As an ISTJ-A with a strong penchant for cakes, beaches and cats, I play Debussy to keep me zen.

Balancing between personal and business, I presently work as an Executive Assistant to the Group CEO of a multinational consortium right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Backed with years of experience working with the startup industry, multinational corporations and government agencies, I developed strong Corporate Administration skills whilst practising agile and being data-driven.

Coming from a humble background, I found solace in giving back to the community as a way of paying it forward by dividing my spare time with volunteer work.

Glamiva is the place for me to express my passion and knowledge sharing and I’m happy to spread message of positivity to as many people as possible.


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Assist with Audit, manage your claims and receipts, record sales transactions on accounting softwares i.e Quickbooks, Xero

Calendar Management

Manage your calendar, schedule appointments, email liaisons, make reservations and travel planning

Social Media

Setup social media accounts, attend to enquiries, content creation, content planning and posting

Grant Applications

Malaysian grants such as MDEC’s SME Digitalisation and Cradle Fund’s CIP grants. Have secured over RM1.5mil worth of grants as of year 2020.

Your Paperwork

Meeting minutes, letter drafting, agreements, presentation slides, RFP, proposals, etc.


Anything else such as staff payroll and statutory contributions, or matters with the bank, tax office, insurance, immigration, customs, etc.

Recent Posts

Sabah Hospitality Fiesta 2010

The 13th Sabah Hospitality Fiesta is happening this coming November 2010! This fiesta was initiated by students of ATIC (formerly known as ATI) with lecturers's supervision in 1997.

The objective of this fiesta is to create an enthusiastic spirit of competition among the tourism and hospitality industry players to showcase their talents in the respective fields and to expose the public to the high standards maintained in the industry.

Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister, Datuk Masidi Manjun is expected to open the event. The organizing committee will also organize a charity activity where 10 hotels and resorts + 1 college will be donating 4,000 cupcakes to form a giant Malaysia flag. Proceeds of the sales will be given to the Sabah Cheshire Home.

6 & 7 November 2010
City Mall

You can contact Mr. Alex Cham (Chairman of MAH Sabah/Labuan Chapter) at telephone number +6088 265555, fax +6088 246666 or email alexcham@promenade.com.my / gm@promenande.com.my.

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Stompin Sabah 2010 at Jesselton Point KK!

stompin sabah 2010 at jesselton point kota kinabalu sabah

Stompin Sabah 2010 is happening this November 2010 y'all! Bah tunggu apa lagi orang Sabah? If I remember correctly, this event was held last year 2009 but it was on New Year's Eve. There'll be local and international tribal percussions from around Asia who will show off their best, infused with international deejays who will add beats to the percussions.

Sure you're wondering..."who's gonna be there?"
Shawn Lee - Malaysia's World best Beat-boxer Ranking No 9
Wicked Aura Batucada - Singapore
Dicken - Sabahan, 16 yrs only and will make his debut on international stage with Man Kidal & Joe Wings
DJ tony- Sabahan
Ella and the band
Joe Wings - will be performing with Man Kidal and Dicken
KULAHIG - Philippines
Man Kidal
MC vibe (formerly known as Doreeno)
Toi AF6 - The Angklung Supremo

Wonder how la the jam later when the day comes...100% no jalan & no road! xD

Tickets are priced at RM30 and RM100 for VIP, available at Jesselton Point and Imperial Hotel from 11 October to 6 November 2010 from 11am to 8pm. You can also get Ms Ann at (+60)017-8179896 and RSVP on Facebook!

6 & 7 November 2010 (Saturday & Sunday)
7pm (6 Nov)- 2am (7 Nov)
Jesselton Point (previously known as Kota Kinabalu Ferry Terminal), Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Jesselton Point (Former name was Kota Kinabalu Ferry Terminal) Map

View Larger Map

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Pesta Bagandang 2010 at Beaufort

pesta bagandang 2010 at beaufort on november 2010
Pesta Bagandang or Bagandang Fest is going to be held again this November 2010! Head on to Beaufort and experience traditional and modern musical performances that uses traditional musical instruments in Sabah such as the kulintangan- mini brass gongs played during weddings and also the colourful cultures of the Bisaya, Lundayeh, Murut and Brunei people! So many races here!

pesta bagandang 2010 at beaufort on november 2010
The objective of this event is to educate the younger generation about tradition and bring about the message of harmony and unity amongst the public. 1 Malaysia~

5 & 6 November 2010
8am - 5pm (both days)
Venues differ according to the programmes

For more info, contact Ms Malina (Event Secretary) at 012 8433119, fax 087-211519, email at siemmalina@inform.gov.my.

Pesta Bagandang 2010 Schedule, please click here.

Beaufort Map

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Sabah Annual Art Selection 2010 Held together with Head of State's Birthday!

sabah annual art selection 2010 at sabah art gallery
Sabah Annual Art Selection 2010 will feature artworks by professional artists, craftsmen and even secondary school students!

