & 19 December 2010
Manhattan Ballroom, Berjaya Times Square Hotel, Kuala Lumpur
Children below the age of 12 years old may enter for FREE only under the supervision of a parent or guardian
Pre-order ticket is RM24 (both days) and On the Spot ticket is RM15 (1 day only)
Info: cf.ticketingdept@gmail.com
Nerv Lim at nerv@comicfiesta.org (President)
Tokiya at abe@comicfiesta.org (Marketing Communications)

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Update: Atkinson Clock Tower to Be Assessed

atkinson clock tower update november 2010 kota kinabalu sabah

Latest update on the Atkinson Clock Tower issue.

The proposed 16-storey commercial building project near the Atkinson Clock Tower is still postponed. This is a good news to me, but bad news to those who've received 'deposits' to make sure the building comes to reality.

Local Government and Housing Minister Datuk Hajiji Mohd Noor said the views of all quarters, including non-governmental organisations, would be taken into account before the final decision was made.

"The state government has decided that the proposed development in the area be reviewed by the Town and Regional Planning Department.

"So, we'll have to wait for their findings first, then only we can take the matter to be finalised by the state government," he told reporters.

Check out the Heritage Sabah's page and you can see some people quarreling about it. It's weird to take the discussions on facebook when they can voice it out during some meetings they've had earlier.

Whatever it is, I hope Sabah will make a wise move that will make everybody happy.

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The Naked Gun Leslie Nielsen Dies at 84

Leslie Nielsen passed away at the age of 84 years old on Sunday in Fort Lauderdale.

It is believed that the Canadian-born actor died from complications from pneumonia.

He was surrounded by his wife, Barbaree, and friends.

We are saddened by the passing of beloved actor Leslie Nielsen, probably best remembered as Lt. Frank Drebin in ‘The Naked Gun’ series of pictures, but who enjoyed a more than 60-year career in motion pictures and television,” said his agent John S. Kelly.

My deepest sincerest condolences to the Nielsen family. He was a great actor and I'm very sure everyone would miss him deeply.


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Drug Trafficker Sentenced to Death

A local cook, Wong Vui Chin has been sentenced to death for possessing 147.94 grammes of syabu five years ago. 5 years and only this year the case is finalized.
drug trafficker wong vui chin sentenced to death by court kota kinabalu sabah

On Oct 21, 2005, Wong was sentenced to death by High Court Judge (now Court of Appeal Judge) Datuk Sulong Matjeraie after the former was found guilty of trafficking in 147.94 grams of syabu at the Customs inspection area at the departure hall of the ferry terminal, Labuan about 5.55pm on June 16, 2000

I think this is a good news. I can see blood, death, sick children, crazy dads when I think of it. People can go crazy for drugs and do violent things. I think this should be a lesson to the public, to not take drugs nor selling them.

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10th Sabah Open Dancesport Championship 2010 in 1 Borneo Grand Ballroom

10th sabah open dancesport championship 2010 at 1 borneo grand ballroom kota kinabalu sabah

They'll be dancing modern and latin categories, all 15 couples, ranging from newbies to the experts.

This is an annual event held to improve the standard and quality of ballroom dancing in Sabah. This event is open to ballroom dancing enthusiasts from around the region as well as from Asia Pacific countries.

11 December 2010
11 am- 12 am (next day)
1 Borneo Grand Ballroom, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
RM40 (11am - 4.30pm)- Half day event, RM120 (11.30am - 12 am)- Full day event
Info: Anthony Keung at +60 88 253090 or email ymmc7388@tm.net.my

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Breakfast of The Day: Fruit Yogurt from Buah-Buahan Yong, Gaya Street

healthy breakfast fruit yogurt from buah buahan yong at gaya street jalan gaya kota kinabalu sabah

Today I had one of the fruit yogurts that mom brought home yesterday. She bought them from Buah-Buahan Yong at Gaya Street (Jalan Gaya). Delicious!

This is priced at RM2.50 I believe. They sell yogurt drinks too! I love their avocado and dragon fruit one. =) Absolutely worth every penny. It's around RM3-4 for yogurt drinks.

healthy breakfast fruit yogurt from buah buahan yong at gaya street jalan gaya kota kinabalu sabah

Cheer to healthy breakfast! =)

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Lunch of The Day Nov 30th, 2010: Spicy Sour Fish Soup

spicy sour fish soup for lunch
My lunch. =) Dad brought home Fish with Tau Cheong and this one, it's like Spicy Sour Fish Soup. xD

I skipped the Tau Cheong one because I find it super oily. I think it's healthier to eat ikan rebus too. =) I've decided to not eat this with rice too, because I think I'd be full eating this alone.

