As an ISTJ-A with a strong penchant for cakes, beaches and cats, I play Debussy to keep me zen.

Balancing between personal and business, I presently work as an Executive Assistant to the Group CEO of a multinational consortium right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Backed with years of experience working with the startup industry, multinational corporations and government agencies, I developed strong Corporate Administration skills whilst practising agile and being data-driven.

Coming from a humble background, I found solace in giving back to the community as a way of paying it forward by dividing my spare time with volunteer work.

Glamiva is the place for me to express my passion and knowledge sharing and I’m happy to spread message of positivity to as many people as possible.


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Review: Sunplay Super Block Sunblock Lotion Highest SPF (SPF 130 PA+++) from Watsons Karamunsing

review on Sunplay Super Block Sunblock Lotion Highest SPF (SPF 130 PA+++) from watsons karamunsing kota kinabalu sabah
Hi all! I wana do a review on a sunscreen product, Sunplay Super Block Sunblock Lotion Highest SPF (SPF 130 PA+++) that I bought on my shopping spree last Friday at City Mall and Karamunsing. I've been using it on every-day basis, added it together with my foundations or tinted moisturizers and a fishing trip to test how well it is in the waterproof department. It's RM27.96 at Watsons Karamunsing.

Here's the back side of it.
review on Sunplay Super Block Sunblock Lotion Highest SPF (SPF 130 PA+++) from watsons karamunsing kota kinabalu sabah
Highest SPF 130 PA+++ for long hour protection against UVA and UVB.
SPF 130 isn't the issue here, it's the protection against UVA and UVB rays that counts. SPF only determines how long it will last on your skin.
Helps to prevent sunburn and premature aging.
It did! I never get a sunburn before but my guy used it for a fishing trip and he didn't get any sunburn, which he used to have everytime!
Japan "Watery Liquid" formulation is non greasy. Its water-like texture is extremely light & smooth on skin.
It IS non-greasy, light and smooth~ Like Venus.
Super waterproof formula which does not require frequent re-application.
Yeap it is, I still feel it and tested it's existance during the day.
Non-comedogenic (does not clog pores).
Ideal for long hour outdoor sports and water activities.
Dermatologist tested.
I didn't suffer any reactions or contra-actions from using this product. Normally I don't as I don't have sensitive skin.

review on Sunplay Super Block Sunblock Lotion Highest SPF (SPF 130 PA+++) from watsons karamunsing kota kinabalu sabah
Use as sunblock lotion alone or after moisturizer.
Shake well before use.
Apply evenly on face and body. Reapply as desired or after towel drying.
Remove with facial cleanser.
I love the fact that this product shows the properties and benefits of it and also directions. I hate it when a sunscreen doesn't show if it can be used on either face and body, face only or body only. One of my pet peeves. Irritates me and I 100% will put the product back on the rack.

review on Sunplay Super Block Sunblock Lotion Highest SPF (SPF 130 PA+++) from watsons karamunsing kota kinabalu sabah
It's size is sooooo perfect! Hand-held, just like an average mobile phone size. I don't think my handbag will suffer carrying another 'handphone'. xD Cute!

review on Sunplay Super Block Sunblock Lotion Highest SPF (SPF 130 PA+++) from watsons karamunsing kota kinabalu sabah
How to open it? Just twist it! Which is the best type of cap that I love in bottled products, the press-and-twist type is also nice, easier. Those that only require presses to open and close it, danger- you may accidentally pressed on the cap and bye-bye RM40 eye make up remover.

The smell isn't so overpowering, it's okay, slight smell like medicated lotions. After application, you feel nothing at all! In fact, my face felt smoother- like silk! xD Thank you Sunplay's Japan Formulation!

p/s: Pictures starting below onwards aren't edited with their color, light or any other textures you can think of.

review on Sunplay Super Block Sunblock Lotion Highest SPF (SPF 130 PA+++) from watsons karamunsing kota kinabalu sabah
The texture is the least viscous of all. Like it says on the pack- watery. It sure does feels like milk to the touch. See how it runs down on the back of my hand?

review on Sunplay Super Block Sunblock Lotion Highest SPF (SPF 130 PA+++) from watsons karamunsing kota kinabalu sabah
Here it is after a few seconds. Note how thin-transparent this product can be? It's genius! Not thick at all- Super thin and this means lesser time on applying and blending it!

review on Sunplay Super Block Sunblock Lotion Highest SPF (SPF 130 PA+++) from watsons karamunsing kota kinabalu sabah
Here's my bare face. Sorry for the zits!

review on Sunplay Super Block Sunblock Lotion Highest SPF (SPF 130 PA+++) from watsons karamunsing kota kinabalu sabah
And here it is after applying the product. Note that it's a sunscreen, so I've already expected shines, which, I'm okay with because shine means protection.