7 October 26 November 2010
Sabah Art Gallery
9am - 5pm (off on Fridays)
Jennifer Linggi (curator) at 088-268806, fax 088-210040 or email jplinggi@yahoo.co.uk/art.gallery.sabah@gmail.com

Map of Sabah Art Gallery click here.

Do you know that this event is held in conjunction with the Head of State's birthday celebration. It's an exhibition that showcases Sabah's achievements, Malaysian leaders, people's hardship to independence and also the life of Sabah's Head of State and related cultural and arts activities at the Sabah Museum Complex. It's happening now till 18 November 2010 at Sabah Museum Complex!

Map of Sabah Museum Complex

View Larger Map

Congrats to His Excellency!

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Singing Market The Musical 2010

Singing Market The Musical 2010
Singing Market The Musical 2010 is happening in KL as you're reading this! By the way, what's Singing Market The Musical?

This delightful musical, set in the eccentric 70’s, is an explosion of nostalgia with its unforgettable classic melodies, endearing characters, entertaining story, retro designs and splendid colours.

The story...

The story centers around a group of vendors in a “pasar” or market who are forced to perform at the annual Ghost Festival dinner at the eleventh hour. The Festival Committee Chairman’s wife, Hua Jie, had secretly gambled away the organization’s money and dare not inform her husband. The original performing troupe was cancelled and Hua Jie tries to cover up the situation by getting help from retired singers, sisters Wen Wen and Yen Yen. They are to train some amateurs so that they can pass off as a legitimate Ghost Festival performing troupe.

Their clandestine mission begins as they manage to rope in the fishmonger, the noodles “Ah Sou” the vegetable “Aunty”, the Hokkien chicken seller, the effeminate boss of a coffee shop together with his shy and timid niece. With only 2 weeks to go, can these “impostors” pull it off?

Singing Market The Musical 2010

The producer, not mentioned, has produced critically-acclaimed and award-winning team of “Prince Siddhartha”, “Above Full Moon”, “Jewel of Tibet” and “Kita” and “Singing Market”.

Details are as follows..
30 October - 12 November 2010
Panggung Sari Istana Budaya, Kuala Lumpur
Ticket price: RM198, RM168, RM138, RM118, RM68
Hotline:603-7711 5000

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Sabah Prisons Department is Malaysia's First Correctional Facility!

Congrats to Sabah Prisons Department for becoming the first correctional facility in Malaysia to obtain accreditation for its prison inmates skills training programme! Sabah Boleh!

I know it's weird, why am I doing a post about prisons? Well, this is a good news, news that can make people change their views on prison, ex-inmates and the whole thing, a sign of good and improvement within the community. I think media should be publishing more about these, I don't think they've been exposed enough. Don't you think so?

This means that the inmates would be given a certificate when they've completed their courses by the Department of Skills Development.

A technical skills training committee has been formed, comprising skill training agencies such as Institut Latihan Perindustrian, Institut Kemahiran Mara, Giatmara, Akademi Binaan Malaysia, and Institut Kemahiran Belia. Mohd Sabri Yakob, Sabah Prisons director Senior Assistant Commissioner and also the commitee's chairman, told Borneo Post that they have prepared five courses for prisoners at Kota Kinabalu central prison, Sandakan prison and Tawau prison who serve at least six months.

Congrats once again, Sabah Prisons Department!

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Anteater Nightmare Uncovered by Sabah Wildlife Department Raid

I read a terrifying news about Pangolin. Article 22,000 pangolins killed in 14 months by Asia One News shocked me. First of all, I'm sure some of you wonder what Pangolin is.

anteater becoming extinct resported by sabah wildlife department

It's Anteater! Or, as Malay call it, Tenggiling. I didn't know this before. =p

Back to the news. What's this Anteater nightmare Del's talking about? Released by Southeast Asia wildlife trade, a sum of 22,000 Pangolins and 834.4kg of their scales were supplied to a syndicate that was raided by Sabah Wildlife Department last year 2009. That statistic was for a period between May 2007 and January 2009. Can you believe it? SABAH! Sabah bah itu, punya sa tekejut! I'm Sabahan and there was a syndicate here endangering this cute creature of God, right here in my state. Maybe it's not the only one, maybe 2, 3, 10?

Worse, Senior Traffic programme officer Noorainie Awang Anak stated that that figure could be higher (must be) because there's a six months of unrecovered records.

My goodness. Maybe they're from rural areas and all they can think about is wake up early in the morning and hunt for dinner. And those who buy the scales, you're so selfish! Killing lives just for your life? Think of the bigger picture man. Please la.

There was a survey amongst 13 pangolin hunters and only one out of 13 of them believed that anteaters is going to extinct.

