Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Review: Virbac Wound-Gard 50ml ( 1.7 floz )
Here's a review of Virbac Wound-Gard 50ml ( 1.7 floz ) that I bought yesterday at Pinnacle Pets Supply, Damai. It's for my cats's injuries, thanks to that Evil Cat from Hell.

review Virbac Wound-Gard 50ml ( 1.7 floz ) Pinnacle pets supply damai kota kinabalu sabah
Here it is, the size is just nice, hand-held size like the Body Mist in Sparkling Apple that I bought last June.

Appearance? Nice, on the front cover I can directly see the active ingredients in it, how many ml is it, description and who manufactured it.

review Virbac Wound-Gard 50ml ( 1.7 floz ) Pinnacle pets supply damai kota kinabalu sabah
Active ingredients:
10g/L Chlorhexidine Gluconate
5g/L Menthol
200mg/L Denatonium Benzoate
200mL/L Phenoxyethanol
10mL/L Eucalyptus oil

I know Eucalyptus is a good disinfectant and has other good properties. I found Virbac Wound-Gard's info;

WOUND GUARD is a topical antiseptic bitterant spray which dissuades dogs and cats from self traumatising wounds, sutures and dressings. A bitter taste deters the animal from licking the treated affected area. Aids in the treatment of wounds on dogs and cats to help prevent self mutilation and infection.

No wonder Bensi doesn't lick the bandage anymore! Whenever, whatever I applied on Bensi's hand to heal the wound, he'll lick it off in no time. But thanks to this, he won't, ever again! Nice innovation!

Directions: Apply liberally to the affected area three times daily or as directed by the veterinary surgeon. A guide to usage is 3-4 pumps per 2cm length of wound.

The smell's nice! Like that red cough syrup I get from the doctor when I was small. Sweet smell, infused with menthol. Nice one!

Usage is simple, just take off the cap and spray. It has expiry date too! Mine is Nov 2010. I got cheated, suppose I check on the expiry date and could've got more discount than 10%. The price I paid was RM27, discount 10% became RM24.30. Aaaiiiih silly Del. xD

All in all, I'm happy with it. =)

Shine on,


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