I've tried applying a liquid foundation on it but it doesn't seem to take off the shine. So powdering is still needed here. I don't do it.

All in all, I love this product! It's small, reasonable with it's quality and quantity and most of all, delivers what it promises! Definitely will recommend this to anybody who wants to have a good protection from the Sun and a smooth application! Two thumbs up Sunplay ! Congrats!

Shine on,

Shopping Day: Toiletry and OPI at City Mall and Karamunsing

I wana show you guys what I bought on my shopping day at Karamunsing for my toiletry and opi stuff, and at City Mall too. I thought I need a sunscreen, cotton pads, blah blah blah..and my day cream was running out!

I went to Karamunsing to get my laptop from the service centre. I'm loving my new-improved compaq! I've increased it's RAM and now I can play Perfect World!

So, then I went to Watsons on the ground floor. I couldn't find Vidal Sassoon anymore here, since..God knows when. Don't know why. Now I don't know what brand to buy for a good hair brush.

Then I went to Sunday Pronails to get an OPI nail buffer 1000/4000. I was given a discount to about RM43.

Then I went to City Mall to get another one like that. Yeah I know, should've got it at Sunday Pronails but I changed my mind on just getting one. I got one at 1930's Professional. If you're facing the mall at the entrance, it's on your left, the farthest left.

shopping day for toiletries and OPI at city mall and karamunsing kota kinabalu sabah
Clockwise: Watson's facial cotton RM9.90, Watsons Cotton Bud with Ziplock RM1.90, Oral B toothbrush RM4.10, 2x OPI nail buffer (shiner) 1000/4000 RM45 (Sunday Pronails) /RM50 (1930's Professional), Sunplay Super Block Sunblock Lotion Highest SPF (SPF 130 PA+++) RM27.96.

One shocking discovery from the OPI buffer that I got from Sunday Pronails...
shopping day for toiletries and OPI at city mall and karamunsing kota kinabalu sabah
Dirt on the exposed part of the buffer. This one was known before I bought it but too bad they only had 2 left, the other one suffering the same condition.

shopping day for toiletries and OPI at city mall and karamunsing kota kinabalu sabah
Here's the back of it. I couldn't get the buffer out from it's plastic pack at first, this thing here was like, stuck together with the buffer. Had to use my nail filer to slowly wiggle it out. Lucky me I paid lesser. Kalau tidak...they would've had an angry customer on their doorstep the day after.

So...there goes. I'm still on the hunt on a hair brush...should I go to Babyliss at Warisan Square? I think so.

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Atkinson Clock Tower- Heritage Preserved

success on heritage preserve atkinson clock tower kota kinabalu sabah
Do you know that our clock tower that's in the middle of KK was in jeopardy recently, somewhat last week. It was up for demolition for a hotel and a shopping complex! Just imagine that!

I got to know about it Monday this week, 2 days ago as I read the newspaper eating nasi goreng near Open University. Shocked! I went to it's facebook event and clicked attend. You can do the same too, eventhough you're not Sabahan, or from Malaysia. Click "Attend" and you've might just have saved a heritage with all-wood-no-nails structure that symbolizes our Sabah. I'm confused however, why are there people clicking "Maybe" or "Not Attending"? They don't read before they click I guess.

You can also support this cause by signing it's petition online. It was created by Richard Nelson Sokial (sabahheritage@gmail.com), founder of Heritage Sabah.

Aand good news for us all today! State government has ordered the Central Town Planning Board to re-study their plans about it. Environmental Protection Department has also been said to reject this absurd plan.

Yay for us all! Nothing will come between us like I said, my dear tower! Developers, get somewhere else please.

Shine on,

Daily Activities: 21 September 2010

I've went to Gribbles that's situated at Lot 6, Ground Floor, Bangunan Daya, Jalan Kebajikan. It's at the left if you come from St. Francis Convent High School. My blood test was all okay, syukur. Then off to Luyang Health Clinic to finalize the health report that I started to do since last 15 September 2010. Took me exactly 7 days to do this! Wohoo!