Well, as the matter of fact, I didn't know about this matter too. I didn't know they're killed for their scales and what not. I'm so proud I did this post. I might just made people aware of this. Wish I have the power to stop all animal cruelty.

The least I can do is writing this post and voice my opinion. And for tonight, I'll be asking Allah to protect them and other animals too. Amin.

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SBA Organizing Level 2 National Badminton Coaching Course this November 2010!

SBA organizes Level 2 National Badminton Coaching Course this november 2010

Sabah Badminton Association (SBA) will be organizing the Level 2 National Badminton Coaching Course at Likas Sports Complex.

SBA President, Senator Datuk Maijol Mahap is inviting all coaches to enroll in this course. This course that will be conducted by 5 experienced Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) coaches and all coaches from other states are also welcomed to join!

Details are as follows;
22-28 November 2010
Kota Kinabalu Sports Complex

Requirements are as follows;
Participants must be at least 21 (as of this year)
Has Level 1 National Coaching Course certificate for no less than one year
Must have a minimum of 100 hours coaching experience

Seats are limited, so enroll fast!

For registration and more information please contact Chooi Weng Seng from BAM at 03-20939220 or SBA's Barbara Edwards at 088-255193.

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Nail Art Picture Designs on Green French

nail art picture designs on green french
Most of you must know about French Manicure where the free edges of the nails are painted with a strip of a color that resembles the natural color of them. =)

In this post, I am to show you my work of it in green! Yes, green, like leaves, grass, moss.

Tadaaa!! Here it is! Green! xD I only had green nail color at that time, so I used that and then thought, "Hey, I never do a french!". So I painted. I know, this was bad. xD But it was a good one, no floods or chippings, good try Del! *pat my back*

nail art picture designs on green french

From left to right:
Mozaic Leaves
Pink on Green Grass
Green French Art Drawings

nail art picture designs on green french

I love Mozaic Leaves and Green French Art Drawings!

nail art picture designs on green french

Till the next post! I'll post some more, stay tuned! =) By the way, how do you like my blog's new face? Nice eyh? =)

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Hugh Jackman Lipton Ice Tea Ad

Yesterday I saw Hugh Jackman in the Lipton Ice Tea ad. At first I didn't know that was him you know, with his sexy black suit and his hair, well, short, not wolverine-ish.

I mean, I've seen him in action-tough movies like X-Men and Van Helsing where he had his hair longer with beard and moustache, all rugged-up. So it was kinda....I was awed, shocked, and marvelled at it. I paused for while, like it was such an opposite side of Hugh Jackman that I saw. It was only after a few minutes then I can register that ad in my brain. He was like, super sleek with that suit and danced like a pro!

Here's the ad;

I feel so pumped seeing this ad! Hugh Jackman is such a versatile person. I have so much more respect and adoration for you now Jackman! Keep it up!

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Review: Lavender's Botanicals Help Post

lavender's botanicals by gamehouse help walkthrough post 2010
Hey all! I want to share with you all my experience and 5-day 'expertise' (well maybe not so expert) on Lavender's Botanicals game that I think would help you and your queries! If you've just started on that game, then this post is for you!

Build an empire of relaxing fun in Lavender's Botanicals, an original adventure game! Help Lavender create the best personal care products from all-natural ingredients and sell them all over the world. Travel the globe, meet friends, discover delightful recipes, and embark on exciting quests that will help your growing business blossom! Use fun mini-game to set production, keep your factories stocked, and keep up with the market by developing new products! A delightful adventure for all, Lavender's Botanicals features gorgeous full-screen graphics, an engaging storyline, and even some hidden surprises! Join Lavender on the adventure of her dreams today!

I was totally into this game the minute I started to play it! Beauty interests me, so this game, focusing on beauty and creating beauty products, is just so like me! The most addictive game ever, as I played it all the time like, 15 hours of my life! xD

Too bad for this game though, their startup mode wasn't so...practical..? Like you know, when you start playing a new game and they have a demo mode like they teach you how this game is played, like how you see in Cake Mania or Diner Dash. The game started with a few information like telling you what button is what and stuff and when Aunt Lucy was gone and I was on my own, I was a bit blurred and didn't know how the game works.

Lavender's Botanicals game walkthroughlavender's botanicals by gamehouse help walkthrough post 2010
Lavender's Botanicals game is a game where you, Lavender will start making natural, eco-friendly products and expand your business throughout the world, starting from a small city in Bangor, Wales. You'll own factories around the world and gather ingredients as well as finding new ones and recipes to create a new type of product by talking to people worldwide. While you're at it, you'll receive numerous awards from different countries by being friendly to the Earth.

lavender's botanicals by gamehouse help walkthrough post 2010
Okay here's the...Main Menu, Dashboard, your Admin window. I'll explain what are they and when do you need them.