It has tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and chili. Super sour spicy this one.

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Kiulu 4m Bamboo Rafting Challenge (K4MC) 2010 at Tamparuli

kiulu 4m bamboo rafting challenge 2010
This is a traditional sports activity that are practiced by the Kadazandusun community. More like a testosterone type of game here. There are several races contestants will be tested with- manang'kus (running), mamang'kar (bamboo rafting), manam'patau (paddle swimming with bamboo pole)- sounds hard! and ma-ma-ram panau (bamboo stilt walking).

Held in the picturesque Kiulu constituency, the 4M challenge beckons participants to join in categories including the Women Open, Junior Open, X-Treme 5M Men Open, Mixed Double Open, 5M Open, Press/media, and an additional special category for participants from the corporate and government sectors.

The Kiulu 4M challenge promises an exhilarating wet and wild time for all. See you in Kiulu!
5 December 2010 (Sunday)
Kiulu constituency in Tuaran, Sabah.
Contact: Arrifin Gadait (Organizing Chairman) at +60 88 225 752 or email ariffin.gadait@sabah.gov.my

Course Map for Kiulu 4m Challenge (K4MC)
kiulu 4m bamboo rafting challenge 2010

Map to Kiulu, Tamparuli, Sabah Location

View Larger Map

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Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat in Kota Kinabalu

joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat in kota kinabalu sabah 2010
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat is coming to town this early December!

Brought to you by Skyline SIB, this live stage performance will incorporate the original music score by Andrew Lloyd Webber

A matinee will also be held at 2 pm on 4th December 2010

2 - 5 December 2010
Starts at 7.30 pm
Skyline SIB, Magellan Sutera Harbour, Kota Kinabalu
Information: Call +60 88 247 804/ 232 629/ 262 929 or email enquiry@skylinesib.com

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Stella McCartney Gave Birth to Reiley Willis

stella mccartney gave birth to her new baby reiley willis

Stella McCartney has given birth to her newest child! Congratulations to the Willis family!

She is now mom to four kids, Reiley Willis is the name of the newborn baby girl.

Do you think the family will have another one? =)

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Pope Benedict XVI Books Earned 5 Million Euros

Pope Benedict XVI earns 5 million euros from book sales since 2005

Hoooollly cow! Whoever would knew Pope is a Millionaire! Pope Benedict XVI has made an estimated five million Euros (6.6 million dollars A.K.A RM20 million) from royalties on his books since he was elected pope in the year 2005.

About 2.4 million Euros of the proceeds will finance research on the pope's own theological teachings through a Vatican foundation in his name, The Joseph Ratzinger. And the rest of the money will go to charity.

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Eva Longoria Adopts a Child Despite Divorce

Eva Longoria is back on the single market again! Wut?? I hear it's because of another woman. Her marriage has ended and she tweeted about it.
eva longoria plans to adopt child despite divorce

It is with great sadness that after 7 years together, Tony and I have decided to divorce. We love each other deeply and pray for each other’s happiness.

Gosh. To think that they'd be happy forever and ever. Ironically to this sad event, she plans to adopt a child as a single mother!

Eva had her heart set on adopting a child from Haiti,” says a source. “She so wants to be a mother. She wanted to adopt with Tony, but she’s happy to go ahead as a single parent and is very excited after what’s been a dark period.”

From Our Girl Herself

Every time I work with kids from Padres, my heart explodes with happiness and joy. They’re so inspiring,” she said. “I could only wish to have children as strong.”

I think you'd be a great mother Eva. Good luck on adopting your dream child!

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Facebook Create URL Profile

Create your very own url link for your Facebook profile account. I've been scouring the internet on how to do this and found this thread of Blackboard Learn.

create facebook profile link url

A user simply put a link to the solution;


Click on it and you'll be directed to a page that you can choose your very own unique url links for your Facebook profile.

Thank you Sylvain for your info.

Happy Facebook-ing !

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Contest: Win 8 Trips to The 46th Academy of Country Music Awards 2011 in Vegas

win 8 trips to the 46th country music awards 2011 in las vegas by kfc
KFC sent me a newsletter today and and they're giving away 8 tickets to see the 46th Academy of Country Music Awards 2011 in Vegas next year! Too bad this contest is open to US citizens only.

