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Balancing between personal and business, I presently work as an Executive Assistant to the Group CEO of a multinational consortium right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Backed with years of experience working with the startup industry, multinational corporations and government agencies, I developed strong Corporate Administration skills whilst practising agile and being data-driven.

Coming from a humble background, I found solace in giving back to the community as a way of paying it forward by dividing my spare time with volunteer work.

Glamiva is the place for me to express my passion and knowledge sharing and I’m happy to spread message of positivity to as many people as possible.


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Recent Posts

Day 2: My Attempt to Remove Visible Capilllaries

Good morning people! I wana update you guys on my attempt to make the visible vein on my inner right calf disappear. I've posted about the 1st day after yesterday morning, so I think I wana do posts every morning about this with pictures, so that I can keep track about it's progress. Wow like I'm talking about a baby here. xD

Here's the picture on the 1st day. It was still red.

And here's how it looks now! Lesser redness! I'm so happy! I think I wana do the ice pack thingy to speed up the process...yeah I think I'll do that today. =)

I only got to massage it during work once today. It's still painful but not as painful as yesterday and I don't feel bumps on it while I'm massaging anymore. =)

Hope it gets better tomorrow! Wish me luck!

Shine on,

Shocking Discovery: Visible Capillaries on my Foot!

I've always hated visible veins, or as we Malaysians call it, urat. It's unevitable that we all humans will have it in our lives, and for women, veins on our legs is just like us having boobs. We must have it, at least one.

So what's with Del talking about urat now??

Lemme tell ya. I've been having a visible blood capillaries area under my right calf, on the upper inner side. It was green. Yes, and it showed up right after I started to work behind the counter.

The work is tedious, merciless and puts high pressure on my feet everyday. Why? Because I have to stand most of the time. Yeap, you heard me right. My working hours is 10am- 7pm. Minus breaks and maybe occasional precious moments of sitting, say 2 hour and a half. It's 7 hours. 7 hours of torture to my feet.

Everyday after work, I can feel my muscles from my knee-length right down to the bottom aching, especially on the knee area and my calves. God knows what a strain work has put on my soles too.

So here's the story. Those green capillaries turned blue today. I was coming back home from the Tarawih prayer from Nurul Hikmah mosque and saw that. That hiddeous ugly blue thing right udnerneath my right knee. I mean, the green version of it wasn't so bad, as it's pretty normal to have it. But this blue version of it...is simply....horrifying.



Unbelievable too, as I never have a blue vein. So I thought, this must be the worst version of urat. My emotions morphed from happy to frustrated and mad at the same time= BAD MOOD.

Very bad one.

On the way home I started to massage it down with my left thumb. It hurt real bad, like angin or something.

I got home, I went to get the ginger cream and used it to massage it. It was....about 2 hours later, yeah, it was about 11pm that I stopped and checked on it (was on the computer while masssaging it).

The bluish thingy went away, and it was just red! How happy I was...very happy. It was just like somebody pinched that part. So I took some ice, placed them into a plastic bag and put the 'ice pack' on it. I left the pack on till the ices melt.

After they melted, I checked on it again. It turned black with the surrounding area too. The veins before, was small like a 1-cent Malaysian coin. A bit of a shock here, but I don't mind as the bluish capillaries are gone.

So I put on gamat on it now, after sahur, the next morning. I'm sorry I didn't take pictures of the blue capillaries, I was too shocked and was just thinking of getting rid of it.

So here are pictures of it now, in the morning, the day after the horrifying discovery.

It's like a mixture of red with black, I sure hope it'll turn all black soon.

Here's a close up. Notice the shiny surface? I applied gamat oil. =)

So what to do about this? How will I prevent further similar damage on my feet? Quit? I guess so. Not sure yet, but I'm not gona stand the whole time again. Never. If they complain, I'm gona show them this. =p

Oh yeah, I'm sooooo sorry I've been so idle these days. I'm still doing my blog layout you see, editing every blog posts and stuff, but I'm estimating by Raya it'll all be done. =) Hopefully. Till next time! Take care!