World Map
lavender's botanicals by gamehouse help walkthrough post 2010
World Map is a window where you'll see..well, the World Map literally. xD You'll get to go to 17 places like Seattle (United States), Toronto (Canada), Bangor (United States), Valparaiso (Chile), Sao Paolo (Brazil), Kilkenny (Ireland), Lisboa (Portugal), Avignon (France), Mykonos (Greece), Cape Town (South Africa), Cairo (Egypt), Nairobi (Kenya), Bangalore (India), Beijing (China), Kyoto (Japan), Adelaide (Australia) and Auckland (New Zealand), represented in round clickable icons.

Just click on any country and you'll fly there. Money and days will be spent when you travel.

NOTE: Take note on the money you'll have to pay and days you'll have to pay before you click on any country, especially when you're short in money or your factories are running low in ingredients and you have contracts to fill everyday.

Go To City
This is used when you've went to "My Shop" button or whenever you want to see the city you're in.

My Shop
lavender's botanicals by gamehouse help walkthrough post 2010
Basically, I think, your shop in the city you're in. It's clickable everywhere I was, so that means you have 17 shops around the world! Here you'll be able to see your Trophy Gallery, your Laptop (also accessible from the "Main Menu" on the bottom right window) and also your Journal (see picture below).

lavender's botanicals by gamehouse help walkthrough post 2010

Inventory is your....well, inventory. The items that you've bought, that you've produced in your factories everyday, will be stored here, unless you have contracts with companies, then the items will be sent to the company automatically. It also shows how much of an item do you have.

In computer, this is called history. It's like a history of your activities, what did you buy and how much of it, what did your factories produced and how much, the contract that you've just taken, broken contracts, etc.

Here you'll be able to see icons of your factories worldwide. Hove the cursor on a factory image and it will show what product it's producing and the ingredients for it as well as telling you if it's running out of an ingredient for it. If the indicator next to it turns red, it means that it's not producing that product due to insufficient ingredient. If it turns yellow (idle), it means that you haven't assign the output. Outputs is assigned by playing two games- a game of shooting ingredients of the same type or a match-3 game. If it's green, then it's okay.

Factories continue to function as long as they have enough ingredients to produce the product that you've assign them to make everyday. So that means you need to have enough ingredients for that particular product they're producing in your Inventory.

lavender's botanicals by gamehouse help walkthrough post 2010
Laptop is your laptop. It has your Formula Book (recipes for products), Ingredient Book (a dictionary of ingredients that you know/ discovered), Product Chart (selling price of your products worldwide, so that you can know which place pays the most for a product) and Ingredient Chart (where you can get ingredients and prices for each places). I rarely use the Ingredient Book. =p

Next Day
You can pass one day by clicking this button.

To Do List
Click on this button and it will show you contracts that you have ongoing with companies, products and how much of it you need to supply them everyday. It will also show you your "Current Quest"- what items you need to have and where you'll finish it.

How to play Lavender's Botanicals
Now that you know how to go about everything, now's the time for you to make some money and discover new products and ingredients and expand your empire line at the same time!

You can get quests from individuals worldwide and these can help you get access to new ingredients, new place to discover (be able to travel to) and new factories. In return, they usually want ingredients and some products of yours.

You can also have contracts here! In other words, supply companies like hotels, centres, shopping malls and such with your products. This is the best way to make big money as the price for the products will be higher than usual so if you maintain constant manufacture of their desired product, you get constant, big fat money everyday!

I just obtained a new recipe! What to do about it?
Whenever you get a new recipe, you have to learn it by a match-3 game. You'll only have to do this once.

How to make a lot of money?
I suggest you take contracts that gives a lot of money. The highest that I ever got was 1,200 per product. See what is the highest paying product that you have currently then go to places and have contracts that wants that product of yours. However, sometimes, this method doesn't work. Sometimes people pay more for the lesser priced product.

That's all I can think of right now. If you have any other inquiries, just comment on this post on the comment form below and I'll be sure to reply you ASAP!

Happy gaming!

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New: Pizza Hut Extreme Cheesy 6 pizza from Pizza Hut

new Pizza Hut Extreme Cheesy 6 pizza from pizza hut malaysia
Pizza Hut's got a new pizza this October 2010! It's called the Pizza Hut Extreme Cheesy 6 pizza! It's packed with 6 types of cheeses;

Monterey Jack

I'm not so sure if I'll love this one or not. It's loaded with cheeses, which means lots of fat and salt. What do you think?

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BES Asia 2010 at KLCC

bes asia 2010 at kuala lumpur convention centre klcc malaysia
BES Asia 2010 is here! Back by popular demand since the last 3 years, it'll be held at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC).

BES (British Educational Suppliers) is a unique event which combines an all-British exhibition of education services and resources suppliers alongside a conference and workshop sessions which cover the latest innovations and thinking in the education sector.

