Wednesday, August 11, 2010

2010 First Day of Fasting
2010 first day fasting
Ramadhan is finally here! It's the first day and I think I was okay throughout! Kinda wanted to pengsan at 4-5pm like that, due to the enormous stress I have to endure every single day at work. I was kinda lost my focus and didn't do my job well. Then I thought, hey, I need a break - I haven't got a break since 10am in the morning. Can you believe it? I was the only Muslim that hasn't got a break. Why? Because I'm the only one being a receptionist... =p

Went to 'solat Terawih' just now, as usual. I go to the Nurul Hikmah mosque (Masjid Nurul Hikmah). This time, just now I mean, boy was it soooo packed. Super full! Cars were jammed and there were loads of vehicles over the roadside outside of the compound.

There are several new things discovered there in the mosque! The 'mini garden' in the mosque (next to the toilets) was no more but cement and tiles and fans! How convenient and useful, especially for Raya prayer later on. The ladies's section was different too! There were glass doors now at each entrance (discovered later on the men's section has those too!). This kept me cooler than last year or years before. xD Thank god, syukur alhamdulillah! =D

Want to know more about what rewards we get on each night we do this prayer? Go here! I just found out that we can reply to the 'Imam' when he recites!

And thank god I've finished do my 'Qada puasa' previously. Phew!

Happy fasting everyone!

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