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How to Make Passport: Malaysia International Passport

Early in the morning today, I went to make a passport for my visa application. It was a nice, easy-flowing experience. I felt like a big girl already! xD

how to make malaysia international passport at pejabat pembangunan persekutuan negeri sabah
Well...I didn't know anything about making a passport, all I know is that my mom told me to get my passport size photos. So I went there and wasn't really sure what's the building like, I thought the name of the building would be something like, Pejabat Imigresen Sabah. Instead, it's actually Pejabat Pembangunan Persekutuan Negeri Sabah. Yeah, I know. How naive I am. I've been there once to replace my lost IC loooong time ago.

So....I just went there near the entrance and saw the helpdesk counter in the middle of different entrances to rooms and hallways- all four directions. I was told to go to my right and there it was, the office to make the passport. Opens up at 7.30 am I remember.

Went to the counter for 'Angka giliran/Pertanyaan' and asked what type of passport to make if I want to work overseas. So I was given the Malaysia International Passport application form.

Filled it up easily. Just normal questions like my name, address, IC number, phone number and birth certificate number. I didn't know about the birth cert and so called up my mom and she had to actually go back home and search for my cert! xD To think that she was going to have a meeting that time. What a good mother I have, love you ma ! Oh yeah, you have to give a copy of your IC too. There's a photocopying service in there, but it's RM1 per copy. x10 normal rate!

So that was it, I went back to the same counter and gave 2 photos of myself- passport-size. I was then given my 'angka giliran' and waited. Well, the crowd was little when I got there (8 am) and it began to build up. Had to wait for 2-3 person before my turn.

My number was called and so I have options on how long I want the passport to last. It's either RM100 for a year or RM300 for 5 years. I choose 5 years because I can't tell how long my contract will be. It can be more than 7 months and well, I hope will be working overseas some more after that. I might travel to some places too when I start to earn some cash. =) The 5-year option is cheaper too - RM60 per year only.

So I was told to get back to my seat and wait up. My IC was borrowed for a while. About 5 minutes later, I was called again and paid up RM300. I was given a receipt and it's very important that you have a receipt after paying (I see the notice on the desk saying that we must ask for a receipt, so I guess it's important).

I was told that my passport will be done at 10.30am. I was like, so fast!!! Wow! I'm amazed! Too bad I couldn't get it today... =( I hope the office will be open tomorrow. For a half day at least. Please please.... I need it fast fast.. >.<

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More Physical between Edward and Bella in Twilight Four

Do you think Twlight Saga: Eclipse is the end of the vampire legend? NOT! The story continues....and Jacob and Bella, played by Robert Pattinson and Kristin Stewart respectively, will be getting more physical in it. Bella's unfulfilled wish in the third installment will be satisfied in this fourth one. xD There you have it Bella!

robert pattinson and kristen stewart sex in twilight four
Kristen said, “It does actually literally get more physical."

“It doesn’t get more action-packed… but they definitely get more physical. Well, they get married.

“They’re man and wife now. They have a kid and stuff too, so, I guess to get there that happens.

“We totally have sex — finally!”

Congratulations on both of you! I mean, congrats in advance. Finally Bella will get what she wanted and I can't wait to see this next movie!! I wonder what will happen..I wonder what's the title name would be for this fourth saga..and ooooohhhh Jacob!!! My lovely Jacob ! Wonder what will happen to him... >.<

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New Pizza from Pizza Hut: Meaty Deluxe Pizza

There's a new stranger in town of Pizza Hut! It's the Meaty Deluxe Pizza!

new pizza hut meaty deluxe pizza
There would be meatballs on each crust, chicken or meat, your choice, and both of them are marinated with Italian herbs! You can enjoy this with Super Supreme, Island Supreme, Pepperoni or Hawaiian Chicken topping!

It looks delicious...and I sure hope the herbs on the meat will make a difference. =) can't wait to try it!