You can check it's BES Asia/ website for more info.

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Nail Art Design: Shimmer Blue and Black Art

Hey all! Here is a nail art that I did on one of my ex colleague. She was soooo white, pale-like and you can literally see her veins clearly on her white skin. She loves blue and we were in a rush so I've decided to use a shimmery dark tone of blue nail color then do some artistic, circular strokes of brush using a black acrylic nail art color.
nail art designs blue black color

nail art designs blue black color
Aaaand she loved it! To do the strokes, focus on one part of the nail then start drawing no more than 3 of the circular strokes or it'll be ugly. Trust me. =p

Feel bolder? You can place 'bling-blings' or stones, use shimmers in colors like yellow, silver, bright pink or even green! That'll stand out. Purple will fade in this type of blue, because it's near to the blue color in the color wheel, if you know what I mean. =)

Shine on,

Nail Art Designs

Here are my nail art works that I did just to prevent boredom. I only had purple nail color and a set of acrylic nail art colors. What to do??

nail art designs
From left to right;
Leafy Drops nail art
I used the dotting tool only for this design. Super simple and easy nail art! I dotted the white dots first, then the green dots. I focus more on my free edge then gradually decrease the dots's intensity as it goes to the base of my nail. Finished it off with top coat.

Pandan Leaf Criss-Cross nail art
I used purple nail color first, big white stripes, big green stripes, thin white stripes then thin green stripes. I used the nail art brush for this. Then added some gold specks on the free edge. I was trying to make a gradient on the stripes but wasn't so successful on it. =p

Falling Feather in Purple
This is a simple contrast of colors- purple, yellow and white. The feather can be drawn using the nail art brush or the nail art brush that's thin and fan-like (do it little by little).

Purple French in Red and Orange Art
I did a purple french then made the flower in red and white in the center, green leaves outlines with white then some lines and on the purple french and long ones from the flower itself using yellow and orange.

nail art designs
Stay tuned! More coming up!

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Plants vs. Zombies Last Stand Strategy- Super Easy

plants vz zombies last stand easy strategy
Hey guys! I'm playing Plants Vs Zombies and have completed the adventure game. Now I'm on to the mini game and I'm kinda stuck at the "Last Stand" stage. I can't seem to defend my home very well, being given only 5,000 Suns to start with. So I searched online and found a forum about it in Gamefaqs.com. Read on to find out how I beated Plants vs Zombies "Last Stand"!

I'm blogging about this as I'm trying out to beat this Plants vs. Zombies "Last Stand" stage right now. I've exit the full screen option so that I get to blog about it on the spot as it happens.

A user named Gilthanis posted the first post saying that you should get:
A row of Gatling Repeaters
Second row of Repeaters. Your money can only afford for 5 and so you have to buy a Peater but place the Peater on one of the two Lilly Pads. I put a Peater on my 4th line.
A completed row of Torchwoods.

I'm completely out of Suns right now, zero (0) Sun. So start the battle!

Flag 1 report
Level 1 report
The first level was sooooo easy!! Oh my god I have a feeling this strategy could work. The zombies could never get to the second patch of row and a zombie without anything on it would die within first shoot! The ones with pails or doors would die when they're about to step to the second patch.

I got 250 Suns! I bought Potato Mines and Tangle Kelps, placing them in front of my Torchwoods. I put 2 rows of the Potato Mines and 2 of the Tangle Kelps. Below is the beginning of my Flag 2.
plants vz zombies last stand easy strategy
Flag 2 report
This level was okay too! But at the end, the zombies on the 4th line managed to nearly get to my torchwood! Then only I realized that the strategy from Gilthanis was to replace the Peater to Repeater once Flag 1 ends! Oh lord! Thank god my Peaters managed to kill them before the Torchwood! xD

I got 250 Suns when Flag 2 ended. So I replaced my Peater with a Repeater. I bought 2 Potato Mines as well! Placed them randomly on my 6th row. =) So here goes! Battle it out!
plants vz zombies last stand easy strategy
Flag 3 report

plants vz zombies last stand easy strategy
There are those zombies with duck buoys and pails on their heads starting to appear! Zombies dressing like a football player nearly got to my mine! But I'm not worried.=)

Died in an instant!

Game ends, I got 250 Suns! Now what to do with that money? Gilthanis said to place as many mines as I can. I think I'll put 2 more Tangle Kelps and complete the 6th row of Potato Mines by placing 3 more of it. =) I'm left with 125 Suns. I'm not going to use them to place another mine as I think it would be a waste to put mines or Tangle Kelps so near to the zombies as the Peaters could've kill them as well. So this money will be used to replace any used Potato Mines or Tangle Kelps!