GRAND PRIZE: Eight (8) Grand Prize Winners will receive:
Roundtrip airfare for two (2)
Deluxe hotel accommodations for three (3) nights at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas
Two (2) Passes to the Dr Pepper Exclusive Concert featuring a special performance by Lady Antebellum
Two (2) Tickets to the Academy of Country Music Awards Show
Two (2) Tickets to the Academy of Country Music Awards Post-Show All-Star Jam
Roundtrip ground transportation

INSTANT WINNER PRIZES: Thousands of winners will receive a choice of:
One (1) Music Download
One (1) Ringtone
Five (5) Photo Prints

You won't win just the ticket, you'll win 2 tickets of airflight, deluxe hotel accomodation for 3 nights at the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino, 2 passes to the Dr Pepper Exclusive Concert featuring a special performance by Lady Antebellum, 2 tickets to the Academy of Country Music Awards Post-Show All-Star Jam and of course, your transportation! All you need to prepare is just money for food, shopping and maybe some little casino moolah.

How to Participate
Log on to the Website. You will be asked to login or register for the Promotion.
Upon completion of the registration process, you will also be asked to enter a Code. If you are an existing registered user, enter your email address and password to login and enter your Code.
Once you submit your Code you will be automatically entered into a Weekly Drawing for the Grand Prize. Each Code can be used for both a chance to win an Instant Prize and an entry into the Grand Prize Drawings.
Note that during the registration process you will also be asked to select the KFC location where you obtained your code (which is printed on your receipt), if applicable.

Click here for rules and more information on this contest.

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Irresponsibility is My Enemy

I called in City & Guilds just now and inquired about my result for my City & Guilds Level 3 IVQ Advanced Diploma in Beauty Therapy. I mean, it's been 5 months already and I still haven't got my certificate?? You've got to be kidding me.

irresponsibility on my city & guilds level 3 beauty therapy examination

Shocking Discovery

Ms Y (let's keep her name that way) told me that my result was already out since August 2010. Can you imagine how long has it been since?? -3 months. She told me that she has already sent the result to Rozsall on August 2010. And I only knew about it around September where ONLY my friend called me and told about our result.

Nevermind that, here's another bomb. It seems that City & Guilds can't ask the centre in London to get our certificates out because they haven't receive our practical exam's result yet. YET. Do you know what that means? It means that somebody hasn't sent our exam practical results to City & Guilds and that results in I and my friend not getting our certificates as soon as possible.

I had the practical exam in the academy and was assessed by somebody from Kuala Lumpur I think. So does that mean she has the practical exam but hasn't pass it up or she gave our results to the academy but the academy is the one who hasn't send it in? I don't know and I want my mom to call that academy right now. Or is it somebody else?

Can you believe it, our theory result is out and the practical hasn't?? In 5 months already??

I've heard of transcripts. Its the markings on our paper and I wasn't really sure if I can have it to myself or the academy was to keep it. Turns out, Ms Y told me that I can have it. Why Rozsall don't give them to me? I've gone through 2 levels of the City & Guilds exam and I've never received a transcript. Maybe they thought I don't want the transcripts yeah? =) Let's just assume that way. For now.

Gee I love this guessing game.

Should I be worried here? My practical result hasn't been sent in yet. It's been 5 months. Oh God my worst nightmare is coming true.

What Now?
I am to ask my mom give Rozsall a call. A nice call of course, my mom's a very nice person. =)

Lesson Learnt
Always get your transcripts if you have got your City & Guilds exam. No wonder when I studied piano in City & Guilds I got the markings. They were all transcripts!

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Love Animals Needs Your Help

love animals shelter in romania needs help for winter in november 2010

Today at 10.26 am, 29 November 2010, a person dropped a link to a Romanian Animal site, Love Animals. I didn't know they were Romanian, when I got there and I couldn't understand a word. Google Translated it and it turns out that they offer animal shelter and they need help.

It seems that dear cold Winter has come to their place and they need support on food, shelter boxes and comfort. Poor things the animals.

Maybe schools or parents would like to bring their children there and make the animals happy for this coming christmas. NGO's maybe can help them too, a field trip or some dinner to raise funds to help them.

I, can only do this blog post for I have no credit cards nor I live in Romania. Hope somebody nice who lives near Petrosani would help Love Animals.