I had to take my cue and wait for my number to be called and register. There were 2 counters out of 3 open at first, then they guy came and yay! All three are open then. Then I had to go to room 16 and wait some more. Here the black box for showing which number for which room isn't available, so mom and I had to listen carefully- which we didn't do and nearly got our turn skipped. xD

The doctor seemed didn't believe my good radiologist's report that she took out my x-ray file herself and examined allover. I don't blame her for I did the report at a private clinic, Kissey Clinic Specialist Centre.

Everything else was okay, she scribbled some words and slashed several parts..and wala! Done.

Then went to Wisma Merdeka to look for cloth to make my uniform. Geez it's so hard to find a thick cotton cloth! All are that silky cloth that I don't like. I only found black and white cottons that are thin out of all lot of stores that we've went, Kain Mewah's 2 branches and some stores near Upperstar there.

Aaand then bought some more clothes...aaand we were disappointed because we couldn't make it to Centre Point to get that crunchy popiah from Tuah Baker, Palm Square. We love it! It's only RM2.20 but it's worth it, totally.

And that's it. End of my activities for 21 September 2010.

Oooooh and I have to get my cd game from that computer shop! Didn't have time! It better still be in one piece or they'll lose a customer.

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Review: Frontline Combo Cat Green 12 Pack

I wana do a review on the Frontline Combo Cat Green 12 Pack that I bought earlier for my babies to treat their flea problems.

 review Frontline Combo Cat Green 12 Pack pinnacle pets supply damai kota kinabalu sabah
Here's how it looks like.

review Frontline Combo Cat Green 12 Pack pinnacle pets supply damai kota kinabalu sabah
Here's the back of it.

The lady told me to apply to the skin from the top till half of the backbone. I think this is so that the cats won't lick them off if it's somewhere further down. The liquid will then dissolve into the blood stream and when the fleas suck the blood, they'll shrink and die. So will the eggs, they'll perish! If the fleas don't get to suck the 'poisoned' blood, they'll stay away. Meaning, they'll run for their lives.

I bathe them each before using this medicine. Application was super easy, only a bit hard on finding the skin as the cats have very thick fur and it took me longer than I thought to find the skin area. I just have to break the tip of the medicine and squeeze it as I run it down.

Result? I see no more flea eggs nor fleas on them! Wohoo! The result was fast, like a day or two, I see no more flea eggs on Snowy (he had it before).

Days after applying this, their fur were sticky-like. Like honey but just a little bit. Teeny tiny bit.

Bought them at Pinnacle Pet Supplies, Damai. Bought two of them, since I have two cats. Each is priced at RM22, total RM44, 10% discount became RM39.60.

I'd definitely recommend this to any cats or dogs with flea problems! 5 star from Del!

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Stitching Result from Mexico Tailor on Blankets

I wana show you guys the result from the stitching service for the two blankets that I sent to Mexico Tailor earlier this month.

stitch names on blanket from mexico tailor kota kinabalu
Tadaaa!! Isn't it lovely? The font is Commer-s.

It was bigger than I thought! Seems that the 1.5 inches that I thought was suppose to be the length, was actually the width! Well, nevermind la, the bigger the better I guess. xD

The stitching was great, there were like, plastics sewn together with it too, made it look so brand new.

I hope hun will love his- red blankie ! xD This one here is mine and I'll bring this with me to work later.

Shine on,

National Event: Celebrates Malaysia Day at Sabah, Kota Kinabalu

Yesterday mom and I went to padang Merdeka to celebrate Malaysia Day! I was hesitant, but I just went anyway since I can meet hun that time. xD

celebration malaysia day at sabah kota kinabalu 2010
We came at 8pm but went to eat at Thien Thien first before going there as we were all hungry.

Went to Padang Merdeka at about 9pm. Boy it was so packed! Jammed with people and I smelt ciggarette smoke all the time. Combined with my nausea and gastric, sprinkled with an enourmous feeling of dizziness and headache on the sides of my head and also tummy rumbling, I went off after about 30 minutes standing there seeing nothing.

