Wednesday, October 6, 2010

October 2010 Favourite Song: Kissing You by Miranda Cosgrove
my favourite song for october 2010 kissing you by miranda cosgrove

I have a favourite song to play on my iTunes for this October! I keep on singing it's chorus over and over again, all the time! It's Kissing You by Miranda Cosgrove. I heard it first on in the car and it just stuck ever since!

The song is just honest, straight forward and I can totally feel this song. I can relate to it, not just some parts of it, but the whole thing, right from the start till the end. I'd doubt it if there's a girl out there who won't like this song unless she's not a feminine one.

Here's a video for it.

p/s: To maneuver the lyric below, just press the fourth@last button on the bottom right and scroll up or down. Sing with it!

Lyrics | Miranda Cosgrove lyrics - Kissing U lyrics

Am thinking of listening other songs from her. Might've missed few sweet ones like this one. xD

Shine on,


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