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Movie Review: Alpha and Omega
review Alpha and Omega movie october 2010 at 1 b kota kinabalu sabah
I watched a new October movie, Alpha and Omega last Sunday where I saw that amazing girl doing her thing at the Battle of Borneo III 2010 in 1 B.

Here's Alpha and Omega trailer!

It's a movie about two different categories of wolves, Alpha and Omega living in Jasper National Park, Canada. I'm not sure why the wolves are separated by these two names but Kate (Hayden Panettiere), was an Alpha and Humphrey (Justin Long) was an Omega. One day, their competitor, the Western Wolves broke their agreement with the pack by hunting prey in their territory due to food scarce back home. Kate's dad Winston (Danny Glover), the leader of pack with the Western wolve's Tony made an agreement long ago go marry their offspring, Kate and Garth (Chris Carmack). A wedding was to be made fast or there would be war between the two clans.

Kate and Humphrey was taken by human beings and transferred to another park during the full moon night where Kate and Garth was suppose to howl together at the moon as that, I believe shows that the couple is a couple. With Kate's disappearance, Winston and Tony became furious as nobody knows where Kate was, Winson thought Tony's pack did something bad to her and Tony thought Winston made Kate ran away or something.

This movie started off with so much energy where Humphrey was playing with his Omega buddies and here was where I was introduced to the differences- Alpha and Omega. It was like the Alpha's hunt and Omega stays at home and play? Not sure.

review Alpha and Omega movie october 2010 at 1 b kota kinabalu sabah
The texture, the color, the 3D thing wasn't as convincing/natural-looking as Ice Age or Monsters Inc where even the furs were shown and moves naturally, like the picture above.

review Alpha and Omega movie october 2010 at 1 b kota kinabalu sabah
This movie, Alpha and Omega, the whole thing doesn't look surreal, it's like between 2D and 3D. But I must say the environment setting, where the moon shows with the lake at night and the green grass with flowers, the wolves howling to the moon scenes was beautiful.

The story flowed smoothly and understandable and I laughed/giggled all the way till near the ending. Near the ending, Kate was thought to be dead and oh my god I can feel super sadness creeping as I see the wolve's faces and started crying when Humphrey howled. But no worries folks, this movie is a happy ending one. =)

My favourite character of this movie would be Kate's mother, Eve (Vicki Lewis) and Lilly (Christina Ricci) because Eve would make me laugh all the time whenever she appears onscreen where she would be talking in such sweet gentle voice but the words are violent and everyone including Tony was scared of her. xD Lilly was because she has beautiful eyes and white, long fur. xD

Another interesting thing about this movie is that the wolves howl like human singers. Like, whenever I hear them howl, I get goosebumps. I can't imagine real wolves howling like that at night. It was beautifully sang and with melodious tunes, I tell ya.
review Alpha and Omega movie october 2010 at 1 b kota kinabalu sabah
My vote for this movie would be 7 because the movie didn't seem real-like and 3D to me. Yeah, I think that's why and when the movie doesn't look real and looks game-like, the whole thing is less enjoyable. I gave it 7 for it's humorous acts throughout the movie and the singing and beautiful scenes. =)

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