I was Touched...

July 05, 2010

This morning, when I wanted to go for work, which means an all-day absence at home- which means no food for my babies during the day after breakfast at 9am.

When I got into the car, I saw Snowy and Bensi at the front door, looking at me. Or the car, if they weren't. I was like, Aaaawwww....I wanted to hug them one more time, but I can't....dad was driving the car.

Then it struck me, maybe they know I'm not going to be home when I go off so early...maybe they know that I won't be coming back home soon, again, and nobody will give them food and can sleep on with when it rains (KK sure got a lot of it in the afternoon nowadays)...gosh I'm so going to get them the fish cracker tomorrow. No time to browse the pet store nearby. =p

I was touched by my pets catnip
I wonder if catnips are okay to give it to your cat....does it work like human drugs? Like weed, marijuana..? I wonder....that's why I haven't got them any catnips..any thoughts?

Shine on,

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