Here goes nothing! >.<

Flag 4 report

Lots of zombies already on land and on the pool! 2 zombie footballers reached to my mines!
plants vz zombies last stand easy strategy
Kaboom! Haha! xD
plants vz zombies last stand easy strategy
Replaced one quickly! Then another one came and blewn off! xD

Ooooh a Footballer zombie nearly ate the mine that I've just planted! Lucky my strong team from behind take it down before it managed to eat it off! So a tip for Flag 4 here, don't plant your mine if you think it won't make it on time. xD

The final wave was crazy! Two zombies with dolphins swam off to my Torchwood! Luckily I have my Tangle Kelps on standby! Phew! Guess I have to put 3 rows of the Tangle Kelps for Flag 5 eyh?

Got the Suns (sorry I didn't count!) and my money now is 325 Suns. I replaced my mines and Tangle Kelps, and now I have 3 rows of Potato Mines and Tangle Kelps.

Let's start the battle! >.<

Flag 5 report
Lots of zombies with pails and duck buoys at the start. My team manages to take them down pretty good. Not worried at this point. =) Final wave came a zombie with dolphin! Luckily I have my Tangle Kelps. Still not worried! xD

It's nearing the end and I can still see my first row of mines and kelps! xD I have a good feeling about this.

True enough, I got my trophy!! Wohooo!! I've successfully beaten out Plants vs. Zombies's "Last Stand"!!

When you plant the Potato Mine, make sure to wait a while until they're ready before you start the game.

Get the coins quickly or they'll disappear! xD

On Flag 5 I just notice that I didn't put a mine on my third row of mine on the last line. It's because when previous flag ends, there's a button on the bottom center of the screen to click and start the next flag- which means I can't see if I have my mine there or not! So be careful about this part.

I'm so happy I've completed this "Last Stand" !! Wohooo!! Thank you Gilthanis!

Shine on,

Review: Juice Mania from iWin

Juice Mania is a Match-3 Games, Purchase Only Games and Puzzle Games kind of game from iWin. I've played it and now I'll be doing a review for this game, Juice Mania.
review game juice mania from iwin 2010
First impression is great, the menu looks nice and user-friendly, easy to maneuver and attractive. But the cursor's just hard to go over with, like....hard to point and click on things..

review game juice mania from iwin 2010
The game's helpful all the way. There were instructions on the first stage, everytime there's a new feature, new items to help on winning, obstacles and how to remove them and others like buying my first cookie/ lollipop. I can always go to the "How to Play" option on the "Main Menu".

Too bad this game doesn't show the lady making and serve the customers, it's more like the lady training me, myself to sell the drink for she appears only when she gives instructions.

review game juice mania from iwin 2010
The game's a long one. =) Very long, 100 levels! =D But it gets quite boring at the end as there's no storyline, no mini game or anything in between. Just stage after stage and the only thing that gets me hooked into this is the expert goal. I'd be so irritated when I couldn't reach it! xD

The game's ending is...so-so. It's a happy one of course, but that's it. Like, "Hey you've reached the end, congratulations." That's it.

How to Play Juice Mania
This game, like it's category "Match 3 games", is a game where you have to match 3 items or more. This game is about a lady who quit her job to sell fruit juices as she hates the unhealthy soda she had.

Match fruits of the same type to serve customers before they become angry and leave (will cost you -$10 per customer). There are 2 types of goals- Goal Level and Expert Goal Level. Goal Level is the enough money earned to continue the next round. Expert Goal Level is...well, shows that you're an expert. It's higher than Goal Level's limit.

How do I make customers happy?
review game juice mania from iwin 2010
Unless you're an expert on matching the fruits, buy cookies or lollipops. Lollipops are cheaper and it's great when you're starting out and have little money, unless you're great on making money in the game I suggest you get the cookie.

How to match fruits faster
Besides the cookies and lollipops, you can also purchase and upgrade "Blander". See the picture above, it's at the bottom left corner. It's a tool where you can combine different types of fruit instead of matching the same type. This is great to save time and serve customers fast and of course, match fruits the easy way. This tool can be used occasionally when you match lots of fruits together.

How to get a lot of money $$$ / Expert Goal
Of course, serve a lot of customer. Therefore, the "Blender" tool is essential to make mathings faster and get you to get more customers.

There are some stages where it's just impossible to achieve the goal, like the time was cut short and customers were little. See what they're ordering and how much it's worth. If they're ordering $9 drink and you're halfway through the day and your goal's not even half yet, it's best to make them leave instead of making them stay by giving cookies as it's just not worth it. Just let them leave and the next customer might want a higher priced drink. =)

Of course, if you're only selling the cheap drinks like $5 only, of course you can't achieve the $300 goal. So invest on buying recipe drinks that can give you more money.

There are a lot of obstacles all over the field! What to do?
When this happens, I always try to make the center part clear as I can get more matches and avoid "No Movements Left" situation. However, if the center part has locked boxes and there are a lot of it, I'll focus on clearing the outer region of the field or anywhere that only needs one match of fruits to remove it like "Box". If there are lots of "Locked Box" or "Ice" all around, I focus on clearing the center part first.