0040 722 232 757 (Be sure to put the country code if you're not living in Romania)
dr.karpineczviorica @ yahoo.com

Coal Street
332,051 Hunedoara Petrosani ROMANIA

Map of Hunedoara Petrosani, Romania Location

View Larger Map

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I'm Officially a Nuffnanger

I've heard of Nuffnang so many times. In fact, I've seen it so many times when I visit any of my friends's sites and I see it displaying the Nuffnang button or sometimes...advertisements. When I started blogging years ago, I've signed up for it but then didn't really know what Nuffnang was all about, so the account was left to rot and I think I asked them to delete it.

Then just now, a friend from my Facebook profile told me about it. I check the website again and now they've stated "blog advertising community". All these time of blogging I've come across on similar companies who do this type of thing and so I know what is Nuffnang then.

The friend told me about it and how to go about it. I got interested on the money some Nuffnangers (I believe that's what Nuffnang bloggers call themselves) can make with Nuffnang. So I've decided to give it a go. It's late at 1 am already but I'm determined to get my Nuffnang up and running. Get all the settings done, understand the concept.

I wanted to join Nuffnang after I've got my own domain name and get my website really snazzy. But I thought, the sooner the better. The earlier I start putting those codes on my site, the more (hopefully) I'll get.

So there you go, let me know what you think of the ad placings on my blog. Are they okay for your eyes to see? Do they irritate you or something? Hope I'm doing a positive move here.

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Review: The Angel Craved Lobster by Shirley Jump

review on shirley jump the angel craved lobster
The Angel Craved Lobster is really a wonderful, love-comedy type of book. I borrowed this book from Sabah State Libray last week.

First read and you'd feel intrigued. Recipe for "Bongo Boy's Welcome-to-Boston Clam Chowds".

Yes it's a recipe for a dish. Not normally seen on love novels these days, considering this book was 2005. 5 years ago. I felt it was something new and the way Shirley Jump wrote is just a new way for me. It's like she was talking to me directly, like a friend. Like casual conversation.

Meredith Shordon has spent her entire life surrounded by corn and cows in Heavendale, Indiana. Now the Boston-bound girl is ready to ditch her homegrown roots for some big-city flash. Out with the apple fritters, in with the seafood linguine! But exotic food isn't the only new experience Meredith craves. She's ready for an education of the passionate kind, and for that, she needs a man who can show her all the flavors she's been missing- a worldly, no-strings-attached hunk who can really cook up a storm...so to speak. A man like Travis Campbell.

Party animal like Travis has just decided to grow up. No more bars, no more parties, no more slaps in the face from scorned 'dates' whose first names were as forgettable as his nights. Travis Campbell is now a man who will not be tempted. No more women. Period. Unless the offer is too good to pass up.

Meredith finally has her challenge: Tempting Travis will force her to shed that Miss Holstein good-girl image and channel her inner sexy siren. But getting a taste of what she craves and Travis needs just might leave them both hungry for more...

Such a wonderful story plot, don't you think? I love to read these type of stuff !

Del Says...
A delightful read. Direct, sexy-naughty and loads of love to share here. I feel like the author, Shirley Jump was reading it to me. Telling the story to me in person instead of the book 'telling' me. I felt personal to it, like a connection. I guess that's what makes Shirley's books great reads.

Who Would Love This?
This book can relate to anybody from teenagers to mothers of 50 year-olds. Young ladies in love, especially. Or those who's been single for quite some time and needs a kickstart to another beautiful relationship. =) Please do read this.

I give 8/10 because this book is just the type that I like and Shirley's an amazing writer !

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Review: Beautician Pinky at Yin Yin Natural Beauty Centre, Centre Point

I want to review on my beautician for my facial yesterday at Yin Yin 3 Natural Beauty Centre. Her name was Pinky .

sunday activities facial at yin yin natural beauty centre and kota kinabalu rice supplier

She was late than my appointment time, I asked her at 1pm and she served me around 2pm. I think it was because I wasn't there 3 minutes before 1pm and another customer came for a treatment. Nevermind, that won't influence her review because I believe it's the management's fault.

She was friendly, nice, polite, sweet and soft spoken. Talks only when it is needed- when I ask her something, about my acne (after extraction) or when she's going to do something like telling me she's going to massage now or wait a while before she leaves.

Rate: 9/10

Her work was nice, fingering and touching at just the right pressure and I believe she can press more if asked. She may have small hands but she has great handwork. This means she's great at massage and touching the face at the right pressure.