Shine on,

2010 First Day of Fasting

2010 first day fasting
Ramadhan is finally here! It's the first day and I think I was okay throughout! Kinda wanted to pengsan at 4-5pm like that, due to the enormous stress I have to endure every single day at work. I was kinda lost my focus and didn't do my job well. Then I thought, hey, I need a break - I haven't got a break since 10am in the morning. Can you believe it? I was the only Muslim that hasn't got a break. Why? Because I'm the only one being a receptionist... =p

Went to 'solat Terawih' just now, as usual. I go to the Nurul Hikmah mosque (Masjid Nurul Hikmah). This time, just now I mean, boy was it soooo packed. Super full! Cars were jammed and there were loads of vehicles over the roadside outside of the compound.

There are several new things discovered there in the mosque! The 'mini garden' in the mosque (next to the toilets) was no more but cement and tiles and fans! How convenient and useful, especially for Raya prayer later on. The ladies's section was different too! There were glass doors now at each entrance (discovered later on the men's section has those too!). This kept me cooler than last year or years before. xD Thank god, syukur alhamdulillah! =D

Want to know more about what rewards we get on each night we do this prayer? Go here! I just found out that we can reply to the 'Imam' when he recites!

And thank god I've finished do my 'Qada puasa' previously. Phew!

Happy fasting everyone!

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SIE 2010 at 1 B Hypermall

The 6th Sabah International Expo 2010 (SIE2010) will be held once again here in KK!

sie 2010 sabah international expo 2010
This event is sanctioned by the state government, organized by the Federation of Sabah Manufacturers (FSM) and the Malaysian International Chamber of Commerce & Industries (MICCI), Sabah Branch with the corporation of the Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE) and Ministry of Industrial Development (MID). Phew. That's pretty long huh? The theme for this year 2010 is "Sabah-Hub For The Far East".

There'll be loads of products, projects and investments to get hold on to. Check out it's website for more info!

15th to 19th October 2010
1Borneo Hypermall, KK
+6088 498090/091 (SIE) , 498000 (FSM) , 248332/234332 (MICCI)

This event is held biennally, so you wouldn't wana miss it! It needs 2 years to wait!

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August Fruit Exhibition at Monsopiad Cultural Village

Want to savour local fruits? Head on to Monsopiad Cultural Village for Local Fruits Exhibition throughout this month!

exhibition fruit local fruit sabah monsopiad cultural village
My dad's craving tarap at the moment...so.... ^^

Every Thursday and Friday of August 2010
9.30am till 5pm
Monsopiad Cultural Village
(+60) 88 774337

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Fans Love Flashing at Justin Bieber!

Found some interesting news to share with you all. Justin Bieber has fans flashing at him! My god!

justin bieber loves naked fans
Justin loves the women when it comes on being famous. The boy said;
"The girls show up wearing nothing sometimes or flash. I can’t lie, I’m 16, I don’t hate it.”

Wow...so nice being a cute, young singer eh? Good thing his mom's a good one.
“My mom has me on a tight leash and she’s being real protective so I gotta watch what I do,” he said.

But I don't think that will prevent him on getting more love from fans, it's very inevitable. OOooh think of other famous people. Can't imagine what else kind of love fans give them. xD

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Theatre Show: Dance Space Presents Cinderella

Thinking what activity to do with your kids end of this month? Thinking something magical, ballet, classic and Disney-ish? There'll be a Cinderella theatre show by Dance Space!

dance space cinderella kuala lumpur
Dance Space presents Cinderella, the beautiful girl with the two step-sisters and step-mother in the journey of ballet.

Steve Goh, winner of four BOH Cameronian Arts Awards 2007 is the one who choreographed Cinderella Ballet.

21 August - 22 August 2010
3 pm & 8 pm
Pentas 1, klpac
RM150, RM120, RM90, RM60
603-7711 5000

Early birds (before 15th July 2010) will save about RM40 on tickets~ Be fast y'all!

Shine on,

Change of Mind on Acting: Amanda Bynes Unretires

Well well well.....Amanda Bynes has unretired and it's only a month since her statement of quitting acting! Wow. So fast a change of mind on career can take place eh?

amanda bynes back to acting new movie Easy A
She tweeted "I've unretired." last Friday and then added an ad for her next movie, Easy A, which will hit theatres on September 17 2010.