The customers don't warn you or no beeping sound will be heard if they leave/ going to leave. So you must be alert on their happiness level. Give them cookie only if their order is worth the trouble (give you a lot of money).

Always pay attention to what fruit is frozen ("Ice") as it may the one that can be matched.

When the "Blender" tool is lit up, use it fast because there's no accumulation points for it. It will only fill up once after you used it up.

My vote for this game is 6.5. =) You can buy it for $6.99 at their

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Contest: Create an Original with The Body Shop

contest the body shop create an original with the body shop malaysia from october 2010
The Body Shop is having Create An Original with The Body Shop contest.

You're given a chance till 30 November 2010 to submit your idea for a limited edition range of shower gel. You have to come up with a name, color for the bottle, inspiration and description of it.

Prize is a trip to London for two and £1,000 spending money! Three shortlisted entries will be sent to their lab and only one winner will win the prize!

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Event: The Body Shop Member Workshops in Malaysia

The Body Shop Malaysia will be holding The Body Shop Member Workshops at Penang and Kota Bahru this October 2010! Lucky you people!
event the body shop malaysia member workshop at penang and kota bahru malaysia 2010

Join one of our exclusive Member Workshops for all the latest skin care and make-up tips. Read on to find out when we'll be in your neighbourhood.

You will learn...
Everything you'd want to know about your skin.
Find out how to enhance your best features.
Create your unique and fabulous look.
Latest tips on skin care and Make-Up How-Tos.
And many more!!

Exclusive benefits
Member fee at only RM110 (non-member at RM160) for a full-day workshop.
RM100 redeemable on make-up products right after the workshop!

I'm not sure about Sarawak, the only The Body Shop workshop that I know of for Sabah is only the RM30 workshop. Wondering if it's the same thing...or not? - Seeing that it costs RM160 for non-members.. xD

event the body shop malaysia member workshop at penang and kota bahru malaysia 2010
Sunway Hotel Seberang Jaya, Prai.
16 October 2010,
Register at Sunway Carnival Mall
Tel: 016 223 6017.

Sunway Hotel Georgetown, Penang.
17 October 2010.
Register at Gurney Plaza and Queensbay Mall
Tel: 016 223 6165 / 016 223 6315.

Renaissance Hotel, Kota Bahru.
23 October 2010.
Kota Bharu Mall
Tel: 016 223 6264

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Contest: Paramore Live in KL Contest

Paramore Live in KL Contest kuala lumpur malaysia
Time Out KL's giving away 50 Free Standing tickets worth RM358 each to see Paramore live in Kuala Lumpur on 19 October 2010! Go to Paramore Live in KL Contest and just answer some questions!

Contest ends on 11 October 2010.
Open to anyone above 18 years old.

There's another contest regarding the upcoming Paramore's concert. They're giving away 4 Meet & Greet passes!

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Contest: Paramore Meet and Greet Contest from Time Out KL

paramore meet and greet contest in kuala lumpur malaysia 2010
Time Out KL is holding Paramore Meet and Greet Contest exclusive for their readers! They're giving away four Meet & Greet passes to see Paramore live!

Contest ends on Oct 11, 2010.
18 and above only.

Winners will be announced on their website and notified via email.

Feeling lucky? You have a chance to meet and greet the band!! Join Time Out KL's Paramore Live in KL Contest! Unlike this one, they're giving away only 4 passes instead of 50! xD That's understandable.

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Weight Loss Drug Meridia Rejected by FDA

fda rejects drug for weight loss meridia
FDA rejects a popular weight loss drug, Meridia.

It is said that the Meridia drug gives much more bad than good- little benefit but increases the risk of heart attack and stroke. That's like you're paying the company to kill you!

What does Abbott have to say about this? They disagree!

"Abbott believes [Meridia] has a positive risk/benefit profile in the approved patient population, but will comply with the FDA's request," the company says in a news release."

It is estimated 100,000 U.S. citizens are taking this pill. Wow..dear people, it is advised that you ditch this drug and I suggest you go the natural, cliché way to lose weight by eating a balanced diet and exercise well. Please.

Taking Meridia? Here's FDA's full advice to patients now taking Meridia:
Stop taking Meridia and talk to your health care professional about alternative weight loss and weight loss management programs.
Talk to your health care professional if you have any concerns about Meridia.
Contact your health care professional right away if you experience pain in the chest, heart palpitations, abnormal heart rate or rhythm, or other symptoms including dizziness and lightheadedness.
Dispose of unused Meridia in your household trash by following the recommendations outlined in the Federal Drug Disposal Guideline.
Report any side effects from Meridia to the FDA's MedWatch program using the information at the bottom of the page in the "Contact Us" box.

fda rejects drug for weight loss meridia
I think of WebMD when I think of exercise instructions and tools in losing weight or just to live healthy. They have Personal Diet Evaluator, WebMD BMI Plus Calculator, Food and Fitness Planner, Health and Cooking and a lot more information on food, understanding them and also health problems. I've subscribed to them for many years now and I'm recommending this to you all 100%. Hope I'll be helping you with this.