Anyhu, here are the pix that I could take..sorry if got blurrs!
celebration malaysia day at sabah kota kinabalu 2010
Here's a pic of the MC's stand, behind the stage. Saw this and I knew mom and I were positioned behind the show! No wonder we didn't see anything!

celebration malaysia day at sabah kota kinabalu 2010
Lucky us all at the backside, there's this big screen for viewing. Phew! Featured are the dancers.

celebration malaysia day at sabah kota kinabalu 2010
Suddenly, POOFF!! Fireworks! There were loads of it bursting out after this one, people were thrilled!

And back to me, yours truly, I went to have a drink at the eatery next to Shell. Dear god they charged me RM2 for a hot milo! Nevermind la as I was desperate for a hot drink and I really didn't care how I looked already that time.

I'm thinking my headache was due to my hair tied up so tight on the sides of my head. I loosened the bun and the headache went away.

When hun knew I was alone and had to walk so far and sick, he straight away went to look for me . He kept me accompanied till dad arrived to pick mom and I. Poor hun he missed all the good stuff at Padang Merdeka as shortly afterwards, he had to go already. I feel terrible, but he didn't mind it.

I came home and my headache was still on, I straightaway went upstairs and for the first time in such a long time, I slept at 11pm. xD

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Health Check Up for TB and Radiologist's Report

Today, as planned, I was to go to Luyang Health Clinic to get my TB (tuberculosis) shot as requested by my employer, part of the whole health check up.

Went there with a face mask on me, scared I'll get the disease as they said it is air borne. I went in there and she asked me to come slightly pass the counter. Her hand ready with the an injection, about...1.15 inches long I guess. She put the needle on me, I turned away 180 degrees! xD

health check up tb
Here's my hand, several minutes after getting the shot. Swollen! I thought it was a drop of water from the nurse's hands! Lucky me the swelling went away like, 1-2 hous afterwards. The nurse didn't apply disinfectant on my skin before giving, straight away shot me. Maybe that's how it's suppose to be done eyh?

Here's how it works. The test takes 3 days, I get a shot today and come back after 3 days and check how it turns out. That means, I'll know the result on Monday. =)

Then went to Kissey Clinic Specialist Centre at Lintas to get a radiologist's report on my x-ray since Clinic Luyang doesn't offer that service.

We were told to go to their Plaza Grand Millenium branch and it was a fast one. Paid RM10 only for 2 copies of my report, signed by Dr. Damian Edward Kissey.

Then went to Apiwon to eat fish soup. I wasn't feeling well, my head was heavy and craving for a lie-down, maybe because of yesterday's fault.

Got back home, terus naik bilik and slept till mom called at 6pm to ask if I wanted food from 1 Malaysia (Inanam, at Terminal there). I woke up several times within that 6 hour+ period, some I felt better, some I felt sick and hot. Weird kan?

When they came home, I ate the American Brownie from Multibake when I went for Dr Kissey.

Head felt super heavy again and slept with Snowy and Bensi by my side. About an hour later, woke up and decided to puke what I ate, in an effort to make my head okay again. It worked! ^^

I ate not so much still, forced my mouth to chew the food only. But I feel better, no more heavy-ness. Hope tomorrow okay suda. =)

Shine on,

Review: American Brownie from Multibake

Here's a review for Multibake American Brownie I had today!

american brownie cake review multibake
Here it is~ It looks so delicious, so chocolatey! But didn't know what it would taste like..

american brownie cake review multibake
The size is okay, reasonable with the price, RM1.80. It's like, 1/6 of a tupperware container.

american brownie cake review multibake
This is the thing I don't like. The cake is wrapped with a transparent cover and the thing underneath it. They cellotaped the intersections! So the only was is to turn the cake upside down and hope it won't fall to the floor. Urgh.

american brownie cake review multibake
Here's the cake's tag. It's great that they put expiry date on the tag, me like. =)

Here's the real review of all the above. The texture- the most important thing I check on cakes, is so dry! I feel dry on my throat eating this. Quite hard for it to be called a brownie as of course, brownies are suppose to be moist, supple and wet with loads of the butter and that chocolate-sugary taste (maybe a bit of nuts too but I didn't expect them from a RM1.80 cake). I guess, as the saying goes, "we get what we pay". The cake's hard, slightly softer than a muffin but harder than a sponge cake/ steam cakes.

As for the taste, I didn't taste glucose, just chocolate but I can't help but to taste chemicals at the end my chews. Not liking it, but it's great that they don't put sugar in it, but I don't like the chemical taste, felt like I was eating junk.