Weird thing. Make up your mind Amanda!

Shine on,

Spain Saw Pink Bikini Top on Shakira in Ibiza

Shakira was in Ibiza, Spain for a photoshoot in the wild! She wore a pink bikini top and skirt- reminds me of a pink flamingo. A pretty one that is, the one that stands out in the middle of the lake. =D

shakira wears pink bikini in spain ibiza
I'd kill for that tummy! Oh lord....I think I should get my belly belt again. xD

top sexy spain saw pink bikini shakira ibiza
The skirt is a bit long for me...don't you think so?

top sexy spain saw pink bikini shakira ibiza
Whatever it is, I'd love to have that body when I'm at her age!

Shine on,

Star in X-Men- Taylor Lautner?

Taylor Lautner, Twilight's hottest actor (accoring to yours truly. Haha! xD) might be starring in the future movie of X-Men titled 'X-Men: First Class'! Wow this is gona be great!

star act feature x men taylor lautner bryan singer
Producer Bryan Singer said that he really wanted Lautner in it, saying, "I wanted Taylor to do it, I really did". Maybe Lautner's not getting the role after all? I hope not! Would love to see him in this kind of movie!

He was asked recently if Taylor can play a young wolverine. He replied, "My only question is, can he grow mutton chops?". Uhhh....Bryan, I think he's having a nice toned body already. It's a young wolverine, so I'd be expecting something like Taylor's body the most. Give the lad a break and make our wishes come true! xD

Shine on,

Pregnant: Ali Larter!

Ali Larter is pregnant!

ali larter pregnant with hayes mcarthur
The baby's due this winter!

"Ali and Hayes are thrilled to be expecting their first child," her rep tells PEOPLE exclusively. The baby is due this winter.

pregnant pregnancy expecting ali larter hayes mcarthur
The couple wedded in August 2009. A year later, baby on the way! =D I love this picture!

Congrats both of you!

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Bad, Massive Jam and Shocking Findings at Tg Aru Beach.

I went to Tg. Aru 1st Beach yesterday after work and my guy wanted to visit the washroom first. And I saw...

bad unbelievable massive jam at tg aru kota kinabalu sabah
This! I think it's still new cuz I never see it posted there before. RM1 is charged for people who just want to change their clothes but RM0.20 only for people who wants to use the washroom?? I think the fee should be charged otherwise man. Hotspring Ranau doesn't charge people for using their washroom and for bathing, so why in the world charge people so expensive just to change??

By the way, they charge RM2 for people who wana bathe inside. I think this is not reasonable. All of it. I mean, the toilet fee of 20 cents, yes, it's reasonable but other two, NO! Complete NO! The toilet there isn't sooooooo perfect-nice like Warisan Square's, so why in the world charge so mahal? Haiya.

After some time, we strolled along the beach and guess what? This group of girls (family I presume), brought along a cute bulldog with them. And guess what?? The dog literally pooped at the beach! I think he even pee-ed too. Oh God. He first pooped, then walked a bit some more, then stopped again and do the crouching thingy. Oh!!! The owners just stared at it then shrugged it off and went off. Eish! So irresponsible! I should've taken their pix and post it here! But I was too shocked! >.<

And when we wanted to get out from there (we parked our car lawfully inside the parking zone), it took us about 45 minutes! I got home an hour after attempting to get to it. My lord. There was a massive jam where my guy complained on his aching feet dues to pressing the clutch on and off again, little by little. It's not the ticket booth's fault, it's the roadway's fault! There's only one way out and people who u-turns from the entrance to get into the parking went straight for the exit because they saw it was so packed inside and people who wana go out have to compete with them!

I think the management should do something about this, like position one more booth at the further end near the DBKK bin there. Won't park so deep inside the parking zone next time. Uh how I dread it.

Shine on,

Mexico Ad: Sexy, Topless Jennifer Anniston for Lolavie.