Extraction time, she used mostly the metal tool and it was painful. Of course it was. But I know this tool will get the acne out of my face effectively without leaving teeny tiny bit of it behind. She uses tissue when needed and works anti-clockwise on my face, then on my nose. She even did pimples that have no holes on it. Most of the beauticians that I've tried on, rarely do that or will do it, with my request. Pinky, doesn't need any telling to do that. She automatically does it! She was kind to my skin during this process too. She would put soothing lotion onto my face first before pressing hard on it. Though sometimes she can cause superficial wrinkles under my eyes...but nevermind. I love her so much!

Can't see how neat she was, but what da heck. She's great at service!

Rate: 8/10

What I love About
Great, friendly attitude- customers love this
Good work etiquette
Relates to the customer - she understands
Great at extraction (pressing out pimples)
Great massage (she has the power, despite her small, slim hands)

I'd give her 9/10! I have about 2-3 more beauticians that I never tried yet. I think she's the best one, so far. =)

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Daily Activities: Sunday 28 November 2010

I first went for my facial at Yin Yin 3 Natural Beauty Centre. I never knew the real name of that place, I just knew Yin Yin Herbaline. xD Now I know.

sunday activities facial at yin yin natural beauty centre and kota kinabalu rice supplier
I wasn't offered a hot towel. Weird. Usually the therapist would get me a hot towel, served together with the tea. Maybe because it was the 'supervisor' that served me, not any therapist. I think she's the supervisor because I only see her around the counter and never do any customer service. Or have they changed it to no-hot-towels anymore? Oh nooo...what about the germs on my hands??

My therapist was Pinky. As in her name- yes, PINKY. She's a cute girl, a Chinese I think. xD

There was Ngiu Kee sale going on at the Ground Floor of Centre Point, up to 70% I see. =) Mom and Hady went to watch Next Three Days at Growball Cinemax. They praised the movie, saying it's a great one. And Russel Crowe's in it! Oh god I must watch it!

Dinner at De Square Cafe with the family. It was our first time there and the restaurant is Chinese-styled but higher standard than Thien Thien at Jalan Gaya. The food was tasty! Would definitely go there again. =) I would've taken shots of them, but people would be staring at me. xD They serve practically dishes like sweet and sour fish, lemon chicken, pasta- spaghetti, lasagna, garlic breads, french fries, hawker food- wantan ho, noodles, etc.

Kota Kinabalu Rice Supplier

Dad's thinking of supplying rice grains to the restaurants in Kota Kinabalu since he has no attachments on his transportation business. I guess that's a good idea. =) He gets the rice directly from factory and simply supplies to those who wants it. Fast cash, no attachments. That's the point. xD

So if any of you wants rice in a large volume daily/weekly/monthly at cheaper price, feel free to call En. Kassim at 019-810 2228.

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Monday Morning Breakfast with Anlene Yogurt

anlene yogurt
Last Friday mom brought so many of Anlene yogurt back home. So I had it for breakfast today. Only it and nothing else on my empty stomach. =) I feel healthier already! I had the Yogurt Anlene with Berries Mix.

I sprinkled some purple cabbage and carrot pieces on top of it, to make it even healthier and get me to eat those vegetables once in a while. xD But me like this method because I don't taste the veggies at all! I felt the crunch but then felt the soft, chewy, sweet berries.

I would definitely stock up on some more yogurts after this. Maybe not this type of yogurt, the one that is sour still and no sugar added- original yogurt. =) And put some nuts next time.

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I Am to Stay in Kota Kinabalu to Work

Well, today I got an email from Mr Neal confirming my mom's wishes- Snowy and Bensi's too, I think. I can't be million miles away from home, much to my fear. My mission since high school. To see the world and not missing home. xD Kidding.

I Knew It

Well, I kinda had no confidence on winning the job application tho, because I know there would be experienced spa therapists, at least a month of experience. I on the other hand, none. Just a graduate. So yeah, kinda anticipated that reply from Neal. It was the opposite feeling on my City & Guilds Beauty Therapy exam where I was confident, self-assured and not worried. Though I was hoping. No harm on being positive eyh?

Mom as I know, are very relieved that her baby girl's not wanting to wait for another application outside and get to keep her at home, safe and sound. xD Snowy and Bensi would be very glad because without me, nobody will give them food (3 times a day) and hug them at night to sleep.


