Lindsay Lohan New Girlfriend: Eilat Anschel

July 10, 2010

Lindsay lohan's got a new girlfriend! A former member of the Israeli Defense Force, met Lindsay in L.A., and been there for Lindsay during the probation / bail / ankle monitor drama. Things just kicked off since then.

lindsay lohan new girlfriend is eilat anschel
Eilat, who completed her mandatory stint in the Israeli army, together with Lindsay, have been "getting pretty serious" over the last month, according to reports.

Her friends say, “It’s not the healthiest relationship in the world.” The friends say Lilo’s totally obsessing over the chick.

I think I already see that one coming, seeing her past with previous lover, Samantha Ronson.

Well, as long as their happy, together with Sam. She can now relax and Lindsay and Eilat are happy! =)

Shine on,

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