Friday, July 9, 2010

Will Smith Bans Jaden Kiss with Open Mouth!
Jaden Smith, star of the new movie, Karate Kid, is still 11 and was already filming a kissing scene! His father, Will Smith, has something to say about it.

will smith bans karate kid jaden kissing with open mouth
“He said, ‘Don’t kiss with your mouth open, you’re definitely too young for that!’” explained Jaden.

"The kiss was “interesting and a little bit weird. Our faces were like, this close, and we had to stay there so the shot was right. It’s kind of awkward."

“I’m good at kissing, so it wasn’t as challenging as it could’ve been had I not had previous experience.”

Uuuuuu gotcha! So it wasn't your first huh... xD Can't wait to see your next one Jaden! And congrats for Karate Kid!

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