Monday, July 19, 2010

Now Online: WebMD's 5th Anniversary!
WebMD has gone online! You can now read articles from it anywhere you are!

webmd is now available online 5th anniversary

In conjunction with their 5th anniversary, they're now going DIGITAL!

Celebrities like Salma Hayek, Ashley Judd, Mary J. Blige, Harrison Ford, LeBron James, and Andre Agassi talk about their approaches to healthy living, parenting, aging, and relationships.

Experts in cosmetic dermatology, psychiatry, cardiology, gynecology, urology, pediatrics, and food and cooking bring you the latest in a nutshell so you don't miss a tip!

The latest issue is about Cynthia Nixon and Jason Lewis on sex, relationships, healthy living, and how they are different than their Sex and the City 2 characters.

Enjoy! Congrats WebMD!

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