I think this is the best, to work here and still stay at home. Like, I get to be in the 'real world' but still get to go back to my bird's nest. You know? Like if I'm in trouble or I have questions, parents will be there, friends and....cats? xD

Wish Me Luck

I think I'll wait for my dental on 6th then I get a job here in KK. Wish me luck! =)

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Winner of Asia's Leading Green Hotel Award: Sukau Rainforest Lodge

Congratulations to Sukau Rainforest Lodge (www.sukau.com/) for being the certified winner of Asia's Leading Green Hotel award, by London-based World Travel Awards.

Borneo Eco Tours held a cocktail reception at Rose Garden, Magellan Sutera Friday night to celebrate it's 20th anniversary. The company also paid tribute to it's subsidary company, the Sukau Rainforest Lodge.

Sukau Rainforest Lodge hasn't won only one, but several more such as Green Globe Achievement Award 2000, finalist in the British Travel Awards 2005/Most Environmentally Responsible Travel Agent and the National Geographic Adventure 2008 - top 158 Best Adventure Travel Company on Earth.

I never heard of this company nor it's services before, but it seems that they offer wildlife tours and I think, with a place to stay. Best of all, they're green! There are 46 reviews for it via Google Maps and average 4 stars!

Map to Sukau Rainforest Lodge Location

View Larger Map

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Auto Show 2010 by N1 Bodykits Centre

auto show 2010 by N1 Bodykits Centre at star city kota kinabalu sabah
There'll be an auto show event in Kota Kinabalu, the Auto Show 2010 organized by N1 Bodykits Centre.

4 & 5 December 2010 (Saturday & Sunday)
9 am (Dec 4)- 7 pm (Dec 5)
Star City, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

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Career Expo 2010 (Ekspo Kerjaya 2010)

I think the title 'Career Expo 2010' speaks for itself. =) No need elaboration right? xD This event is to be held in Kota Kinabalu this early December 2010. If you're looking for a job, jot down the dates below. =)

career expo 2010 ekspo kerjaya 2010 at kota kinabalu sabah malaysia

3 & 4 December 2010 (Friday & Saturday)
10 am (Dec 3)- 8 pm (Dec 4)
Suria Sabah, Kota Kinabalu

Happy job hunting and good luck! =)

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Fire at Kampung Air, Good Work from Authorities

fire at kampung air kota kinabalu sabah
There was a fire going on at Kampung Air around 7pm. A part of a four-storey shophouse, including an electrical shop were destroyed in the blazing fire that caught no victims, luckily. This happened yesterday, Saturday evening.

Fire and Rescue Department spokesperson said they received the distress call at 7.21pm and deployed more than 10 firefighters to the scene. Azmil, one of the survivors besides his father, Wahab Matarul said it took them like half an hour to get to the scene.

State Resource Development and Information Technology Minister Datuk Yee Moh Chai, who was at the scene, praised police, paramedics and fire fighters for their quick action. Good job men! And women, if there were any. =D

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Review: Delicious 2 Deluxe by GameHouse

review delicious 2 deluxe by gamehouse with tips cheats and walkthrough

Have you read my review on Delicious Deluxe? If you do then you'd find Delicious 2 Deluxe is even better! Here's my review/walkthrough for this game.

One day, Uncle Antonio called Emily. He told her that his son has left the bistro and needs her to take care of it. You'll play a demonstration game to get you used to playing the diner way. Freddy Fries came with debts from Marcello's gambling and Emily had to start by selling lemonade at The Park.

review delicious 2 deluxe by gamehouse with tips cheats and walkthrough

Sell Lemonade
2nd day You get a visit from a Francois (Francois Studio), ur best friend, who offer to help you set up your place, charge you for only the materials
3rd day You'll have Ziggy approaching to play his guitar to customers.
5th day You'll have a new pretty deck, better than the rotting deck you had on previous levels.
7th day You'll have Francois helping you to clear dishes.
Finally, after 10th day Uncle Antonio can open his bistro again.

Uncle Antonio learnt that his son, Marcello gambled all of their money, so they can only afford to open the bistro.

review delicious 2 deluxe by gamehouse with tips cheats and walkthrough

4th day Norma, Marcello's friend came in to help and be a clown.
6th day Francois will be helping out again!