Jennifer Anniston is now officially does acting and having her own line of perfume, Lolavie, created together with Falic Fashion Group. She posed half-naked in the ad!

mexico ad sexy nude topless jennifer anniston for new perfume lolavie
Why the name? It means 'laughing at life'. Wow, catchy phrase. Jen also said that it is a long and too personal story to tell behind Lolavie’s name.

mexico ad sexy nude topless jennifer anniston for new perfume lolavie
Here's the perfume. Looks like Chanel's. xD
It wasn't just about showing up for a shoot and putting my name on the bottle,' she says. 'I felt like a little chemist. It's turned out to be an extension of myself as opposed to slapping my name on something.'

How much is it? It's £23 for the 30ml size and £36 for the 85ml.

mexico ad sexy nude topless jennifer anniston for new perfume lolavie
This is what yoga does to your body....oo-la-la~

mexico ad sexy nude topless jennifer anniston for new perfume lolavie
The shot was made in Cabo San Lucas in Mexico, Jennifer's favourite holiday spot.
Jennifer Aniston fragrance Lolavie is advertised in a very soothing way that reflects easy, free and elegant personality of Jennifer.

mexico ad sexy nude topless jennifer anniston for new perfume lolavie

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Safety First: Keep Your Child Safe from School Driver/Molester

A child was sexually assaulted by her own school-kindergarten driver, mStar Online reported. Oh my god. Parents, beware of these things, please. Especially if you have irresistably cute-to-pinch-her-cheeks daughters.

keep kindergarten child safe from sexual driver molester
This happened in Kuala Lumpur where the story was then unveiled when the little child cried while being bathed by her mother. She told her mom that the driver that sends her to kindergarten everyday had roughly touched her 'vajayjay'. BOOM. A nightmare for each and every parent in this world. I think my heart would've stopped if that happens to me, God forbid.

The mother reported to the police and the 27 year-old man was apprehended the next day at his house in Kampung Cheras Baru.

Ampang Jaya Chief Police District, ACP Abdul Jalil Hassan said that the driver has been sending her to her kindergarten since last June 2010. Astaghfirullah. He really didn't wana waste time did he.

It seems like the crooked man like the little girl and so ensured that she's the last one to get off the bus. He'll then violate her in his van then send her back home.

So therefore, in short, please, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, whoever that are responsible to another young, innocent life that thinks having a whole set of Barbie's and a collection of Gundam figurines are everything, PLEASE, make sure that the responsibility that you bestow upon an individual for sending your kids, or anything else for that matter, check their certification, check their background, make sure they're a part of an association of the busses or something (I know Sabah does, my ex-high school buses are).

I think when I'm super rich and stuff, I'll take part into NGO's that right for animals. Then children. I think animals are the worst because thay can't talk and children, well. You know.

Shine on,

End Relationship for Kelly Osbourne and Luke Worral

Kelly Osbourne has split with her fiance, Luke Worral! Oh my god, and I just found out about this!

end relationship between kelly osbourne and luke worral

Why? It seems that Luke, 20, had cheated on the 25 year-old starlet. I don't know how but I hear it's because of a photoshoot he did with a model. The two entered into into a war of words on their Facebook pages, before deleting their entries.

Osbourne has now changed her romantic Twitter background of her and Worral to one of her by herself, only.

She's pretty mad about it too! She replied to a blogger who thinks that Worrall had cheated because of her looks- "Thanx your a really sweet heart so what your saying is that im ugly so it was ok for him to cheat go f*** yourself!!!!!". Perez Hilton's mad too! - "Luke Worrall makes me sick".

It's a good thing that Kelly's parents told them to wait and not rush out to wed. Phew.