I won't recommend this and I won't buy this ever again. I knew I was right when I wanted to go to Southern instead of Multibake. Urgh...

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Daily Activities: 15 September 2010

Today was busy in the afternoon! I had to do 3 things, get a Commissioner of Oath to sign and their stamp on my letter, medical check up and deposit to my agent's account.

First went to Klinik Kesihatan Luyang for the checkup, thinking it needs time to process and all.

And guess what? The hospital was crowded! Not so crowded till you can't breath la, but there were loads of people! Guess they have constipation after all the raya eating eyh?

I had to wait 40 minutes and paid RM1 (only) and endured excrutiating sleepiness while waiting. The tv wasn't on and I was scared the whole time of infected with whatever everybody else might be having that time, think of H1N1. My turn came and it turned out I need a form from my employer for it. Aaaiii....

So went to KK Court to get the stamp, super easy and fast! xD

Then...went to the bank to deposit the money to my agent. Told Pat already. Am keeping the receipt till everything's clear and I'm on the plane. =)

About the medical report, Pat said she'll mail me a letter that only needs a sign from the doctor. Wokey then.

Shine on,

Facial Skin Problems and Health

Hey guys! I wana share you information that I got from a video that was posted by Bubzbeauty. It's about your facial skin's problems on different parts of the face and their connections to health problems. Some sentences are used and some are my own. I've been subscribing to her recently and I think she's wonderful! Attractive videos with lots of information like this one that I'm about to talk about!

Our faces are categorized into different zones and each zone indicates a certain organ.

Split into two sections, left and right. If you breakout here, it's probably due to your poor digestion and water intake. Poor digestion, as we all know it, leads to toxic build up and this can be made worse by drinking little water everyday. External factors would be dirty hats/caps, a fringe/bangs hairstyle

Between the eyebrows
I believe the muscle of this section is called procerus. Yay for memorizing muscle areas! xD This area is linked to your liver.

So you tend to get redness, flakiness, pimples/congestion (blackheads) here? It may be due to you eating a lot of rich food (cheese, meat, dairy, you get the picture yea?), eating late at night or lactose intolerant!

Two categories, upper and lower cheeks. Upper cheek is linked to your lungs.
You'll get broken capillaries (visible blood capillaries) on the surface if you have respiratory disease/ problems (asthma, allergies). If you tend to have pimples here, you might be living in an area where it's polluted. It can also may be due to dirty pillows, dirty handphones, dirty make up tools (brush/sponge/puff), dirty towels or expired products (most dangerous, can lead to undesired contra-actions).

Lower cheeks are linked to your gum/ teeth problems.

Links to the heart. Swollen, red, bulbous nose indicates high blood pressure.

Linked to our kidneys. Got pimples here? Drink more water, take less salt and caffeine.

Side of the chin
Having breakouts here often indicates hormone imbalance. This can be due to menses, stress, sleep deprivation, growing up (teens) and also medication.

Center of Chin
This represents the small intestine area. This links to digestion! If you have a poor diet or food allergies, you may need to pay attention to your diet now! Breakouts on this area can be also due to the oil that isn't wiped off successfully after eating. They can travel down and clog up your pores.

The skin here may breakout if you're stressed, weather is humid, clothes that can suffocate it,

Dark eye circles?
Here's another tip she gave! How generous of your, Bubzbeauty! This problem, that's haunting us all human beings, can may be swiped away by eating more iron! How to get it?

But take note, all of your skin problems may not be all of these, it may be reactions to the products that you use, hygiene practises and environment (temperature, weather, humidity, dust, smoke).

Here's her video! Love her slang man!

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Miley Cyrus Splits wirh Liam Hemsworth

miley cyrus splits with liam hemsworth
Miley Cyrus has split with Liam Hemsworth. Liam's rep told Us Magazine but Miley's rep has no comment on it. Why?

They've been together for more than a year now..I wonder why?

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Sexy (Almost Nude) Kim Kardashian for 2011 Calendar

Kim Kardashian previewed her 2011 photos! Sexy as always, Kim!

sexy almost nude kim kardashian for 2011 calendar
Kim Kardashian previewed a sexy photo from her 2011 calendar. She wore a skimpy bikini that almost made her look nude. Sexy! I love her butt her too, like, oooohhh so squishy!

sexy almost nude kim kardashian for 2011 calendar
Kim did one as a blonde and the other as a brunette. Nice tan she has here! Like, her skin's glowing!