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Our Fishing Day a Success at Rampayan Laut, Kota Belud

Last Sunday I and the boys went for a fishing day out! The place was at Rampayan Laut, Sabah. It was my first time fishing in so many years since I last went fishing with my dad when I was little.

It was an early start at 5am. Everything was still dark and that was the first time I and hun watched the Sun rise as we travelled. It was beautiful.

We stopped by somewhere near Tuaran in a Bajau village to get some live shrimps. For RM35 we got shrimps that can fill our styrofoam box entirely! Well not the whole thing as in volume, but we can't see the bottom of the box after the shrimps were counted and put into it. =)

Got some 'pisang goreng' 'roti telur' and curry puffs at a stall beside the road out from the village. Cheap too! RM1 for 7 pieces! xD

Got there around 8am and met Totoi, hun's friend's big brother. He was to help us with moving the boat later on.

We went to the port, got our food, drinks and fishing tools. I'm phobia of heights and apparently, that day, on water too. Maybe because I couldn't swim. I managed to crawl to the boat alas. xD

Totoi told us that we needed 'ikan bilis' (the big type) for bait as well. So we saw this gentleman here and asked for some. =p
fishing day with friends at rampayan laut kota belud sabah malaysia

Lucky us they caught a lot! It was literally all over their boat! His son helped us pack the fishes. And God bless their souls, they said it was free. But Jali gave money for it anyways.
fishing day with friends at rampayan laut kota belud sabah malaysia

Here's the view from our second spot to fish.
fishing day with friends at rampayan laut kota belud sabah malaysia

We took photos of big fishes that was caught. =) Enjoy~

Jali with his catch. First big catch for the team! 'Ikan merah'.
fishing day with friends at rampayan laut kota belud sabah malaysia

Here's Totoi with his first catch.
fishing day with friends at rampayan laut kota belud sabah malaysia

Another one~
fishing day with friends at rampayan laut kota belud sabah malaysia

Couldn't believe our luck! We got another 'ikan merah'!
fishing day with friends at rampayan laut kota belud sabah malaysia

Too much of 'ikan merah' was caught that day, along with 'ikan putih' and another smaller fish. Hun got his first catch and it was the first 'ikan kerapu' for us!
fishing day with friends at rampayan laut kota belud sabah malaysia

Throw a towel over your shoulders and you're officially a fisherman! Or fisherwoman? xD
fishing day with friends at rampayan laut kota belud sabah malaysia

Jali, Totoi, hun and Jimmy was so great at fishing. I on the other hand....caught none. I just can't tell if it was the fish on the fishing rod...everytime I'd be pulling thinking it was the fish, but it was just the water. Or once, this cloth somebody threw. But it wasn't how much I can catch, it was just spending time with hun and his friends, be a part of the experience. =)

'Ikan merah' is a very aggressive type of fish man, there were 2-3 of it nearly tumbled our box over!

Here was the whole catch.
fishing day with friends at rampayan laut kota belud sabah malaysia

Big fishies!
fishing day with friends at rampayan laut kota belud sabah malaysia

Happy man with his catch. Jali sure is into fishing a lot. He caught the most fishes that day! Along with Jimmy, Totoi and hun...not the lady. xD
fishing day with friends at rampayan laut kota belud sabah malaysia

We then went to Totoi's home and some fishes were cooked 'sup ikan masak halia' with a bit chilie. Sooo tasty, sooo sweet, soooo fresh and I felt good. Really good eating it all.

The guys were so nice, they gave me loads of fish still after 'all the fishes I caught'. xD

So there it was, my 'first' experience fishing, fishing with the boys and to Rampayan Laut. =)

Let's say you're to go there to fish too....

I see a lot of people on the riverbank fishing and they got a lot too! There was this spot under a big tree they got big fishes too.
You would wana wear something that covers up all over your body- long sleeved shirt, cap, hat, shoes and also sunblock- bring it with you. You'd get wet and you'll need re-application.
Bring thick, good strings for the rod so that you won't get snaps all the time, like my guy did. xD
Best to bring an umbrella, or one like a stand, in case it drizzles.
Come in the morning, say 7am, for I see the people there goes fishing in the mornings. Maybe that's the time fishes comes out eh?
Bring food with you, packed ones, not the ones that you need to use your naked hand to hold it. You'll have no time/ won't bother to wash your hands with antibacterial soap or anything like that.

Map to Rampayan Laut, Kota Belud, Sabah.

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