Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Day Shop for Pet, Baking and Sticthing
Yesterday, I went out to get medicine for Snowy and Bensi. They need something for their injuries (thanks to that vicious villain foreign cat) and flea medicine or something. I also went out to get somebody to stitch 'Rolela' on the Akemi Fleece Blanket In Love blankets that I bought last year. xD I know, it's been a long time and finally now I've got time to do it.

First I went to Damai and went to see the Herbalife's shop if it was open for I wana finish up my package there. Too bad, it closed and I was informed that it opens up from 7am-12pm only. =p

Then went to Rinko to ask if they can stitch those blankets, they said can't for the blanket will be damaged & out of shape if they do so. Thankfully the man suggested to go to Mexico Tailor (Tukang Jahit Mexico), located next to Public Bank in centre KK (opposite the block of Milimewa). On the way I was thinking of a backup, in case this doesn't work. I thought of that tailoring academy at the ground floor of Wawasan Plaza.

Went in there and there were military uniforms, caps, shirts with logos, namge tags and busy people. xD Showed the lady the blankets and she said can. The process was simple, I told them to put 'Rolela' at the bottom corner of the blankets. 1.5 inches long and use the font style, Commer-s. RM10 for each blanket, so total RM20. Here's Mexico Tailor's contact number, 088-254974. Stupid la the shop at Ground floor Centre Point. It was the same thing, the one with the machine and does uniforms and stitchings, I went there and the woman said she can't do it. Lack of knowledge perhaps? Thank god I went to Rinko and asked.

Virbac Wound-Gard 50ml ( 1.7 floz ) Pinnacle pets supply damai kota kinabalu sabah
Went to Pinnacle Pets Supply to buy my cats's stuff. Looked like I talked to the owner and she recommended a disinfectant, Virbac Wound-Gard 50ml ( 1.7 floz ) for my babies's wounds. This is RM27, discount 10% became RM24.30.

Frontline Combo Cat Green 12 Pack pinnacle pets supply damai kota kinabalu sabah
Here are the flea medicine. She said use one for one cat only, one time only. Sounds very effective eh? It was in a box of 3, but she took two of it only and sold it separately. She said this is to be applied to the skin from the top till half of the backbone. It will then dissolve into the blood stream and when the fleas suck the blood, they'll shrink and die. So will the eggs, go away too. If the fleas don't suck, they'll stay away.

Frontline Combo Cat Green 12 Pack pinnacle pets supply damai kota kinabalu sabah
The name of it is Frontline Combo Cat Green 12 Pack. Each is priced at RM22, total RM44, 10% discount became RM39.60.

I became a member too! Since it's been several times already I've been there and did some shopping, so why not? Paid RM10 only and the card was so cute! Mom took it already so sorry, can't post up pix. xD It's a lifetime thing too, so you don't have to worry about expiry dates and renewals.

pet snowy and bensi first aid basket
Here's their so-called-by-me First Aid Basket. xD Yeah, Gamat too. I believe in Gamat's power in healing!

Then went to buy baking stuff at Consfood, Damai. Too bad they ran out of wheat flour and no small packs of walnuts (RM20+ was the only packing they have). Too bad...

Then went to Tong Hing to get a french loaf. Ended up buying rice flour (saw mom's sms to get one). Rushed to Mark's Bakery and tadaaaa!! Saw french loaves! Bought one only for RM2.60.

Then went to Inanam to give back hun's car. xD I took the City Mall road and boy was it jam. Took me about 40 minutes to reach Giant! Lucky his boss asked him to do a job while waiting for me. xD

Shine on,


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