Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Nail Art Picture Designs on Green French
nail art picture designs on green french
Most of you must know about French Manicure where the free edges of the nails are painted with a strip of a color that resembles the natural color of them. =)

In this post, I am to show you my work of it in green! Yes, green, like leaves, grass, moss.

Tadaaa!! Here it is! Green! xD I only had green nail color at that time, so I used that and then thought, "Hey, I never do a french!". So I painted. I know, this was bad. xD But it was a good one, no floods or chippings, good try Del! *pat my back*

nail art picture designs on green french

From left to right:
Mozaic Leaves
Pink on Green Grass
Green French Art Drawings

nail art picture designs on green french

I love Mozaic Leaves and Green French Art Drawings!

nail art picture designs on green french

Till the next post! I'll post some more, stay tuned! =) By the way, how do you like my blog's new face? Nice eyh? =)

Shine on,

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