Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Menu Navigation that Drops Down
I recently added a navigation menu to my blog, as you can see above. It features topics that I most blog about and my personal life's! =) Wana know how I did it?

I googled up tutorials and found the simple drop down widget, not the one I was looking for.

Found this article and it totally did the trick! The first code (step 5) is for the placement of the navigation menu, the insturction didn't work for me, it showed the navigation menu at the top of the page, above my picture header, which wasn't what I wanted.

So I thought, I need to find the id of my first navigation menu and then place the code after it- it worked! The new menu is the same color, width and length to my first menu!

Step 6 is for the links and stuff in the menu. Here's the main thing:

Say you want to add another dropper, just add another code,

Say for the label HOME or NEWS, you want to add a drop down below it. Put the

below one sentence. Then add your other link code between it. Make sure to do the
to make the dropper first, then the end of it will be the first link's

. If you don't get it, just comment here and I'll help you out.

Sure, you need to edit the colors of it, don't erase the # and ;.

Shine on,


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