Monday, August 30, 2010

Day 2: My Attempt to Remove Visible Capilllaries
Good morning people! I wana update you guys on my attempt to make the visible vein on my inner right calf disappear. I've posted about the 1st day after yesterday morning, so I think I wana do posts every morning about this with pictures, so that I can keep track about it's progress. Wow like I'm talking about a baby here. xD

Here's the picture on the 1st day. It was still red.

And here's how it looks now! Lesser redness! I'm so happy! I think I wana do the ice pack thingy to speed up the process...yeah I think I'll do that today. =)

I only got to massage it during work once today. It's still painful but not as painful as yesterday and I don't feel bumps on it while I'm massaging anymore. =)

Hope it gets better tomorrow! Wish me luck!

Shine on,


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