Monday, July 12, 2010

Ex-Model Badrul Muhayat Hit Wife
Actor Badrul Muhayat, a former model, was charged for injuring Julia, his wife, by punching her face, kicking her abdomen and hitting her with a broom stick on the buttocks and legs at their house at Kampung Cheras Baru, at 7am on March 24 this year.

He pleaded not guilty at first. My god, what a baby.

Magistrate Wan Karimah Wan Abdul Ghani stated that both parties have agreed to settle the case according to Section 260 of the Criminal Procedure Code. The court thereby, agreed and allowed a compound of RM1,000 be paid to the complainant(wife) and the court freed the accused(Badrul) from the charge," said Magistrate Wan Karimah Wan Abdul Ghani.

Julia, who was accompanied by family members said: "I agree and I want my husband to pay it before the court".

Here's her picture with him. Happy days..

I hope no more stuff like this one in the future. For anybody. What a shame this is. I wonder if it's the first time or....

Shine on,Del


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