Italian Restaurant
4th day Francois help you to clear tables- for the last time?
6th day Uncle Antonio will play the violin to cheer customers

review delicious 2 deluxe by gamehouse with tips cheats and walkthrough

3rd day Norma comes in to entertain
5th day Marcello shows up to meet Norma
End of this, Uncle Antonio paid all his debts and Emily wishes to open a sushi bar

review delicious 2 deluxe by gamehouse with tips cheats and walkthrough

The Sushi Bar
5th day have Marcello helping

review delicious 2 deluxe by gamehouse with tips cheats and walkthrough

How to Play Delicious 2 Deluxe

Selling Lemonade- Click on the desired drink/food the customer wants, then click on the customer. Click the counter to receive payment.
Restaurants- Just like the lemonade way, click on the item that the customer wants. You might need to do 2 steps in order to have 1 item like Bread+Cheese or Pizza+Fish. Then click on the customer and click the counter to receive payment.

Delicious 2 Deluxe Tips, Cheats

At start, just try finish as much happy customers as you can. Happy, I meant by when the customer has hearts around them.
When you're advancing and you have Ziggy or Norma to help you entertain customers, your goal should be to get as much double action as frequent as you can.
You can still entertain the customer even when they've left the table, even if they come alone. Just play on the table where they sat. Doesn't matter if you've cleared the table or not.
Francois and Marcello play the part of clearing tables. Always remember to clear tables as soon as the customer gets off to pay. You don't know when a new customer will budge in and leave due to no empty tables.
Always be ready with your pastries, pizzas, cookies or fries. Click on the oven to bake and match pizzas to bake them in the oven. Fries is a must because it takes longer for it to be ready and so I always make one extra.

review delicious 2 deluxe by gamehouse with tips cheats and walkthrough

Del Says
This game is nice! A variety of food/ restaurants to play with with different food each time and upgrades where if I get 3 right, I'll have more tips from customers. Made this game even more interesting!

9/10. Congrats GameHouse! Great game you have here. It is waaaay better than Delicious Deluxe.

That's all for now. Have fun playing! =)

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Review: Go-Go Gourmet: Chef of The Year

I'm never fond of games that needs you to cook like, do each process of that cooking where I need to click so many times to cut the cucumber, put the fries on and make sure to click when the meter's at perfect point or just arrange the food on the platter. Just my personal interest here, not saying it's no fun to play.

review go go gourmet chef of the year by bigfish games

When I had Go-Go Gourmet: Chef of the Year game, I thought it was going to be one of those games too. Decided to give it a try anyway, and boy was I wrong! I turned out to love that game!

Ginger Sanderland, an American girl who dreamt of being the Chef of The Year on her way to New York City. The contest started on a stadium and that was her first start to be recognized as the best chef amongst all participants from all over the world. She'll be competing in many countries such as USA, Italy, France, Russia, Mexico, China and a Tropical Island. Each country will have several levels for her to compete in and along the way stumbled upon several problems. A problem that was causing some chefs to show poor performance and got last place, thus disqualified. Who's that culprit anyway?

review go go gourmet chef of the year by bigfish games

How to Play Go-Go Gourmet: Chef of The Year
The demonstration/ introduction mode of the game is present, which I like on games because that won't make players blurred on stage 1. Here are the directions:
On the right side will be a person above a Dish Title (e.g Tropical Fruit Salad) and Ingredients beneath it (e.g Mangoes, papaya, bananas, kiwi fruit).
In the kitchen, click on the listed ingredients (the scenario's like the mystery game where you have to find items, but just the ingredients now). Your character will go to it and pick it up.
Just follow the direction as stated at the ingredient list. There would be directions like 'Blender', so go to the Mixer and click on it.
When the dish is done, there would be a 'Ting! Ting!' sound. Click on the area below the recipe title.

There will be several people want you to make dishes at once, maximum 3 at a time. You can toggle between the ingredient lists by clicking at their dish titles. This will enable you to not waste time while waiting for current dish doing chopping or sautéing.

review go go gourmet chef of the year by bigfish games

review go go gourmet chef of the year by bigfish games

Tips for Go-Go Gourmet: Chef of The Year
To make dishes as fast as you can, I suggest when you're doing 'Chopping' or anything that takes time, go to the second dish and start preparing it. When the first one's done, go back to it and just continue the process. I usually make 2 or 3 dishes at one go, depends how fast the process for dish 1 takes.
Always click on a finished dish as fast as you can. Your score for that dish starts declining since the person asks for it.


There you go, I love this game! Can't wait to play Go-Go Gourmet 2!

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Review: Consfood Chicken Pie

Another review for Consfood. Earlier I did a review on Consfood Chocolate Chip Cupcake and Blueberry Cheese Tart. Here's a review for Consfood Chicken Pie.