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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Rents a Home Together

robert pattinson and kristen stewart rents a home together and live together
Twilight stars, Rober Pattinson and Kristen Stewart...can't believe I'm saying this, but, they're back together! Again! I thought they're over each other already!

They're renting a 5 bedroom house outside Bel-Air. Do they really need that much of bedrooms?? Wonder how much bathrooms the house has!

Well....congrats to the newly-coupled-again couple, I hope this one is a permanent one, although I still have doubt about it.

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Strange Things Dogs Swallowed

Peoplepets wrote this article about Weird Things Dogs Have Swallowed. Some are shocking!

weird strange things objects dogs swallowed from peoplepets 2010
Snowy stopped eating because her tummy is full with five ceramic cat toys! Thank god they were not real cats.

weird strange things objects dogs swallowed from peoplepets 2010
Jax loved the teriyaki shish kebab he ate but the 6-inch wooden skewer that came with it pierced his large intestine! Luckily, he was saved by a surgery. Thank god.

weird strange things objects dogs swallowed from peoplepets 2010
Mia had ingested 10 rocks last May with the largest, the size of an egg! Since the fountain rocks were smooth, they didn't hurt her tummy. Would've been nice if she got a fish or someting.

weird strange things objects dogs swallowed from peoplepets 2010
Alfie chewed up a dog-shaped toy last year started to stop eating. A vet's X-ray revealed the smiling plastic piece inside his belly. Whoaaa! Gosh..lucky him, surgery came into the rescue!

weird strange things objects dogs swallowed from peoplepets 2010
Soli swallowed a 3-carat diamond worth $20,000! It came out with his poopie after 3 days. xD

weird strange things objects dogs swallowed from peoplepets 2010
Bracken was thought of having cancer by veterinarians. Turned out it was a 5-in. soccer ball that moved from his stomach to his heart! Oh god. Surgery saved this black lab.

weird strange things objects dogs swallowed from peoplepets 2010
Here's a sad one. Caine lost his tounge to a paper shredder. Saved from the death shot by the vets, his loving family is spoiling him with a feeding tube and yummy Science Diet "meatballs" his mama makes.

weird strange things objects dogs swallowed from peoplepets 2010
Augie ate $400 of his owner's money. Thankfully, he passed the bills— three $100s and five $20s — during a nice long walk. Haha! xD So cute!

It's so crazy these stories! And poor Caine about his tongue! Never knew pepper shredders can be so dangerous. Oh god.

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Sandakan Having Borneo Bird Festival 2010!

borneo bird festival 2010 at rainforest discovery centre sandakan sabah malaysia
The Borneo Bird Festival 2010 will be held on 15 – 17 October 2010 Rainforest Discovery Centre (RDC), Sandakan, Sabah.

borneo bird festival 2010 at rainforest discovery centre sandakan sabah malaysia
For those who doesn't know (like me), the RDC is an environmental education centre for students and teachers and is also open to the public. It opens daily from 8.00am to 5.00pm.

Back to the festival, there will be loads of activities to do!
Photography competition
The Borneo Bird Race
Nature Art Sketching
Daily guided birding tour
Childrens’ activities
Loads more!

You need to pay some minimal fees if you want to attend to the lectures, workshops and guided tours. Due to limited capacity, do register early to avoid disappointment. This is a great opportunity for parents or school clubs (especially Malaysian Nature Societies- Kelab Pencinta Alam) to get children or teenagers to enhance their knowledge, form a closer relationship within the pack and most of all, have fun! I'm not so sure if it's a holiday or not that time.. =p

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Hillary Duff Marries Mike Comrie

Hillary Duff is now married to Mike Comrie. The couple exchanged vows on August 14 during a sunset ceremony at a $29 million estate near the San Ysidro Ranch in Montecito, California.

Hillary wore a strapless Vera Wang gown, escorted by her mother down the isle, and her sister, Haylie Duff as her maid of honour.

An estimated 100 close friends of the couple were treated with poolside cocktails just before the romantic nuptials began.

One witness described the celebration as;
"Absolutely stunning. It was one of the most beautiful weddings I've ever seen. They thought of every last detail and it was an incredible sight."

Aaww...congrats to both of you, Mr and Mrs Comrie!

