Friday, September 17, 2010

Review: American Brownie from Multibake
Here's a review for Multibake American Brownie I had today!

american brownie cake review multibake
Here it is~ It looks so delicious, so chocolatey! But didn't know what it would taste like..

american brownie cake review multibake
The size is okay, reasonable with the price, RM1.80. It's like, 1/6 of a tupperware container.

american brownie cake review multibake
This is the thing I don't like. The cake is wrapped with a transparent cover and the thing underneath it. They cellotaped the intersections! So the only was is to turn the cake upside down and hope it won't fall to the floor. Urgh.

american brownie cake review multibake
Here's the cake's tag. It's great that they put expiry date on the tag, me like. =)

Here's the real review of all the above. The texture- the most important thing I check on cakes, is so dry! I feel dry on my throat eating this. Quite hard for it to be called a brownie as of course, brownies are suppose to be moist, supple and wet with loads of the butter and that chocolate-sugary taste (maybe a bit of nuts too but I didn't expect them from a RM1.80 cake). I guess, as the saying goes, "we get what we pay". The cake's hard, slightly softer than a muffin but harder than a sponge cake/ steam cakes.

As for the taste, I didn't taste glucose, just chocolate but I can't help but to taste chemicals at the end my chews. Not liking it, but it's great that they don't put sugar in it, but I don't like the chemical taste, felt like I was eating junk.

I won't recommend this and I won't buy this ever again. I knew I was right when I wanted to go to Southern instead of Multibake. Urgh...

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