This chicken pie's has a cruchy crust, if eaten hot. If not, its texture will be like of a cold tart. Inside would be some pieces of chewy chicken and...not sure what it is. xD Judge the next picture!

review chicken pie from consfood damai

I love this pie! Glazed with egg yolk on top before baking, making it attractive (or so I think it was egg yolk). The taste is....like it has spring onion and some more fragrant ingredients I can't detect. It used to have carrots in it... Years ago. xD

review chicken pie from consfood damai

RM2.20. Absolutely worth spending my money on.

Rating is 8/10 for this pie.

There's another pie which is the apple pie. I prefer that more than this one as it has juicy halves of apple and it's super sweet and with the cinnamon with it, makes the taste interesting!

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Bad Response for Pizza Hut Extreme Cheesy 6

I went to Suria Sabah last Sunday and dined at Pizza Hut to taste the new Pizza Hut Extreme Cheesy 6.

pizza hut new pizza hut extreme cheesy 6 is bad 2010

Seeing the picture above, surely you're tempted to taste right? So was I. I was so excited to taste those 6 variety of cheese in my mouth. Let me quote them again for you;

Monterey Jack

You can opt to have toppings of 3 types which are Cheesy Pepperoni, Cheesy Chicken and Cheesy Hawaiian. Hun wanted the Cheesy Chicken for he eats that mammal everyday of his life. Well most of it. xD

When Reality Kicked In...
When the pizza came, hun was astounded. Our pizza wasn't as showed in the advertisement or the one displayed above the kitchen counter of Pizza Hut. I would've taken a picture of it but I didn't bring my camera. I only got to get it home then snapped a slice of it because we didn't finish 3 slices of it because of it's taste was sooooooooooooo UN-cheesy as the one it stated in the ad.

pizza hut new pizza hut extreme cheesy 6 is bad 2010

Can you see the crust? Because in that ad on top, the crust was covered with cheeses. First fault A.K.A. I-got-cheated-by-Pizza-Hut. Second, the taste was sooooo BLAH. Literally. A slice of Cheesedale tastes better than this, I swear. Yes there was cheese, 5% of it only. The rest, like the normal taste of the pizza bread-dough-whatever.

Third, the crust. It felt like crap. Supposedly you expect something inside it right? At least that something other than cheese inside it. This pizza totally killed hun's appetite. Poor him, he didn't want to eat anything else.

Seeing these pictures again, makes me mad. I didn't taste the sausage at all. Only thin, chewy stuff in my mouth. Same goes to that black mushroom. Toppings are suppose to be fat for goodness's sake, that's what will make the pizza nicer. Am I right or not?

Price was...RM28.++ for the pizza. Topping RM3. Tax RM3.++ and total was RM37. Nice job Pizza Hut.

Well, this is just a rating for this pizza, not Pizza Hut as whole. I give it 4/10 just because it made me feel full and the soup that day was nice. =) Won't recommend people to try this.

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Review: Blueberry Cheese Tart from Mark Bakery

Mark Bakery is a bakery that's been in Damai for a while and their products is just as great, not so expensive. Here I want to write a review on it's Blueberry Cheese Tart.

This tart's appearance is a bit off for me, like the blueberry had caused the cheese to sunken in. But it definitely does look delicious. =)

review blueberry cheese tart from mark bakery damai

Cheese dominates the whole taste, with the sweet 20% of the blueberry. I would love more blueberry on it please.

review blueberry cheese tart from mark bakery damai

RM2.20. A bit overpriced if you ask me.

7/10. Either they put more blueberries or they put down the price would make this one my favourite. =)

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Review: Consfood Blueberry Cheese Tart

Another review for Consfood's pastries. This is the second review after the Consfood Chocolate Chip Cupcake review. And this Consfood Blueberry Cheese Tart isn't as bad! I wonder why they call it tart, not cupcake. Or am I wrong on the definitions? xD

review on consfood blueberry tart

This tart has blueberry on top only and you can only taste a little bit of it on each bite. Feels harder than the chocolate chip cupcake, but definitely can be chewed on. xD

The Taste
The taste is rich, chewy-soft and feels just like a blueberry cheese tart! =D Definitely worth the money spent. It can use more blueberries on top though, I just tasted little of it/ non at all. But definitely worth the money!

review on consfood blueberry tart

RM1.50, just like their Chocolate Chip Cupcake. =3

7/10. Sorry, but I still prefer the chocolate chip cupcake than this one.

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