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Glee Season Two Features Britney Spears

There will be a Britney Spears-themed episode in Glee's second season! "Glee" creator, Ryan Murphy has confirmed about it to Entertainment Tonight.

glee season two features britney spears

Here's another info. It was Brit's idea!

Ryan Murphy told MTV at the red carpet premiere of his new movie, "Eat Pray Love,"- "Well, it's her idea. She sort of wants to do a 'Where's Waldo?'-type thing with 'Where's Britney?'"

He also said that Britney will "kind of" be playing herself in the season two episode. Nice~ I'm excited!

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Time Out KL Food Awards 2010

time out kl food awards 2010 kuala lumpur malaysia
Passionate about food? Have your fav dining place in KL? Time Out KL Food Awards is here to give you a chance to choose your favourite restaurants (and chefs) from across the city in categories of;

Fine Dining
Healthy Eating/vegetarian
Middle Eastern
Pub Grub
Steak house
Best New Restaurant
Best Independent Restaurant
Outstanding Chef of the Year
Restaurateur of the Year

Check back on October 1 to see The Shortlist and vote again to select the overall winner! Results wil be out in the December ‘Food Awards Special’ Issue of Time Out Kuala Lumpur and on the website shortly afterwards.

Just realized something....the categories are very 1 Malaysia-like. xD Macam-macam ada~

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Bensi with His Bandaged Hand

bensi with his hand bandaged
Bensi with his plastered hand. Haha! No la, he's got this very nasty wound that got worse and swelled up with pus in it. I bought medicines for my pets yesterday at Pinnacle Pets Supply, Damai.

I bandaged his hand. First I cleaned it up, disinfect it with Virbac Wound-Gard, 2-3 pumps. Then I take half of a cotton pad, wet it with Gamat and apply it on the swelling. Bandaged the hand and used cellotape to secure. I can't use the normal surgical tape, Bensi will lick it off as it's not strong enough. xD

I hope my cats's wounds will heal before I leave, tidak sanggup to leave them in current condition.

Shine on,

Review: Virbac Wound-Gard 50ml ( 1.7 floz )

Here's a review of Virbac Wound-Gard 50ml ( 1.7 floz ) that I bought yesterday at Pinnacle Pets Supply, Damai. It's for my cats's injuries, thanks to that Evil Cat from Hell.

review Virbac Wound-Gard 50ml ( 1.7 floz ) Pinnacle pets supply damai kota kinabalu sabah
Here it is, the size is just nice, hand-held size like the Body Mist in Sparkling Apple that I bought last June.

Appearance? Nice, on the front cover I can directly see the active ingredients in it, how many ml is it, description and who manufactured it.

review Virbac Wound-Gard 50ml ( 1.7 floz ) Pinnacle pets supply damai kota kinabalu sabah
Active ingredients:
10g/L Chlorhexidine Gluconate
5g/L Menthol
200mg/L Denatonium Benzoate
200mL/L Phenoxyethanol
10mL/L Eucalyptus oil

I know Eucalyptus is a good disinfectant and has other good properties. I found Virbac Wound-Gard's info;

WOUND GUARD is a topical antiseptic bitterant spray which dissuades dogs and cats from self traumatising wounds, sutures and dressings. A bitter taste deters the animal from licking the treated affected area. Aids in the treatment of wounds on dogs and cats to help prevent self mutilation and infection.

No wonder Bensi doesn't lick the bandage anymore! Whenever, whatever I applied on Bensi's hand to heal the wound, he'll lick it off in no time. But thanks to this, he won't, ever again! Nice innovation!

Directions: Apply liberally to the affected area three times daily or as directed by the veterinary surgeon. A guide to usage is 3-4 pumps per 2cm length of wound.

The smell's nice! Like that red cough syrup I get from the doctor when I was small. Sweet smell, infused with menthol. Nice one!

Usage is simple, just take off the cap and spray. It has expiry date too! Mine is Nov 2010. I got cheated, suppose I check on the expiry date and could've got more discount than 10%. The price I paid was RM27, discount 10% became RM24.30. Aaaiiiih silly Del. xD

All in all, I'm happy with it. =)

Shine on,

Day Shop for Pet, Baking and Sticthing

Yesterday, I went out to get medicine for Snowy and Bensi. They need something for their injuries (thanks to that vicious villain foreign cat) and flea medicine or something. I also went out to get somebody to stitch 'Rolela' on the Akemi Fleece Blanket In Love blankets that I bought last year. xD I know, it's been a long time and finally now I've got time to do it.