Shine on,

Most Expensive Homes for Dogs

I'm so awed. Nuf said, scroll down to see what's up.

most expensive dog homes
Contemporary furniture designer Judson Beaumont created Pet Camper for his daughter's pooch because he wanted a house on wheels. How convenient! For now, the Pet Camper's only available custom-made, but Beaumont's firm plans to mass-produce the houses soon. I wonder how much will the mass-produced pet camper's price will be...

most expensive dog homes
Best Friend's Home was inspired by its Australian shepherd, Maya, to create its line of dog houses in April 2009. Price is at $2,400.

most expensive dog homes
The company's most popular pet home model is the Alabama. It's cost at $3,600.

most expensive dog homes
This princess's castle is worth $3,000!

most expensive dog homes
Lonneberga holds the Scandinavian style and it's priced at $3,400.
most expensive dog homes
Paris Hilton gave her pooches two-story house, with the help of interior designer Faye Resnick.

most expensive dog homes
Here's the insides of the house. Wow! "Downstairs is the living room and upstairs is the closet and bedroom."

most expensive dog homes
La Petite Maison creates custom dog houses that match people's homes or their dog's breed. This model here costs about $6,000, but the houses go as high as $35,000. Wow wow! Double wow! Like a car!

most expensive dog homes
Michelle Pollak, a partner in La Petite Maison, says that neither her international nor domestic clients actually have their dogs living in their fancy abodes. This French Victorian home above is sooooo beautiful!

most expensive dog homes
Doggie Mansions creates beachy homes for your pets, prices range from $10,500 to $100,000. Oh my..and the house above doesn't look like it's gona cost like that! Or maybe it's a big one...?

most expensive dog homes
The Victorian Cozy Cottage Kennel Dog House by the Little Cottage Company will take $4,299.98. And it's on sale!

So I guess, excluding those that doesn't mention prices, the most expensive one would be the Palm Beach home that costs $10,500 to $100,000.

I wish I have the money to buy them! I mean, at least one of them! I wonder if there are expensive ones for cats too! Would love to see them!

Shine on,

Help! Clubfun Iphone Pop Up Scam on My Blog!

help on iphone pop up scam from clubfun mobi
Help! I'm having a problem with a scammer/fraud/whatever-you-wana-call-it situation here. My blog is recently infested with a pop up that automatically pops up when I visit my blog (which explains the poll you see on your right side). I dare not to visit their site as I know for sure this is a scam/fraud.

I went to see their Source Code (Internet Explorer- right click) and saw their site stated; http://ads.clubfun.mobi/General_TC_non-subscription_service.htm. I went to their site anyway, http://clubfun.mobi/ and went to see the winners. There were none of it. It says it will be out soon. I googled their phone number and found Gwen's post that it has been on since 2006. She's one of the victim but the website is a different one, http://wixawin.com/. Maybe they know Wxawin's got a bad reputation already, so got another one- http://clubfun.mobi/. Ooh so clever.

There are two other victims that posted this matter, Wassap(2008 & 2010) and Rindu Ini (Malay). Oh god.

I don't wana find for 'Clubfun Mobi' or even 'Wixawin'. I've got enough evidence and witnesses to say that these are scams.

Here's the source code for the pop up, hope it will benefit everybody in anyway possible.

I've looked on my html code layout and deleted studd that says ads. Hope that will remove those pesky pop ups. Please la. I'm gona call the company tomorrow and see what they have to say about this. Will update on this one.

I hope my post will help and prevent more victims to this no manners people. Apa punya. Be safe, always. Don't fall on these cheaters's traps!

Shine on,

Star Angelina Jolie Hurt During Salt

Angelina Jolie's hot new spy movie, Salt gave her injuries during furing making the film! I'm not surprised tho, but I'm awed by her commitment!

star during filming salt injured angelina jolie
She said that she felt dumb for sustaining so many injuries!

Here's what she said,

“I got lots of bruises and things and I got a little teeny nick right between my eyes,” she said.

“I banged straight into a table while I was shooting somebody and jumping sideways. I felt really, really dumb. I just lay there with a big icepack on my head and I was bleeding down my face. But then we used it in the movie. I get bloody in the movie anyway, so…”

Wow. I think there'll be scars over her body. But I think she'll manage them very well and they'll disappear in no time. There's always laser. =) I salute her for those injuries! Meaning she didn't get stuntwomen to do the job, she did it all herself and that's not everybody does today. Well-done Angie!

Shine on,
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