First I went to Damai and went to see the Herbalife's shop if it was open for I wana finish up my package there. Too bad, it closed and I was informed that it opens up from 7am-12pm only. =p

Then went to Rinko to ask if they can stitch those blankets, they said can't for the blanket will be damaged & out of shape if they do so. Thankfully the man suggested to go to Mexico Tailor (Tukang Jahit Mexico), located next to Public Bank in centre KK (opposite the block of Milimewa). On the way I was thinking of a backup, in case this doesn't work. I thought of that tailoring academy at the ground floor of Wawasan Plaza.

Went in there and there were military uniforms, caps, shirts with logos, namge tags and busy people. xD Showed the lady the blankets and she said can. The process was simple, I told them to put 'Rolela' at the bottom corner of the blankets. 1.5 inches long and use the font style, Commer-s. RM10 for each blanket, so total RM20. Here's Mexico Tailor's contact number, 088-254974. Stupid la the shop at Ground floor Centre Point. It was the same thing, the one with the machine and does uniforms and stitchings, I went there and the woman said she can't do it. Lack of knowledge perhaps? Thank god I went to Rinko and asked.

Virbac Wound-Gard 50ml ( 1.7 floz ) Pinnacle pets supply damai kota kinabalu sabah
Went to Pinnacle Pets Supply to buy my cats's stuff. Looked like I talked to the owner and she recommended a disinfectant, Virbac Wound-Gard 50ml ( 1.7 floz ) for my babies's wounds. This is RM27, discount 10% became RM24.30.

Frontline Combo Cat Green 12 Pack pinnacle pets supply damai kota kinabalu sabah
Here are the flea medicine. She said use one for one cat only, one time only. Sounds very effective eh? It was in a box of 3, but she took two of it only and sold it separately. She said this is to be applied to the skin from the top till half of the backbone. It will then dissolve into the blood stream and when the fleas suck the blood, they'll shrink and die. So will the eggs, go away too. If the fleas don't suck, they'll stay away.

Frontline Combo Cat Green 12 Pack pinnacle pets supply damai kota kinabalu sabah
The name of it is Frontline Combo Cat Green 12 Pack. Each is priced at RM22, total RM44, 10% discount became RM39.60.

I became a member too! Since it's been several times already I've been there and did some shopping, so why not? Paid RM10 only and the card was so cute! Mom took it already so sorry, can't post up pix. xD It's a lifetime thing too, so you don't have to worry about expiry dates and renewals.

pet snowy and bensi first aid basket
Here's their so-called-by-me First Aid Basket. xD Yeah, Gamat too. I believe in Gamat's power in healing!

Then went to buy baking stuff at Consfood, Damai. Too bad they ran out of wheat flour and no small packs of walnuts (RM20+ was the only packing they have). Too bad...

Then went to Tong Hing to get a french loaf. Ended up buying rice flour (saw mom's sms to get one). Rushed to Mark's Bakery and tadaaaa!! Saw french loaves! Bought one only for RM2.60.

Then went to Inanam to give back hun's car. xD I took the City Mall road and boy was it jam. Took me about 40 minutes to reach Giant! Lucky his boss asked him to do a job while waiting for me. xD

Shine on,

Attempt to Remove Visible Capillaries, Day 3, 4 and 5

Hi all! Hows your Ramadhan so far? Soon it'll be Raya and I haven't bake any cookies nor cakes. Aaargh what a lousy Malay lady I am! I know I've been idle for a bit while...but no worries! I've already customized my blog layout and I believe it's up and running for another new post! =D

Okay this post will be the sequel of my Day 2: My Attempt to Remove Visible Capilllaries post recently.

I've decided to just snap photos everyday and post it all at one go, to make it easier to view the healing process.

removing visible capillaries
Here's day 3 of it. It was turning black! I tried to massage it and all...to hasten the blood circulation.

removing visible capillaries
Here's day 4, early in the morning pic. Here I thought, hey, it's going away, so no need to massage la. xD

removing visible capillaries
Here's day 4 pic, later in evening. =D

removing visible capillaries
Day 5! It was gone!! Completely gone! Yay!

I'm thinking of removing the visible veins on my soles. I'll try it after Raya. =3

Shine on,
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